Chapter operation much quicker. A website and online

Chapter I



            Information technology
has improved the way corporations do business. With the use of Technology, it tolerates
businesses to automate manual processes and process operation much quicker. A
website and online presence strategy allows businessmen to market their
business online. A well-developed website offers abundant benefits and costing

            Online shopping is a form of
electronic commerce whereby customers directly buy goods or services from a
seller or company over the internet without an intermediary service. The sale
or purchase of transaction is completed electronically and interactively but in
some cases, the need for an intermediary service may be present in a sale or
purchase transaction depending on the customer’s or seller’s agreement.

            Reylen’s Furniture and Enterprises
was established in 1992 on the garage of Engineer Reynaldo Agub Jr. and Mrs.
Helen Grace Agub. It is a growing business that sells different kinds of
quality furniture and building components. Majority of their products are made
of G-Melina, Ipil-ipil, Acacia and Mahogany. The said branch specializes in custom
made upholstered furniture by using high-end materials and imported cloths.

            The business production capacity is
reaching up to more than two hundred (200) orders of furniture every month and
their total assets is reaching over fifty (50) million. The company uses a
Facebook page and pamphlets in advertising their business to other clients. The
use of the Facebook page also serves as a way of communication to customers to
which they can buy a finish product or request a new product following their wanted
specifications. Another option is that the customer may visit the establishment
itself to make an order. The means of communication of the client-customer is
only through chat or text messaging or phone calls at times the customers
requested a customized product yet the same customization styles has been
disposed with a certain product disposed.

            The business provides two (2)
services to the customers, the company may either design a finish product by
their own style and perspective or design a customize product as requested by
the customers. For the customization of the customer’s desired design and
style, if the customer type is walk in, he will be consulting the administrator
and they will discuss the product and the client-customer agreement, from here
the customer will be inputting important/needed information of the product and
they will settle all the necessary needed information like customer
information, payment and date of finish and delivery. If the customer is from
far away, the customer can contact the company, whether to text or call the
administrator and discuss and negotiate about the product. The administrator
will get important information about the product like dimensions, type of
finished, materials to use and etc. The customer can also contact the company
by chatting through the company’s Facebook page and leave important information
of the product and upload a sample photo if they have. Once the order is
settled and made, the customer will sign up a paper form which requires the
customer’s information and the order information. These documents are kept in a
traditional database or a cabinet. The business also has a client-customer
agreement, a terms and condition or a business contract provided by the
government in which the customer will sign if they will make an order or
request an order to the company in order to protect both parties which are the
company and the customer. The products/ furnitures have 6 months to 1 year
warranty, depending on what type of product it is. The customer is required to
give his/her initial down payment if it is a customized order for the company
to start their desired product. The customer may cancel his/her order but it is
not refundable.

            The customer may either pay his or
her order through cash on delivery or through bank if the customer location is
far. The cash on delivery transaction only caters orders whose price are less
than ten thousand (10,000) pesos only. The through bank payment transaction has
a lot of options since the company have different bank accounts where the
customers can choose from, the customer may pay it completely or the customer
may have ten (10) to thirty (30) percent down payment first and pay his or her
remaining balance on or before the delivery date. The customer may also choose down
payment option first through bank and pay the remaining balances on the
delivery date itself (cash on delivery style). A walk in customer also have the
same privilege to choose whether to pay personally, through down payment,
through cash on delivery or through bank.

            In viewing their gross collection
reports, the head administrator gathers all the statement of accounts from each
of their bank accounts and manually solves their total gross sales, or let one
bank from their bank accounts do the computation for them.

            A web-based project entitled
“Online Order and Sales Service of Reylen’s Furniture and Enterprises”
is proposed for them to augment the day to day operations of the establishment.

Conceptual Framework





Agile Methodology
Construction/ Coding
System Tool

Order and Sales Service of Reylen’s Furniture and Enterprise


















Figure 1 – Conceptual Framework


of the Problem

            Based on the
information gathered from the Head Administrator of Reylen’s Furniture and
Enterprise, the following opportunities/problems were identified:


            – The establishment settles on using
a Facebook page and pamphlets to advertise their company. This had been a
problem to the company because other clients/customers are not satisfied on how
the company caters them and much more, they demand a website for them to have
easy accessibility to the company.

Unorganized and Unsecured Database

            – Since the
establishment only uses a manual system process in managing their business,
they do everything manually so they just store their important documents like
their payment and transaction details, order details, customer details in a
logbook or in papers. These important documents are sometimes misplaced by the
Head Administrator resulting to the loss of other important data.

Monitoring and Mismanagement of Orders

            – Since the
establishment is a fast growing business, the Head Administrator is sometimes
not able to manage many orders at one time considering the fact that creating
some of the customer’s desired furniture takes time. Deliveries also takes time
because the targeted places of the business take place in all place of Luzon
and in some parts of Vizayas. Having this wide range of space as their business
zone, the company experiences mismanagement on the orders because they
sometimes switch up the orders of their customers.


Time Consuming

            – Aside from
a face to face conversation with the customers, the company handles their
customers through chat by using Facebook and through the use of cellular phone
(texting and calling) which led to being time consuming to both parties because
sometimes there are misunderstandings regarding the products specification and
the orders made which results to the need of re-contacting each other again and

Computation of Gross Sales

            – With the
business reaching a high capacity of production and orders, the establishment
have different sectors of banks in computing their total sales. The
accumulation of payment details from the company and on the cash on delivery,
and the statement of accounts of each banks leads to the problem on the computation
of the company’s total gross sales because the Head Administrator is not able
to see instantly the status of the company’s credit earnings due to the fact
that the information for their gross sales are in different document forms and
is needed to be computed to have the total gross sales.

Objectives of
the Study

            The main
objective of this study is to propose a Web-based system which is Online Order
and Sales Service of Reylen’s Furniture and Enterprises. Specifically, this
study aims to provide a website capable of the following:

Advertising and accessibility for the

the establishment settles on using a Facebook page and pamphlets, having a
website will upheave their company advertisement resulting to the increase of
their customers. This will also solve their problem regarding on the demands of
some customers regarding the company’s accessibility because a website is
online meaning, it will provide an easy access to the company and to its
services. From here they will be able to post an online order, whether finished
product or customized prduct.

Secured and organized database for the
record of the customers, products, orders, deliveries and after sales

      Because the
establishment only uses a manual system process in managing their business,
everything is done manually (paper-pen process). Having this project will enhance
the security of the important documents (record of the customers,
products, orders, deliveries and after sales) because only authorized personnel
will only be able to manage and handle the system. The records will be in an
organized manner, so the possibility of data loss will be reduced or minimized
because there will be a permanent and fixed database for storage.

Ease the control and management of

a fast growing business, they have a very wide range of space as their business
zone. Having a website will ease the administrator’s work in monitoring, controlling
and managing their customer’s orders because all orders are organized and will
be kept in a single table.  

Lessen the time for the ordering process
and notify customers about their state of their orders through the SMS
integration feature

the means of communication that is present to the company and their customers
is face to face, chatting, text messaging and phone calling, the result of
having a website will lessen the time for ordering because the company’s
products specification are all given and/ or you can file up a customize order
with just sending all your wanted specifications for your furniture resulting
to there is no need for re-contacting each other again and again and again. The
customers will also be receiving SMS notifications for the state of their
orders through the SMS integration of the web-based system.

Generation of Gross Sales (for the administrator)
and Sales Invoice (for the customers)

the establishment have different sectors of banks in computing their total
sales due to the fact that the establishment have different bank accounts,
having a website will allow the administrator to see the company’s earn or
gross sales without checking their bank account because payment details of the
customer’s will be monitored, managed and checked.

Scope and


            This project is
a web-based system entitled “Online Order and Sales Services of Reylen’s
Furniture and Enterprises”. This project will deal with the categories, record
and images of the products (finished and/or customized), the customer’s basic
information including their accounts, orders; the company’s product deliveries,
gross sales, aftersales, aftersales deliveries, sales invoice, reports of
product deliveries, gross sales, aftersales, aftersales deliveries and sales
invoice, payment types and payment and transaction details, audit trail, reviews,
the system’s backup and restore feature  and employee accounts.

administrator will have the privilege and be able to manage the company’s record
of products wherein he can add products, update product details, search
products, enable and disable the products on whether it is available or not, approve
and disapprove customized orders submitted on the system and to feature or hide
the customized the product depending on the customer agreed upon. He can also
manage the product’s images which will be displayed with the product details; he
can add and delete a product’s list of images. The administrator also have the
privilege to manage customer’s product/s review/s wherein he can add, approve
and disapprove any review/comment that is sent by the customers. The administrator
is also allowed to add and update categories of the products.

            He will also be managing the record
of customers; if the customer is a walk in, then the administrator will be
adding the customer’s account to the system, if not, then the administrator
will have the privilege to enable or disable a customer’s account. He can also
update a customer information and/or accounts, and he will be able to search customers
to the system. The administrator will have the privilege of handling the record
of cart (order) of the customer wherein he is allowed to add, update, approve,
disapprove and search orders. He is also given the privilege to handle the
record of the customer’s cart (order) details wherein he can add, update and
delete a product item. He also has the privilege to generate report regarding
to the orders wherein he is able to view and print reports.

            This project will also deal with the
types of payment where the administrator can add and update payment types. The
administrator will also have the privilege to manage the payment and
transaction records by adding, updating, approving, disapproving, and searching
a record. He can also manage the payment details wherein he can add, update and
delete a payment detail and he will also be confirming the legitimation of the
payment, viewing the customer’s sales invoice and printing it. The
administrator also have the privilege to handle the record of the deliveries
where he can add, update, confirm, un-confirm, search and generate a report, view
it and print it. It will also deal with the record of the company’s aftersales
wherein the administrator will have the privilege to add aftersales records, update
the status of the aftersales, search, confirm, un-confirm, generate a report,
view and print it and can also view the aftersales delivery records, add, update
it, confirm and un-confirm the delivery status, generate a report, view it and
print it. The administrator also has the privilege of dealing with the reporting
of gross sales of the company wherein he will have the privilege to view and
print their gross sales reports.

            The administrator can manage the
accounts which can access the admin and assistant dashboard; he can add,
update, enable and disable accounts. The administrator also has the privilege
to view the audit trails of the users which is generated by the system. The
project will also deal with the backup and restoration of the database wherein
only the administrator has the privilege.

            As for the assistant, his privileges
would be the same as the administrator but is limited; he won’t be able to approve
or disapprove a customized product record that is created by a customer, approve,
generate a report and print the customer’s order records, deliveries,
aftersales and aftersales delivery records, approve and disapprove customer
payment records, manage the company’s payment details records nor generate a
report, view and generate a report on their gross sales reports, manage the
accounts that can access the admin dashboard and view the audit trails of the

To the side of the customers, the web-based project would
provide customers the ability to register a personal account and update it when
they want to. The customer can view the company’s products, select desired
products and post an order. They will also have the ability to post a
customized order for the company to work on and order it after it has been approved
by the administrator. They can also manage their cart by updating, deleting and
adding more orders. They will also have the ability to view the delivery status
and confirm the status of their order once they have receive it and after which
they can add a review of the product they bought. They will also be able to
view and add their payments to their unsettled order payments and request for a
return of an order wherein they can also view their return records and confirm
its success of delivery.

In the transaction process, following the client-customer
agreement, the customer will have then five (5) options which are cash (for
walk in), cash on delivery, check, down payment, or through bank deposit,
regarding the through bank deposit matter, the customer will choose a bank and
the administrator will then contact the customer to give the company’s bank
account name. The customer is also requested and has the privilege to add a photo
of their deposit slip if the customer is not able to settle their payments
personally. This project will be integrated with an SMS messaging feature that
will only notify the customers about their order details and status of their
order. This project will only be for the use of Reylen’s Furniture and


            The project will
be limited to the computation of the gross collection reports on sales and
other financial statements of the company, financial reports regarding the used
and needed raw materials and other resources for the making of their furniture are
not included. It will also be limited to the receiving of text messages or SMS
from the customers because the SMS integration of the project will only cater
the notifying and sending of text messages to the customers regarding about the
status of their order/s and order details.

            This project will not allow the
customers to print their sales invoice due to the reason that the administrator
is the only person in-charge in giving off receipts. This project will also be
limited to the management of company’s inventory wherein the process in having
the company’s raw materials and other needed materials are not included. This
proposed project will also be limited in the online order transaction; it does
not cater customers to pay their bills through online means.

Significance of
the Study

            This research will be a Web-based
system entitled Online Order and Sales Services of Reylen’s Furniture and
Enterprises which will have the following benefits:

To the School

To have additional materials for
reference of teachers and/ or students who are in need of thesis material that
is similar or connected to their study

To the Company

To have a website that will broadly
advertise their company and get a wider scope of customers

To have easy management of orders and products

To have an organized and secured

To view the company’s gross sales

To have instant messaging to notify its

To the Customers

To improve accessibility to the
establishment’s services and products

To ease transaction process to the

To view their sales invoice

To the

To serve as a stepping stone to develop
and implement a project

To have further exposure and experience
to the Information Technology world

To the Future

To have a basis and reference if their
project is similar to this project

To have the privilege to improve and
widen the scope of this project

Definition of terms

following terms were operationally defined for a better understanding of the

            Online Ordering – a form of an
electronic commerce; is also the same as online shopping wherein customers
directly purchase goods and services from a seller over the internet without an
intermediary service.

            Web Presence –  is any existence of an individual or business
that can be found through the internet whether the person has a social profile,
a personal website or even a blog.

            Online Presence Strategy – this
plays an important role in outbound marketing since it supports business brands
and what they offer to the target market. For inbound marketing, this is also
vital because it will help attract customers who haven’t heard of the business
brand the company is trying to endorse through quality online content.

            Web-based system – referred to those
applications systems that can be accessed via a web browser through a network.

            Sales Service – also referred to as
customer service; this is plays a very critical role in strengthening the bond
between a business and a customer. This is because ensures that it fulfills the
satisfaction of the customers toward the products and services of the company
which will eventually lead to the generation of happy, satisfied and loyal



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