Civil not reported. Appendix C lists SDG4-related KPIs

Civil society and international organizations are viewed as contributors to data production efforts to monitor the SDGs. EAA should take into consideration tracking relevant education and education-related indicators which will demonstrate the impact of the foundation’s programs as well as make EAA a contributor to tracking the SDGs on a local level. Reporting on specific thematic indicators will only strengthen the reputation of EAA as a global player in international education.

EAA should explore the opportunity of requiring the collection of school-specific data from EAC projects such as indicator 4.a.1 and 4.

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a.2 on school environment or attacks on students, personnel, or the institution.  EAA should take the opportunity to disaggregate indicator data to highlight and identify parity within projects. Although EAA programs started reporting data related to SDG4 indicators, disaggregated data is currently not reported. Appendix C lists SDG4-related KPIs currently tracked in EAA along with a proposal for disaggregation.

As discussed earlier in this brief, data disaggregation can provide enlightening insight about EAA’s effort and contribution.   An important step for EAA to consider is making tracked data publicly available. By sharing this data from its projects and initiatives, EAA has the opportunity to demonstrate the foundation’s significance in the international education sphere as well as the effectiveness of its programs. Producing and publishing quality data will increase EAA’s reference in research papers as well as awareness of the significant work contributed by the foundation. Keeping in mind that new indicators for SDG 4 might be created and that several education-related indicators are not developed yet, EAA should follow up on any changes to the list of indicators after the 48th session for the Statistical Commission happening in March 2017 where a plan for reviews of the indicator framework is to be presented. The discussion over the progress of the TCG regarding data collection and computation methodologies should be revisited in the future. EAA should consider allocating resources to track new and updated indicators when they are agreed.



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