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Prevent Childhood Obesity Prevent Childhood Obesity Lovella Williams English 122 Instructor: James Romero 11/19/11 Prevent Childhood Obesity State your topic, and provide an explanation as to why you selected this topic? I have chosen to write my paper on Childhood Obesity… It is an overwhelming issue that needs to be addressed immediately, due to my feelings on it being wrong to negatively affect a child’s growth, health, and wellbeing. Describe how you plan on refining or limiting your topic selection?I will limit my scope to the areas of growth surrounding health issues of childhood obesity I will limit my time of examining information so that the reader won’t become overwhelmed by maintaining an even flow throughout the research paper, and by keeping the focus on the topic. Describe a specific claim related to this topic that you plan to argue in your final paper? I plan to argue that the core problem does not revolve around fast food outlets… Prevent Childhood Obesity The scope and nature of the problemChildhood obesity and how fast food outlets are not to blame for what parents allow their children to eat. I plan to argue that the core problem does not revolve around fast food restaurants, due to it being the responsibility of the parent to initiate healthy eating habits… Justification My belief is that the core problem of childhood obesity is due to the lack of understanding and education that these parents have parents need to equip themselves with the necessary skills, in order to maintain their children’s well being so that the unhealthy risk factors can be avoided.I will be using documentation methods such as: content analysis and literature review.

The results so far is that childhood obesity has become prevalent in America, and the basis of overcoming these concerns begins with parents and their willingness to instill better health values. Proposal One must concede that childhood obesity is an epidemic that has spread across the nation and the facts that everyone involved shows little or no concern towards learning good eating habits that will eventually improve critical lifestyles for the better.In research efforts done so far the goal would be to establish the necessary guidelines for everyone to follow… All people young and old need to address nutritional values restaurants have healthy foods on their menu and they also provide customers with educational guidelines to follow… so it is neither fast food outlets or the foods served that contribute to childhood obesity, but those close minded parents that want to point fingers when the blame is theirs to bare alone.Prevent Childhood Obesity Reference List http://site.

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