Chapter that the women couldn’t be suspects. Quickly,

Chapter 9        In chapter 9, it starts off with an argument between Blore and Armstrong. Blore continues to ask Armstrong if he accidentally overdosed Mrs. Rogers. Armstrong thought Blore was accusing him of purposely overdosing Mrs.Rogers. Lombard attempts to break up the argument, but ends up getting dragged into it.

Then Blore asks Lombard why he has a revolver. Lombard says that he expected to run into trouble. He also said that he was invited to the trip to watch out for anything and everything for 100 guineas.

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They are all starting to realize that they are trapped on the this island.        Soon after the arguments, lunch was being served. All Mr.

Rogers was able to serve was cold ham and tongue. Lombard and others were a little nervous that they wouldn’t have much food. Mr.Rogers assured them that they had plenty. Ms. Brent comes in and tells everyone that there will be a storm coming.

Then Vera comes in a bit later and apologizes for being late. Still no General Macarthur, so then Armstrong offers to go get him down by the sea. Shortly after everyone eats for a little bit, Armstrong flies through the door, screaming that Macarthur is dead!          Once they carried Macarthur’s body to the house, the storm began. Vera and Rogers then make there way to the dining room to see that there is only seven little indians left. Armstrong explains to everyone that Macarthur was killed after being hit with a life preserver. After everyone was settled in the drawing-room, Wargrave began to lead the conversation. Wargrave then gave his opinion and said that the deaths of the people on the island are not a coincidence.

He also believes that Mr. Owen is on the island acting as a guest. Minutes later Blore yelled out that Lombard has a revolver. Lombard then explains his case and says that the women couldn’t be suspects. Quickly, Wargrave says that everyone is capable of murder.

Then Wargrave says that no one can be based on their “character, position, or probability” they must look at the facts. They all believed that anyone could’ve drugged Marston, but Armstrong and Mr. Rogers were the leading candidates for murdering Mrs.Rogers. At the end of chapter 9, Wargrave gives his final speech and tells everyone to keep their guard up, take no risks and be alert to dangers.Chapter 10             Chapter 10 begins with a conversation between Vera and Lombard about the murders. Vera asks Lombard to wake her up, because she thinks it’s all a dream.

Lombard gives her the bad news that she isn’t dreaming. He then say that he thinks the murderer is Wargrave because he is a little messed up in the head after playing god for a judge. Vera thinks Dr.Armstrong is the one because two of the murders have been committed with poisons. She also thinks Armstrong killed Macarthur when he went to get him for lunch. She also says that he is the only one with medical knowledge so he can say that Macarthur had been dead for at least an hour and no one would know the truth.

       Meanwhile, Blore and Rogers began to discuss who was the murderer. Blore has an idea of who, but doesn’t want to give out that information. Rogers said that he has no ideas and it feels like a bad dream. Not knowing who the killer is what scared Rogers the most. Then Armstrong and Wargrave have a debate.

Armstrong started off by telling Wargrave that they need to escape, but Wargrave told him there isn’t a good chance that a boat would come to them. Wargrave also tells him that he thinks he knows who the killer is, but has no certainty.              Ms.

Brent is sitting in her room alone reading her bible. She then decides to write in her diary. She wrote in the her diary that Macarthur dies and that Wargrave has made her believe that the murderer is amongst them and one of the guest are possessed by the devil. She suddenly starts to feel weird and he eyes begin to get puffy and foggy, and then she writes that Beatrice Taylor is the murderer! She then wakes up confused and not knowing what has gone on. She looks at her notebook and is in shock that she wrote such a thing, she believes that she has gone mad. As the storm continues everyone is seated in the living room staring at each other. To lighten the mood, Rogers brought in tea.

Then came back in and ruined the mood by asking if anyone knows where the scarlet bathroom curtain went. No one knew and everyone became nervous again. Eventually everyone went to there rooms and locked their doors and went to bed, except Mr. Rogers.

He stayed downstairs and locked all the doors and made sure no one could get in and mess with the seven little figures.Chapter 11     In chapter 11, Lombard wakes up around 9:50 and sits in his bed, fully dressed, wondering why no one woke him up. He then went to Blore’s room and knocked on his door. When Blore answered Lombard told him that Mr. Roger is still not up and it is 10am. So Blore and Lombard then go to wake everyone up, except Ms.Brent and Roger because their rooms were empty.

Soon after, Ms.Brent came inside after a walk outside. Ms.Brent was asked if she saw Rogers at all this morning and she said no. As they were looking for Rogers together, Vera noticed that there were only six figures left on the table.

        They then went outside to search and found Mr.Rogers in a wood shed dead, where he was cutting wood for the fireplace in the house. Someone hit him in the back of the head with a wood chopper. They found the big wood chopped that matched with the slice in the back of his head. They thought maybe one of the women did it, but they could’ve of because it needed a lot of strength. Then when they got back to the house, Vera began to weirdly laugh.

She was laughing at the Ten little indian poem, because Mr.Rogers does exactly how it said. So then she asked if there were beehives around there, because the next line in the poem was “six little indian boys playing with hives.” Armstrong soon got to her and slapped her in the face to get her in control. After Vera got in control she asked the men to go get sticks for the kitchen, so Ms.Brent and herself could make breakfast.

      While the men went to get wood, Lombard and Blore began to give their suspicious thoughts on Vera laughing so suddenly and Ms.Brent taking a walk with the type of risk there was. Lombard is glad that Blore doesn’t suspect him. They both continue with their conversation and then get back to the kitchen where the women began to make breakfast. While making breakfast, Vera began to daydream about Hugo and what he was up to. She also dreamed how Cyril got lost in the water. Vera then asked Ms.

Brent if she was afraid of dying and and Ms. Brent and she no because she knew that she didn’t do anything wrong. Then she started to think about Beatrice Taylor and then she was a little nervous and scared. Then Vera changes the subject and the serve the food. Everyone was extra polite at breakfast, but they all had their own thoughts on the inside about the murderer.Chapter 12      Chapter 12, started with Wargrave telling everyone to meet in the drawing-room after breakfast. Ms.

Brent suddenly felt sick and was too weak to help Vera clear the plates. Armstrong then asked Ms.Brent if she want to take medicine from him and Ms.Brent immediately said no. She was very suspicious and scared of taking medicine from him. Everyone left her alone and then she started to feel drowsy and could hear the buzzing of a bee in her ears.

Then thinks she’s hearing Beatrice Taylor coming from the river. She feels the prick of what feels like a bee stinging the side of her neck. Everyone was waiting for her in the drawing-room, and while she isn’t there, Blore takes his chance to give his opinion about Brent. He said that she is the murderer because of her religious mania.

      They all decided that it’s been too long, so one of them should go get her. So then once they go to her, they find her dead with a hypodermic syringe laying beside her. Armstrong said that she was killed by an injection. Then Wargrave asked if anyone brought a syringe and Armstrong said he did.

So everyone went to his room and destroyed his suitcase looking for one and it wasn’t there. Someone must’ve took it, Armstrong said. Wargrave asked Armstrong what drugs he had and medicine was the only thing that Armstrong had. Then Wargrave asked Lombard the give in his revolver, because there were too many weapons these guests are hiding in their rooms.        At first, Lombard refused to give it in,but then went up to his room to get it. When he opened his drawer, the revolver was not there.

Then they all go on a search to find the revolver and syringe. They couldn’t find the revolver, but still were looking for the syringe. Blore said that the syringe is probably by the window outside the dining room, and there it was and the broken indian figure. The syringe was wiped clean and then they began to search for the revolver again.

After a long search for the revolver, it was nowhere to be found.


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