Chris fitness to build a physique like them

Chris Bumstead:Chris Bumstead is a body builder who has won IFBB NorthAmerica 2016 Title. He is 22 years old and lives in Ontario, Canada. He madedebut of his career in 2014 and only a year after that he won CBBF CanadianNational Body Building Championship in 2015. Chris Bumstead also participatedin CBBF Body Building Championships where he got 2nd position. He workedeven harder and then participated in IFBB North America Body BuildingChampionship in the same year and got 1st place. He also got Procard in that specific championship.

Chris Bumstead got motivation from different body builders ofold time. He follows his inspirations and idols of fitness to build a physiquelike them and tightens his waist and back with powerful muscle mass in order tobe in perfect shape.Chris Bumstead also feels that his real motivation comes fromthe things which he loves doing.

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He is pretty much passionate about building astrong and powerful physique and also loves to see the improvements he feels inhis body.About ChrisBumstead:Full Name: ChrisBumsteadBirth Day: 2nd Feb, 1995Birth Place: CanadaBirth Sign: AquariusAge: 22Weight: 99 – 102 kgHeight: 6’0Nationality / Country: AmericanProfession: Body BuilderGettinginto Fitness World:Being a boy, Chris Bumstead was already interested in sportssince his childhood. It was his dream to achieve the bestest level in any sporthe goes and that is why he started to train himself with full dedication andtime. Chris Bumstead used to spend hours in the gym in training and did intensehard work there and this is where he fall in love with body building.Chris Bumstead felt great improvement in his body aftercouple of months in gym and started loving his body.

Chris met his close friendand sister’s boyfriend, Iain Valliere and his life began to change because Iainchallenged Chris that he can beat him and become his competitor.He was andstill is a huge mentor to me. Iain inspired me to step on stage and coached methrough the process. – Chris BumsteadSocialMedia Sensation: Food / DietPlan:Chris Bumstead always goes for healthy diet and food. He doesnot eat any unhygienic food which can produce any unwanted fat in this body anddamage his appearance. Chris Bumstead always stays careful whenever heeats.  He eats the same six meals dailywhenever he is going to compete in an event even for couple of months for changingonly few things.



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