Child and in war · To self-expression ·

Child RightsIn 2015, an Act known as NationalChildren’s Month or the Republic Act of 10661 was declared to be celebrated onthe month of November of every year. This celebration honors the adoption ofthe Convention of the Rights by the United Nations Assembly on November 20,1989.Last November of 2017, atwo-day Summit was held in Manila for Child Online Protection Campaign. One ofthe attendee is DSWD officer-in-charge Emmanuel A. Leyco who stated on his speechthat, “Children are the hope of the future and among society’s most vulnerablemembers.

The government and childprotection advocates must ensure that their safety and well-being are prioritized.”Among all the government agencies to non-government organizations,United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Philippinesis one of the first office established in Asia by the United Nations. UNICEFworks with over 190 countries, working with the government devoted to serve thechildren of the world, by assisting in promoting the rights of children and toprotecting them. Furthermore, the following are few among all the rights of allchildren: ·      Basicneeds (food, clothing, shelter)·      ToEducation·      ToNutrition and Health·      Toa family and an adequate standard living·      Rightto protection from any kind of abuse and in war·      Toself-expression ·      Freedomfrom discrimination Abandoned and Neglected Children          As stated in the law of the Philippines, a child is consideredabandoned when left by parents for 3 whole months and continuous without properparental care. On the other hand, children are considered neglected if: (a)their basic needs are not provided constantly for 3 months.

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(b) a child ispoorly dressed, no proper shelter, and malnourish. (c) children are emotionallymaltreated, abused, forced to labor, and exposed to gambling or any illegalactivities.          Accordingto Senefeld (2017), majority of children in orphanages around the world isbetween 80%-90% have at least one living parent or other family member.

Basedon the report revealed by the organization of SOS Children’s Village,Philippines alone had about 3.4 million children involve in trafficking, saleand even production of drugs. Some children were victims of natural disaster,such as typhoons, earthquakes, and fire.

As stated by Bienvenido Delgado the SOS Children’s Villages PhilippinesNational Director, around 20%-30% approximately5.1 million unregistered children, came from Indigenous People (IP) who were continuouslysuffered from abuse, neglection, and discrimination as of 2013. Hence, these familieshave limited access to the basic needs and services, thus, the children’s needsand rights are also unattended because the IP’s live in isolated barangays and hardlyto reach by the government to provide services. 


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