Children and the African refugees children in healthcare

Children mustbe treated with equality same as adults, respect and respect, not because theyare the future or the adults of tomorrow, but because they are human beings likeothers. All humans are born ingrained with major freedoms and rights. Childrenmust have the same human rights as everyone else from the right of freedom ofexpression to the right to privacy. This means all human rights laws applystricted equally to children and adults.

 Germany has invested a lot in hosting therefugees in the past two years. Germany has abig role during the Syrian crisis. Germany isdeeply committed to supporting refugees in and from Syria. Germany held the firstConference on the Syrian children’s refugee situation in October 2014 inBerlin, which provided key of stimulation for the continuing support of theSyrian children in the region and the host communities in neighboringcountries. TheGerman government reported 467,649official asylum program by 2015, as well as the arrival of many moreas yet unregistered asylum seekers. A much smaller, yet unconfirmed, number ofasylum seekers has been confirmed as a Syrian refugee status, which presents a possibleand easier pathway toward permanent residence. However German schools are developing multiple,flexible approaches to educating refugees and asylum seekersGermany occupied the firstposition in supporting the Syrian and the African refugees children inhealthcare and education , which made Germany to make multiplicity ofprograms,planings and solutions right the for example the higher education study program thisprogram is set to teach the children refugees the Dutch language with nopayments in order to help the refugees communicate with the community aroundthem ,Germany have provided a group of healthcare workers to the migraters toavoid diseases or infections coming from refugees country’s According to German law, refugees whose asylumprocess is still ongoing are actually only allowed to see a doctor with seriousillness and pain, so if it’s only in an emergency.

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According toGerman policies if the refugees needs any medical help the should request aheath certificate from the local welfare office and if you hand the certificatewith the doctor, the welfare office will pay for it and the same thing goeswith medicines If you need medication, the welfare office will also pay forthat. You take the doctor’s prescription to a pharmacy. Also Women who arepregnant or have given birth have the same right to medical care as German women.The delegate of Germany hopes to find a resolution that satisfies all membersof the committee


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