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Chemical Engineers do everything. Whether it is scaling up the production of prescription drug or designing a process of providing safer water to drink, there is hardly any industrial or commercial product that a chemical engineer has not touched in one way or the other. We hope that the food we eat is produced reliably and sustainably. Chemical Engineers make that happen. We hope that patients get the safest and most affordable drugs possible. Chemical Engineers make that happen. That someday people might be eating safer, more sustainably produced foods, or using cleaner water, or taking safer medicines because of my work is why I want to be a chemical engineer.

I decided long before I sat for my WAEC that I wanted to go into a field that heavily relied on mathematics and science. But I did not know where I wanted to major in. It was with these thoughts in mind, that I took a job the summer after my foundation year, at a food and water testing laboratory. One day, we went to a water producing factory. It was fascinating to see how the plant was designed to supply clean water. That evening, I spent hours digging through the internet reading everything I could find on chemistry and the mechanics. In that moment, I was sold on chemical engineering, despite only having a vague idea on what chemical engineers even do.

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I maintained top rate performances throughout my stay in secondary school and finally graduated with very good grades in the Junior National Examination Council (NECO) and West African Examination Council (WAEC) particularly in the Sciences. The same excellent results I made in my Foundations Programme at the International Study Centre University of Leicester where I also served as a Class Representative, an experience that enhanced my interpersonal and leadership skills.

Regrettably, I had to suspend the studies mid-way because of my parents’ inability to continue with the sponsorship owing to the current economic depression in my country, Nigeria. Coming home was really hard and I was devastated. The economic situation of Nigeria has since worsened. People are going hungry because of the high cost of food and patients cannot afford to buy drugs. The situation is so disheartening, I realised I needed to do something. My dream of becoming an Engineer must not die because of the economic downturn.

I want to be an Engineer because of my love for children and the passion I have for assisting people in need. My country – Nigeria presents a classic case of very low production of pharmaceutical drugs. This is of great concern to me and I intend to do all I can to assist in improving the quality and quantity of medicines available to mothers and children particularly the less privileged, underserved and the physically challenged ones.

Through the course of my career as a Chemical Engineer, I intend to carry out extensive researches into how best to design cost effective processes for the production of pharmaceuticals. And hence provide safer and affordable medicines for the vulnerable, marginalized and underserved rural children. My research efforts shall focus on the development of more efficient, safer and cost effective production of immunisations for communicable and killer diseases like Malaria, Cholera, Hepatitis, etc. in Nigeria. While practising, I intend to share my knowledge and practical experiences with the relevant medical professional bodies such as the Nigeria Society of Chemical Engineers (NSCHE), among others in finding solutions to the problems of medicinal production in Nigeria and other developing nations of the world.

My career dreams are big and, my determination, even bigger. However, my goals will remain mere dreams if I do not complete my degree. I have the talent and the zeal to attain my desired educational heights and I am committed to working hard to make my goals a reality. It is for these reasons I am applying for your invaluable and all-important Full-Fee Scholarship to enable me achieve a Chemical Engineering degree. Your institutions are widely known around the world for their high educational standards that exposes its students to functional career. I shall be very glad therefore if given the golden opportunity and I shall do all I can to meet and keep up the high academic standards.


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