Introduction on college exams lowers the cheating


Cheating on exams is a violation of school’s policies. The research focuses on the effect of cheating on the college exams. The research discusses three distinct effects of cheating on the college exams. Cheating on the college exams is demoralising.

Another Test Will Uncover the Dishonest Act.

After passing the exams, Tim West (West, 2004) emphasized that another test will uncover the cheating activity. Normally, the teacher doubts the cheating student’s high college exam score. Consequently, the teacher may investigate the truthfulness of the student’s high college test score. The teacher may conduct another test to determine the validity of the student’s high score. The follow-up quiz shows strong evidence of the cheating occurrence.

Cheating shames the students.

Depending on the cheating student’s cultural background, Tibbetts (1999) reiterated that the teacher’s spotting of the cheating in progress brings shame on the student involved.

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Normally, the teacher takes the cheating student’s paper and marks it as cheating. The student receives an automatic failed grade. The teacher reports the students to the school administrators for disciplinary action. The school administration officer or guidance officer reprimands the students. The repeated acts of cheating force the school administrators and teachers to implement severe punishment on the erring student.

Cheating affects other classmates

In terms of ethics, Tim West (2004) theorized that cheating in class affects the other students. One student feels that cheating in class is unfair to the other students.

The cheater copies the answers of the nearest intelligent room seatmate. In some instances, the cheater unintentionally copies the wrong answers of the less intelligent classmate.


In the nutshell, the post agrees with the thesis statement. Cheating on the college academic test is demoralizing. After getting a passing score, another test exposes the student’s cheating activity. The teacher’s spotting of a student cheating on college exams lowers the cheating student’s self esteem.

Classmate eyewitnesses often spread the news of the cheating activity. Cheating on class tests causes the other students to cry foul. Indeed, cheating on the college tests is a transgression of the school’s policies.


Tibbetts, S. G.,(1999). Differences Between Women and Men Regarding Decisions To Commit Test Cheating. Research in Higher Education, 40 (1), 323 -342. West, T.

S., (2004). Cheating and Moral Judgment in the College Classroom. Journal of Business Ethics , 54(2), 173 -183.


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