Chapter but every time she ignored due to

Chapter No 44.

1 Fear and Anxiety Lia feels fear throughout the novel “Wintergirls”. Most of her action which she felt in novel from fear. Her major problem to getting hurt and letting someone to get close enough to her which really breaks her heart.

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Fear became evident that her parent push her away and hurt her because of broken promises to her , their divorce , as her father promises that they would go away together on a trip but every time she ignored due to his work and every time Lia became more shocked about people and their lies., “He was so convincing , I really believed him”. “One can talk about fear for a long time without even touching upon nervousness. Real fear seems quite rational and comprehensible to someone’s life”. As in “wintergirls” Lia’s fear is failure of recovery from her disease anorexia.

Going deep down Lia’s wants to bebehave normal , eat food and wants to get better but she is afraid that if she tries to recovering heartedly she could fail. Her certain thoughts in novel like ” I m hungry, I need to eat “forbidden her mind because she doesn’t wants to try to ear she thinks all the time that she could fail. She continue to strave herself and trying to cut her skin because she knows she can fail as a “Wintergirl”. Lia’s fear makes her deteriorates hunted by death of her childhood friend Cassie. Before the death of her friend Cassie, she had called Lia thirty-three times but Lia, Due to aggression , didn’t answer her phone .

After that she has feelings of guilt, Lia hallucinated that she is being visited by Cassie ghost. The words anxiety , fear or fright are used in connection with the condition regardless of any object, while fear is essentially directed toward an object. The book would have elements of anxiety eating disorder , losing your best friend is a mysterious death and the sruggle your friend face after gone.This book shows that weight does matter but not in an extent that Lia has to harm


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