Christopher was a cartographer, who created and designed

ChristopherColumbus had many an influence on the world even before sailing, He had manytrials and tribulations throughout his expedition. From a young age it almostseemed like Christopher was born to be an adventurer. Christopher was set onbecoming an explorer when he was young. The Italian city Columbus lived inhappened to be a seaport so he would see many boats and see the sea and imaginethe possibilities out there. Christopher began working in his dad’s wool shopwhen he was a young man, but his hunger for adventuring the sea began to get tohim. The place where Columbus lived offered education in reading and writing,and others; however, it is believed that Columbus also started working by deliveringletters and doing odd jobs on a ship when he was about 14.

Around this age theinfluence of the sea grew too much and he was drawn to it.Later on in his life, Columbus was given the opportunity to sail theAtlantic Ocean. Many important things in Columbus’ story happened during himsailing the Atlantic Sea. Columbus’ story begins with him being on a shipheading for England. During the trip to England, the ship on which Christopherhad sailed on had sunk and; Columbus managed to not drown and swim 10kilometers to land where he was found in Lisbon, Portugal, where his brotherlived.

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He found his brother and stayed with him. His brother was a cartographer,who created and designed maps for a living, Columbus assisted his brotherbartolomeo assisted him in the map making for almost a year before he grewtired of it and restless for exploring the sea. He then sailed to the NorthAtlantic port, where it is believed he was told of a landmass to the west thatwas believed to be discovered by Vikings. In 1478 Columbus was married to his firstwife. Her father happened to be the governor of Porto Santo. Columbus later hadhis first son on an island near the African coast. He and his son later movedto the west coast of Africa, where he learned the ocean currents on the Africancoast.

Columbus’s first dream of sailing and finding the pathway to Asia hadbeen delayed, but now it had been formed and was being set in motion. Columbushad access to his father-in-law’s newspaper, which turned out to be a hugebenefit to Christopher’s education of where he should go. He found all theinformation he needed in these newspapers, including stories from other peoplefrom out West.

Columbus heard of a land that was west, while he was livingnorth, he had heard that a route to Asia would make men rich due to how shortit was, and him being an explorer he wanted to sail the route and hopefullyfind his fortune. He would have arrived in Asia sailing west. All he needed nowwas to find a country that would sponsored his exploration and help with the feesand gathering a crew. Most of his failure to find a country was due to a badtiming. His request for a sponsor was denied by Portugal, as they were planningtheir own expedition to travel the very north of Africa. He tried in Spain, andwas denied due to the Spaniards being at war with Granada. He tried once againin Spain and was denied; however, Columbus was relentless in his pursuit for asponsorship and tried again, and his efforts were finally paying off. As theSpaniards finally agreed to his proposal to sail west to find the easiest pathto Asia.

Columbus will leave for “Asia” on August 3, 1942.Columbus’s expedition crew accidentally arrived on what they thought was “Asia”but they had actually landed on the land which is now the United States ofAmerica on October 12, 1492, where they immediately set out on and expedition toexplore the island. Soon after beginning the expedition they found some natives,and the settlers and natives exchanged goods. This was a great thing for the Europeans,even though they probably thought nothing of it as it was happening. Columbusthen sailed around the new land he had discovered for a few months exploring,and looking for interesting things and riches to be discovered.

Columbus laterreturned to Spain around January; unfortunately for Columbus and his crew, oneof his ships was run aground. He decided it would be a good idea use the wood fromthe wreckage, to build a fort on the island where 39 men stood in the fort thatwould be called La Navidad. He later set sail and arrived in Spain where he metwith King Ferdinand and the Queen Elizabeth and told them about his adventuresand what he had discovered during them.

The king and queen were very happy withColumbus’ bravery and exploration skills and that the trip they sponsored was asuccess. They were so impressed he was given a reward of money and the title of”Almirante del Mar”. Later on Christopher received a decree on paperfrom the pope. The decree stated that all lands 100 kilometers west of the CapeVerde islands belonged to Spain and would be under their rule. A second journeywas planned soon after receive the decree. The purpose of this journey was tobe much bigger and include many more settlers so they could potentially claimmore land as the people expanded. 25 September 1493 was the date on which thesecond voyage, that included an amount of seventeen ships and 1200 settlers,sailed.

The group arrived at the last landing site to find its settlement wascompletely destroyed. Columbus then left the destroyed settlement to look forthe passage he heard of to Asia and left his brother to lead the settlers. Thiswas the first mistake of Columbus.

Columbus’s brother, Diego, was not a goodleader and had many problems managing all the settlers. Many of the settlerseither left for their homes or died at the settlement. Many of the settlerssent letters to Spain to complain about the leadership of their colony and how itwas failing under Diego’s guidance. Columbus was forced to return to Spain.King Ferdinand and Queen Elizabeth welcomed Columbus and showed him gratitude;however, it would have been another year before Columbus set sail again due tothe short comings of the colony. When Columbus sailed, he did not returndirectly to the colony he left his brother in charge of at Hispaniola, but wentsouth to do more exploration. When he finally returned to Hispaniola, he founda country at war. One side was loyal to Columbus and the other side was rebelsand wanted nothing to do with him.

Two years passed before peace returned andthe war had stopped. Eventually, Columbus was ordered to return to Spainbecause of poor leadership yet again. After several months of convincing theKing and Queen, Christopher was able to return for a final trip. Columbusreturned for this last trip to the settlement at weak age of 50 years old whichwas very old at that time. He was still trying to find the route to Asia, buthe was never able to do so.

He returned home with his son and brother as apassenger on a ship. Columbus died believing that the islands he discoveredwere an island’s that were apart of Asia.Columbus was avery brave man for the work he did finding and establishing. There is no doubtthat Columbus is an excellent explorer even though there are many dark parts tohis story. Many of his processes date back to his life in a time when theadventure was encouraging and exciting because of all the land still yet to bediscovered. Columbus is one of the few men who were able discover an entirelynew continent; however, their leadership in the settlements of these newcontinents was very poor and lackluster. Columbus was so determined to findAsia that he risked the lives and culture of the native peoples, the lives ofthe settlers and their country to try to gain fame and fortune.

A mistake thatcost many people their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Columbus’s stubbornmade him believe he had found Asia when he had not actually done so and was noteven close. If Columbus had recognized that the land was not Asia, then thecontinent could be called “Columbus” rather than “America”.Christopher Columbus was an adventurer and made an amazing find for the timeperiod he was in and has had a huge impact on the world forever, and althoughhis leadership options were bad in many ways, and resulted in many deaths andangry settlers, his name will always be remembered in a famous way for beingthe first to discover and settle America.


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