Chaud and bakery, favor the formation of plaques

Chaud bread and butter? Foods rich in trans fats, widely used in the industrial manufacture of raw materials for confectionery and bakery, favor the formation of plaques in the arteries, so they are not advisable if we want to reduce cholesterol. These fats are formed in the hydrogenation process in which hydrogen atoms are introduced into a vegetable oil (liquid and at room temperature) to give it texture. This happens, for example, when making margarines and shortenings.

To recognize if a fat is saturated, we must observe its composition: If at room temperature are presented as solid, such as margarines and Lards, is that they are harmful. In contrast, olive oil is liquid, so its consumption is preferable. Say “no” to saturated fats Sausages, burgers, fats of animal origin, whole milk, and cheeses often contain saturated fats that contribute to raising cholesterol. They are frequently used in pre-cooked foods and as raw material in confectionery. The most convenient thing is to take a low-fat diet, especially those of animal origin. More salmon and walnuts, please poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats are known as “healthy” fats: these should be included in the diet. Polyunsaturated fats and fatty acids such as omega 3 are found in blue fish such as salmon and sardines, although canned.

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On the other hand, the Omega 6 can be found in seed oils, nuts and other nuts, cereals (and products made with these as wholemeal bread), eggs, soybeans and avocado. All these are foods rich in this type of fats. The remedy: the fiber Oats and flax seeds have soluble fibers that drag cholesterol and reduce their levels in the organism. They can be added as a condiment of salads or included among the ingredients when preparing processed or squeezed juices. Another healthy food is soy lecithin, which is a lipidic substance found in all cells of both plant and animal origin. Soy is the legume that possesses the best quality of lecithin whose elevated levels transformed it into the perfect nutrient for the human organism.

It is recommended to consume it in the form of granulate when dissolving in yogurt or milk, as it helps to metabolize fats. But, the easiest and most accessible option is to include in our diet a lot of fruit and vegetables, which provide fiber to the metabolism immediately. You may be interested


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