Ingredients: away your sense of taste.Most people

Ingredients: 50 Ritz Crackers1 ½ cups of sugar1 ½ teaspoons of cream of tartar1 ½  teaspoons of cinnamon2 cups of water1 Pie Crust1 Tablespoon of lemon juice½ cup of brown sugar? cup of butterThere are 4 main tastes on the tongue. Sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. You have 4 main flavors. Sweet, bitter, umami, and salty. As seen on the chart, these places are where the tastes are usually located. This can be different for other people. When eating certain foods, your tongue tastes the main four flavors, so if you eat something that tastes like another, you can easily be tricked into thinking that you are eating one thing.

Everyone has 5 senses. Smell, hearing, taste, and sight. When you eat food taste and smell work together to give you flavor.

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So sometimes when you have a stuffy nose, the food will taste dull, or flavorless. Why does this happen? Well when you smell food, a flavor signal is sent to the brain, so that when you eat it, you will taste the flavor. So when you take away your sense of smell by holding your nose, or having a stopped up nose, you basically take away your sense of taste.Most people expect their food to look a certain way. Think about it, it is totally normal for youto eat a orange carrot, but would you eat a green one? Or bananas, when bananas are too ripe to be eating they are often bright green. Normally, no one eats them when they are green.

This happens because of the way your senses work. Food can trigger all five senses. When you hear a sausage sizzling, when you smell a burger cooking, when you see your pizza, and when you taste your apple.

But your sense of smell, taste, and sight, are the most affected by food. When you receive your food at a restaurant, it is usually eye pleasing. This is because the human eye has been taught visual attraction.

Have you ever been watching a cooking show, or looking at pictures of food, and your mouth starts to water? Or even just thinking about food, and you could already taste it?          As you have learned, sight, smell, and taste are the main senses triggered by food This is where the mock apple pie comes in. The mock apple pie is a pie made from crackers, sugar, cinnamon, and other ingredients. The trick is that it: 1.

Smells like apple pie. 2. Tastes like a very sugary apple pie. And 3.

Looks like a apple pie. It would be very hard to figure out  that you were not eating apple pie unless someone would have told you. In this experiment, a mock apple pie was made, tested on people who knew nothing about it, and the results were recorded below.


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