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Christenese  P. Reveche                                                                                                                



By: Dan Brown


Brown, Daniel Gerhard. Inferno. USA: Doubleday,
2013. The author’s goal in this novel is to tell every single reader of his
book that we are having a crisis through over-population. He wanted to awaken
us with what is happening around our surroundings. This is how he works, he
gives symbols, codes, and conspiracy theories that will lead to a specific
lesson and also, he will give us all of his ideas and perspective.


The story revolves around a man who was known as Robert
Langdon. It all started in a four-cornered white room in a hospital waking up
with a splitting headache, seeing those memories. A veiled woman whispering ‘seek and ye shall find’ has keep on
repeating on Langdon’s head. In that hospital a doctor came in saying that the
patient arrived with no one else and that he keep on saying the words “Ve…sorry. Ve…sorry…” The main character
didn’t know why he is on that hospital, unfortunately something happened a group
of assassin came and try to kill Langdon but apparently the doctor which is
known as Sienna Brooks help Langdon in order to escape with those assassin.
They traveled into Sienna’s apartment in which Langdon accidentally discover something
about Sienna while he was using her laptop in order to check his mail. He think
of a way for them to escape so he talk to the U.S. Consulate and ask for help. The
assassin came and a girl riding a motor which is known as Vayentha, she is one
of the agent of a certain organization called “The Consortium”. From this part
the story became more exciting, assassin keeps on looking for the two of them
as the same situation for Vayentha. They reached different places that leads to
a tricky game of a mad scientist that made Langdon discover the meaning of all
the phrases that has been running on his head and same with the hints, symbols
and codes in every places that they already visited which will lead to the very
end of Langdon’s discovery of the plague.


Dan Brown’s Inferno is a manifestation of telling
his readers about waking up into other perspectives associated with the world.
In this novel the author emphasis about the overpopulation in which he has the
purpose of letting us people to know what is really happening in our world and
also he want all of us to make a move in order to help each of us in resolving
every problem that we have. The book does have a conflict in which the author
stated it in the story, the overpopulation that may result as a negative outcome
in the future. It is stated explicitly by the author in which he use Zobrist as
the voice of him in order to state the conflict in the story and also we have
man vs. man in which it is about Langdon and those secret agents that is hired
by Zobrist. The purpose of the book is stated in the conclusion of the story in
which the case of overpopulation had been solved by the plan. There are so many
evidence can be seen in the whole story. We have all of the symbols, codes, the
phrases that keeps on repeating in Langdon’s mind, the map of hell, the book of
Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno and all
of those hints and artworks that are present in the story.


I will suggest this novel because as a reader the
overall story is really worth your time. Not just your time but it is also worth
reading, why? Because it will give you a glimpse of the author’s perspective
about the problem of our present world and also about those people who can
resolve it. How the author think of the whole story, the plot, all those
exciting scenes that you must encounter. This is experiencing the way the
author gives his opinion. This book is important to read not just by those
bookworms but also those normal people, it will bring you to a new world of
adventure and discovery.



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