Child a child away from friends and family.

Child labor is the liabilityof the children to do different works without their desire. They are forced byfamily or relatives to do these jobs. Childhood is the right of every childrento live with love by their parents and friends,  however the early work forces a child to livelife like senior. It causes absence of a improper physically and mentally lifeby causing a bad social life. Child labor keeps  a child away from friends and family. Itmakes them not going to regular school which makes them harmful for thesociety. This illegal action is expanding even why government has madedifferent laws against it.

Parents want money from the children , but they donot understand that kids need to have fun with friends at school. These parentsthink that they can do what they want with their child. But, they need to learnthat children have their rights to have fun and have a social life.

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As the world turned out tobe more mindful and frightened by the prevalence of child labor, the number ofchild laborers worldwide has dropped. It is good news, but not enough. Morethan 200 million children today are child labourers and 120 million are forcedto work in dangerous works. 73 million of these children are below 10 yearsold, where the most part is in sub-Saharan Africa. The number of childrenforced to go in military and wars have risen to 300,000 over the past decade.Most children work on farms that produce consumer products. 20 million childworkers are employed in factories that make clothes, medicines, alcoholic drinksetc.

In order to eliminate thesocial problem of child labor, there are some solutions to rebuild a goodsocial life of any country. Making more unions may help in stopping the childlabor as it will urge more individuals to help against child work. Each familyshould acquire their base to prevent child labor. The laws of the governmentshould be more strict and also more jobs need to be opened for adults as almost800 million adults are unemployed. Business and factory owners should notaccept children under age in any type of job.

These are some easy changes thateveryone should contribute in order to stop child labor and increase welfare ofour nation.Child labor is amajor social issue which should be solved by both ways, people and government.Kids are too young, but convey a prosperous eventual fate of any developingcountry. Everything has its place and the children job is to play with friendsand grow in a happy environment of family and school.


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