Chapter also presented in the form of recommendation.

ChapterIV Conclusions and Recommendations             Thischapter presented the summary of conclusions, and recommendations of the study.

This part contains and presents thesummarized and appropriate generalizations in the form of conclusion. Thesolutions to the problems are also presented in the form of recommendation. Conclusion                        Thereport has put into perspective the needs of the elementary school teachers andpupils to enhance their English language to Tandaganon vernacular translationeffectively and with a readily available machine translator engine.

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            Thequestionnaires used was effective in offering concepts to the efficiency of thesystem and to increase the necessary ideas for its competence in the realworld.            Thedata collected were easily analyzed simply because it was comprehensivelyrelated to the contents and elements of the system.            Theconclusions revealed that the research study was very efficient, accurate andreliable in aiding the users’ needs in the daily conversation manner especiallywhen relating to the use of English language. Recommendations             Basedon the abovementioned conclusions, the following recommendations were made.            Itis strongly recommended that elementary schools in Tandag City especially thosewith Mother Tongue subjects should adopt and practice the use of the systemAnalysis Engine for English Tandaganon Languages. Daily use of the primaryschool workforces and pupils could lead into the progress of the current systemespecially in translating Scientific terminologies, Mathematical expressionsand computer terms.

            Widespreaduse of the system could lead into the development and advancement of anotherprogram containing the translation of other dialects and languages.            Withthe advancement of technologies, the future research studies related to thissystem could also improve the availability of the program thru an applicationfor mobile phones and gadgets for its easy accessibility.   


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