Chapter the lesson on the oven,microwell,the stove and

Chapter 1 On October seventeenth Queen Elizabeth walked into the kitchen to see what was for lunch.The cook told her that it was honey marinated chicken burritos .She asked the cook if he could tell her the ingredients .The cook said yes because he was sure that he was going to  be kicked out of the castle otherwise.After about an hour of talking (Queen Elizabeth kept talking in between him) Queen Elizabeth had written down all the ingredients the ingredients were :  chicken,honey,flour,milk,eggs,sugar,herbs,butter and the secret ingredient : lemonade.As the Queen ate lunch she decided that she would ask the cook if he could teach her how to cook.As Queen Elizabeth walked into the hallway she came by a wierd statue that she had never seen before. The statue said “beware on tuesday morning there will be a cooking show on channel 10. As Queen elizabeth arrived at the the  kitchen she went to the cook and asked.The cook said yes so Queen Elizabeth walked out of the kitchen.As Queen Elizabeth walked out of the kitchen she walked out by the statue and her face went pale and she screamed.Her guards were running to see what happend.”As i was walking past the statue it had words on it and now it does not.”said Queen Elizabeth in a calm voice. After she had calmed down she went back to the statue.Now it said “Beware or you will be haunted.”! Queen Elizabeth screamed  for her guards, immediately the guards came. Queen Elizabeth said, ” Go take this statue away! ” As soon as the guards were gone Queen Elizabeth went outside with her maid, and said softly, ” Maid can you go pick some flowers?”Why yes my queen.”said the maid in a happy voice.As she hurried of to get the basket. Meanwhile at dinner the cook had made homemade  spaghetti with meatballs. The following after breakfast Queen Elizabeth went directly to the kitchen to learn how to cook. But after they had done the lesson on the oven,microwell,the stove and the refrigerator the castle kitchen was a mess. The cook forgot that he was standing right next to the queen.5 hours after the cook had calmed down and begged for an apology the Queen said yes because she liked the cook. Suddenly the maid screamed, the cook was running for his life and the Queen fainted. Finally the guard came in and said “calm down everybody it was just our castle dog that turned  on the tv.”. The next day the Queen woke up and turned on the T.V. to channel 10. Suddenly this weird woman on channel 10 said, ” Hello people, welcome to channel 10! I really need some volunteers to attend in a cooking show.” Queen Elizabeth rang the bell that caused the maid to come to her. The maid said, ” Can i bring you your breakfast in bed?” ” Yes.” said Queen Elizabeth in a happily way. After about an hour Queen Elizabeth went out in the garden. In the garden she had a tea party with Queen Olivia. Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth thought, I will enter the cooking show. Suddenly Queen Matilda, and Queen Josephine arrived and interrupted her thoughts. ” I don’t want anymore tea.” said Queen Elizabeth after five hours of talking. Then she said goodbye to her guests and went inside. Suddenly the phone rang and a voice said, ” Hello Queen Elizabeth, this is the lady from channel 10.” ” Oh my!” Said Queen Elizabeth in a shocked voice. She asked the lady if she could enter the cooking show. Just then the lady screamed, ” NOOO!! ” ” Suddenly the bell rang and the sound came closer woooooooh. The lights turned back on and Josephine’s sister screamed. From the door came a mournful sound meanwhile the windows clattered and bats flew everywhere. She went up to her room and it was decorated with red orange and black garlands. Queen Elizabeth had forgotten completely it was halloween.Oh also i might have forgot to tell you guys that the cooking show is next month(:  The End


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