CHAPTER.2 to why the difference still exists. If

CHAPTER.2REVIEWOF LITERATURE This chapter has studied numerous researches thatare done previously in this regard and examined. This study will focus on comparative study evaluatingparental approach towards girl’s participation in sports in rural and urbanareas. Thereare a great number of publications related to parental approach  that affect the girls student to participatein sports activities, however, comparative research works have rarely beenstudied related to this subject.2.1.

ROLE OF THE PARENTS TO ENCOURAGE THE GIRLS STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN SPORTSACTIVITIESDespitethese relatively recent advancements, there is still much work to be done inorder to obtain true equality female students participation in spots activitiesurban and rural areas.  Thework essential to further get better these numbers and bring female students insport to a level comparable between urban and rural areas. Cannot begin untilthe reasons are identified as to why the difference still exists.  If basically succeeding in what it was intended,yet there is still unevenness, it is then beneficial to look elsewhere for a source.Thepresent opportunities that are fixed to girls today are endless in regards to administrationmandating equal opportunities in educational institutions. Among others,parental influence is an aspect that should be delved into as a potentialfactor in encouraging more females to participate in sport.

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  Parents are often labeled as the mostimportant role model in their child’s lives in a variety of facets of upwardup.  Past research has shown that the affectionaterole model is likely to pressure female student’s counterparts in convincedaspects of life, just as the paternal role model is more influence their girl(Cohen, 1993). 2.2 INFLUENCES THE GIRLS STUDENTSPARTICIPATION IN SPORT             Researchhas confirmed an assortment of benefits associated with participating insports, including but not limited to health and social improvements.  The danger of immobility, psychological settlementand physical facade are all factors on why female students participating insport activities (Bell, 2007).

While the benefits listed are reasons thatfemales likely continued participation in sport, these were not likely decidingfactors for their initial interest in athletics as a child.  2.3 BENEFIT OF THE FEMALE STUDENTSPARTICIPATION IN SPORTSCharacteristicsof Effective Physical Education Programs Physical education provide studentswith many opportunities to improve their overall lifestyle. Primary and leading, it provides students the chanceto get better their physical strength, growth, and health. According to Bailey(2006), consistent participation in sports is connected with a longer andbetter excellence of life, reduced danger of disease, and several psychologicaland emotional profits. Also, Bailey expressed that basic movementskills are taught in physical education which give students the opportunity toapply those skills into a sports or spare time setting. Sports also providestudents the opportunity to improve their social and cognitive growth Bailey(2006):2.4SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS THAT EFFECT THE FEMALE  STUDENT IN RURAL AERASHigginson,(1985) suggested the notion is that social background and availability ofopportunities influence the decision to be involved in sport or not.

This impliesthat the economic background of a female student facilitates the choice toparticipate in sport because opportunities are readily available. Sportparticipants can thus afford to travel to where the facilities are situated andthey can also afford to buy the necessary sporting equipment.  Thereare however, many factors that make it impossible for certain females to takepart in sport. According to Higginson (1985), argued that even if facilitiesare available a child might not participate in sport if the parents areunconcerned regarding this facet of the child?s development.

Many femalestudents belong to middle family and rural areas they faced many socialproblem.  2.5 PARENTAL PRESSURE ON GIRLSSTUDENTS PARTICIPATION IN SPORTSTherefore,it is necessary for parents to encourage their children to make their owndecisions about which activities to participate in; however, parents’ guidanceis still necessary. Last but not the least, parents should “first” concernthemselves with their children’s schoolwork and “then” concern themselves withchildren’s individual development and experience in extracurricular activities.

Unlike their mandatory courses for school, extracurricular activities areconsidered to be informal curriculum and are set up to enable children toexplore themselves. Students’ academic achievements in formalcourses are always the priority, and parents ought to help their children toprioritize appropriately and achieve balance between school work andextracurricular activities. This will enable parents to act as facilitators andencouragers in guiding their children to those activities that attractthem.   in terms of parental pressure inextracurricular activities, one study found that students feel guilty when theyknow their parents invested a large amount of money in their activities, asthey are afraid of wasting their parents’ money (ryan dunn et al.

, 2016). 


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