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Many said that some exotic foods require some time to get used to. In case of kimchi the waiting time may not come, I will not be able to get used to eating a very exotic food. As an expatriate in KFC I have to sample the menu and give my recommendations. This means eating a considerable amount of the kimchi product and host of other things uniquely Korean. This would be difficult if I have to be really perform excellently. Language According to one website describing Taiwan business ethics, it is common practice to have business cards that has one side printed in English and the other side printed in Chinese.

This is just one instance where the language barrier is a major factor in considering work in Taiwan rather than in South Korea. Imagine the difficulty of learning a new language from scratch. We are not talking here about learning for the sake of gaining new friends or being a serious tourist. We are talking here about learning a language for business sake and that is crucial. Safety The nuclear arms crisis grabbing today’s headlines speaks of North Korea’s radical and aggressive stance against the West and particularly against its neighbors.

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It seems that North Korean leaders are intent in proving to the world that they could not be bullied. In the possible increase in tensions that will engulf the region, South Korea is in a more precarious state than Taiwan in terms of proximity to a strongman intent on showing nuclear capability. in the event of an embargo or any political pressure coming from the West and particularly America, US citizens working in South Korea could be in harms way.

MarketAlthough Taiwan is not exactly in good relations with the People’s Republic of China its proximity to this economic power means more business opportunities. Being a part of a food conglomerate in this area of the world is not a bad choice. If I will consider a long-term relationship with KFC then this would be the place to be. I can grow with the company and can be promoted to become part of the managing team of this region – one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world.

Economy In the Official Website of South Korea, there was a concern raised on the high prices of housing.No one can say with finality that South Korea will experience slow growth in the coming years but one can say that South Korea has already peaked and that there is little room to grow. Contrast this with Taiwan’s potential due to its strategic location in relation to a booming Chinese economy. Choosing Taiwan over S. Korea boils down to a personal choice. But the analysis made above helps in giving an objective rationale as to why it is better for me to stay in Taiwan than in South Korea.BibliographyiASK. Available at ;http://v.

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