Civil and notable standing among the Earth’s

Civil Disobedience, Where’s The Line Drawn?In order to properly characterize and understand all aspects of civil disobedience we must look at where the line of disobedience stands and who crosses it. This country was founded on the idea of democracy. Our proud and dedicated fore fathers of the Constitution created this nation on a basis of morality and true freedom. Unfortunately, this dream has been contorted. Twisted to fit the ever growing greed and power thirsty idealisms of the powerful and wealthy politician.

Our country has been raped of it’s true seed that it started from.I believe that this country’s main problem is that it’s run by a majority of white males, and of these men, not many younger than their forties. Where’s our equal representation of every populous? These people have lost touch with what they call, their number one resource, it’s youth. Yes, they were all young at one time as well, but times rapidly change. These quick changes can easily cause confusion among our leaders, and this results in poor decisions based on lack of current knowledge and direct involvement. Unfortunately, these people don’t understand what today’s youth goes through, and who’s there to represent my population? The legal voting age in this country is eighteen 1years old, a population that has already been thrown into the busy world of work and many of whom have already lost the essence of their youth. We need a change, a new policy of understanding.

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The line of civil disobedience is drawn by our nation’s leaders and it’s their line and they mark it. The line’s they make are the illusions they see, they don’t look at the whole picture, our nation has a severe case of tunnel vision. Truthfully, laws are passed to protect our “Christian” morality, and notable standing among the Earth’s other great powers. It seems America’s main concern is how we project ourselves to others, and what we can get out of it. In this movement and idea, the young are lost in it’s deep cracks of political separation.

Our nation needs a voice, a voice of youth and honesty. Over half of our nation is comprised of young adults, but we have no say in how our lives are run. What may be small and seemingly harmless to a youth, may land him in jail for a few years. Policies on things such as drugs are very harsh on today’s children, but the real question is, is who is the punishment benefiting? Are drug policies strict because drugs are an un-taxable product to the government, or do they really care what we do on our weekends? Or do they not like how other similar nations will percieve us if we are too liberal on our policies. Does this nation care about it’s youth, or is Uncle Sam worried he’s not getting his fair cut? The only true solution that I see to helping this ever growing problem, is for politicians to stop concentrating on foreign affairs so much, and concentrate on today’s children. We are the future, and we know the path that we want to lead.

We should have 2a voice, and our civil rights should be in our own hands. I’m not saying we should be electing seventeen year old state represenitives, but we should be heard. These problems should have a proper represenative. These problems trace all the way down into our public education systems even, where the powers of the administration and security forces control the students like the government controls all of it’s children; unjust, and unheard.

In order to make a change though, we can’t start in the school system, we must get to the root of the problem, we must see the big picture. And that scene starts with the government. We don’t have to take the abuse, we can change and a social revolution is always on the horizon, we just need to get there.

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