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Chapter One-Introduction


To be successful in the business world
today there has to be flexible and also have good planning organizational
skills. Many people think that a business is easy to start up and they can
start making money straight away. Business is much more difficult this can be
avoided in the business ventures by taking time and planning out all the
necessary steps you need to achieve success.1 ‘Globalization
and all its things in the business and the management have led all the
academics to acknowledge the importance of innovation and its crucial role in
the growth and sustainability of an organization’ (Gupta et al. 1986). Critical
success factors are defined as the key performance areas which are crucial for
the achievement of organizational goals.

There are different types of business
the differences are identified between the nature and functioning of
family-owned and -managed businesses and those that are not family-controlled.
These differences include the time horizons of management, the implications of
business failure, the degree of job security, the centralization of decision-making,
accountability for decision-making, and the impact of the family system on the
business system, among others. When searching for critical success factors for
business success, BPM (Business Process Management) agreement must be clearly
de?ned (Turkman, 2009) ‘BPM is successful if it continuously meets
pre-determined goals, both within a single project scope and over a longer
period of time’.(Bandera et al)

The changing economic environment has
led to an increasing interest in improving organizational business processes to
enhance performance (McCormack et al., in press; Ranganathan & Dhaliwal,
One of the fields dealing with these challenges is business process management
(BPM) and there has been a surge of papers and practitioners interest in this
area for more than a decade (Rhee et al., in press; Vergidis, Tiwari, &
Majeed, 2008). Employees
should understand the aims, content, roles and responsibilities of process
management and be informed about its progress. Communication within the company
is extremely important because it creates awareness of the need for processes
management and supports its adoption. (Rohloff, 2009)

Title of research

As time and years go by the market
changes, looking at the issues and examining in depth how these influences can
make a successful business.

Aim of Research

aim of this research is to look at the factors and examining in depth how these
factors can make a successful business. As in the years different consumers
have been interested in coming up with own business, doing a dissertation on
this topic will give me a understanding of all the factors and pros and cons
for a business which is important The specific selling approach a company uses
is usually defined by its marketing plan. Successful owners know that the
concept of selling is a process that can be measured and improved, like all
business processes. They talk about the importance of having a consistent,
measurable and repeatable sales process, and they engage professional sales trainers
to help create consistency within their selling process. Having a good
understanding of the troubles your clients are experiencing and how your
product and services stop that pain can help you understand just how to market
to your customers and that’s serious to business success. Looking at this is
important to a business to succeed. Be patient to have patience is one of the important
factor to become a successful business. As the third generation CEO of the
German company Mennekes stated: “sometimes it is good if you stick to your core
competence, and then one day, if you have the patience, there is a topic where
you can suddenly jump on.”3(Sucsessharbour)

competition by narrowing the business niche. Always striving to become the
absolute expert in the field. Being the best in the field it so unlikely that
anyone can beat that person. Focusing on all the markets that are already
stable and that are growing. Never enter a decrease market even if it is
attractive as a short-term prospect. Try to expand so trying to go global with
the business is a huge success factor. Doing more for the customers than the
competition is willing to do. Going that extra mile that’s what builds customer
loyalty as this is very important for having a successful business. Managing
all the business to live forever. The most successful brands are great at building
relationships with their audience. Focusing on building good relationship
before selling the items. As customers want to purchase items from people
they’ve already known as they trust them to give the best product and also good
customer service. Market research allows entrepreneurs to base the capability
of their business ideas on facts instead of enthusiasm. People can get excited
about starting a business that focuses on their interests, but research helps
determine if there is a big enough market to support a prospective business and
make it profitable. Gathering important information and research can benefit
businesses of all sizes and, if used correctly, can be a particularly valuable
resource for start-ups. So looking in to this and seeing how the business
person can start a new business from the start. Conducting some well-targeted, thorough
research in the early stages of running a business can actually save money in
the long term. Not understanding the customers will cost a lot for the

be focusing my dissertation on the marketing side of the business to see all
the things that comes across when a business has been introduced and how it
comes successful in the business world. Research can provide helpful insight into new
territories and markets, highlighting all these strategies and approaches all
lead to success. This al can be used to show how to do the finance for the
company and also how to work out the next steps and stand apart from all the competitors.

1.3 Research

are the research question asked for this dissertation asking all people these
questions to see what they know about business or if they are interested in having
making their own business, research questions are an answerable inquiry into a
specific concern or issue. It is the initial step in a research project. The
‘initial step’ means after having an idea of what to study, the research
question is the first active step in the research project.

following research questions have been defined for this study?

Do you think businesses are facing more challenges with the rise of
competition? (If yes, please explain)Do you consider social media marketing to be a useful tool to succeed?
(If yes, please explain)Have you faced any difficulties within your own business? (If yes, please
explain)Do you have your own Business? (If yes, skip to question 3)

Dissertation Structure

To best conduct the research, the
dissertation structure will be as follow.

Chapter two will examine the
literature review on the area of my project. This part will around definitions
of main concepts to have a strong background of the subject, looking in to more
depth on how to become a successful business owner and how to start up.

Chapter 3 will discuss the
research methodology that has been employed to best answer the research
question during the dissertation. This chapter will present the research
philosophies, approaches, strategies that have been used. This Chapter will be
discussing all the research methods needed for this dissertation and different
theories to answer this question.

Chapter 4 is the Data Analysis I will be
discussing the findings found throughout the questionnaire.

Chapter 5 I will present the conclusions of the research

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