CHAPTER produce best ability. Through these courses educators


On the top refresher courses lead in a positive way, its method of teaching develops resourceful position with strong material. By maintaining these courses, educators learn modern technology about their professional field as well as profoundly relate to the creative activities and skillful art. That force the teachers do more practice in their selected field. Now a day, current visions and values demand excellent domain’s knowledge. This systematic process covers in all relevant industries. But Pakistan is a developing country where these courses are very important for teachers of English language and our institutions are trying to invite these documents with open mind. They agree that this evidence fills with all attachment and produce best ability. Through these courses educators learn more about newly transformation and apply fairly in relevant ground field. By this track professional teachers constantly observe modern methods which are better for their students and next generation. In Pakistan, teachers raise voice that every educator should be skillful. These courses polish teachers ability under fresh environment, for further training project, the quality of these courses for teachers of English language explore extremely the multiple choices. Hence these courses produce informative items in a set which defines the time management, lesson planning, sound strategies of constructivism, routine task and possibility of positive’s plan. Throughout this research, all teachers of English language are favoring and trusting of these tools that are according to the demand, also have the capacity of change mind map. The track of this research is to known the systematic material, various kinds of activities and its usage, to recognize the different part of subject matters, discussion’s matters, aspects of all side of a student’s talk and apply it at right place and time. The production of this industry is to facilitate the person mind through practice. In this way, highly qualified teachers explore that these courses for teachers of English language have become necessary for the uplifting of the quality of education that invokes teacher abilities. These courses mean to seek, learn and do more practice in the new method of teaching with modern knowledge because this is the process of a deep method that is useful for teachers of English language in their professional field. Technology is rapidly changing in all sphere of life for survival purposes even in the educational field. And we are the developing country where these courses are more important for teachers of English language and our institutions are more interesting that these courses should be because teachers of English language profoundly connect and learn more about their modern professional life. Professional teachers constantly work hard and weld their ability. That is to say, the record mentions the preference of refresher courses for the teachers of English language that maintain the whole systematic channel are must and the services of these courses explore the values of current vision. The training of teachers of English language by this method will be good if these programming tools are constantly organized. Day by day progression is necessary for academic performance by the management of this net. In order to practice makes a man perfect is the best for professionals. Therefore the practice of these courses for the teachers of English language is leading in the educational life. But, the system is not strong about practical education. For this purpose teachers are facing countless problems, in addition, there is not the proper institution for them where they can get more practice and rehearsal. Teachers are trying to do their best and find resourceful activities for their students. Henceforth, these courses generally encourage the teachers of English language during training and represent how can to improve the ability of mind and thought. So that, they can select the useful method, teachers agree that these courses for the teachers of English language provide further more information in which they decide how they can arrange lesson’s planning well under this kind control.

By all means, these courses offer the workshops, table conferences, seminars, talk shows and so on for practice at various steps. Another key point, the project based opportunities are the roadmap for teachers of English language. Teachers say that these courses fulfill all requirements in the educational field. They learn the modern method of teaching at the level of high peak. That furnishes their capacity of capability. Having polish of mind’s ability those teachers easily capture the every situation and take the right step at right time. The fruitful activities of these courses without delay engage the educator active in all learning process. With deep knowledge, these courses facilitate them into major product of skills. The benefits of the practice of these courses boast up English language teachers ability and makeup them with fresh original thoughts. More they practice more develop and polish their real skills. Meanwhile, the method of teaching in the latest application is obviously fast. Refresher courses handle it strongly and can be seen, overall the sign of green light that shows the right path and car’s driver knows well what is the mean of red, yellow and green light on the road. He follows all rules if he does not chase the principles. He does not get well; the condition is same in the educational field. Just as in this category the tools of this training is beneficial for professional educators. It is the race of intelligence that promotes the authentic mind into be organized according to the proper channel. The importance of this industry is to face the challenges at the different level and that also be focused on the previous point of view. All useful models of teaching are presented in the refresher courses for teachers of English language and invite the professionals to get more knowledge for the betterment of future. Basically, these courses define the chain’s rules from which teachers can gain learning methodology for the successful academic result. The strategies of this pattern are associated with comprehensive and extensive. Let’s see how can these courses for teachers of English language improve the methods of teaching surely because the smart power of these courses is straightforward that change the whole long term process with good training and broad ideas. Plus, very closely these courses are also managing the project of distance learning process. Many institutions offer these courses in summer especially, AIOU that has a huge amount of materials, complete designs, and command on these courses , opens a new door for teachers. They set them according to the basic elements of teacher’s activities. Now in this modern age, there is need more institutions at door’s step. If roots that advantage from soil and water, are strong than flowers rise and shine by which the foundation of flowers to stand strong. For the futuristic purpose, the main and basic challenge in education is to prepare students for the rapidly changing world, by equipping them with analytical skills and global implementation values that run the system based views on powerful commitment, rich with deep observation. The sharp area of education is to develop these skills so that they can easily face global challenges and cut-throat competition at any level anywhere in the world. Education is the strong key to fulfill the all modern needs. It is platform that provides self-confidence, develops intellectual though t, instill morality to enrich their quality of life. In the 21st Century, only highly qualified and trained educators equipped with modern skills can benefit from opportunities created by globalization. Like other countries effort is going on at various levels for the betterment of quality of education through launching professional and in-service training programs. These courses lead by example. What is the situation right now? What was the previous circumstance? What will be at next stage?
National Education Policy (1998) expresses the focus area in teaching. learning’s activities are fundamentally reach the school education which is related to the huge amount of code strategies, deep observation about subject matters, competency and performance in which need expertise that give different concepts and develop goodness near future. The unique teacher’s education that consists on tentative planning, grounded theory, should be positively establish for teacher educators and need to set up the teacher training institutions that develop culture quality like beliefs, values and mores both professional and in-service who are rich with curriculum activities, make content interesting, have knowledge of modern methodology, know the revolutionary tools and constantly busy to design the notes (GOVT of Pakistan, 1998-2010). Refresher courses are professional demanding skills, to teach the future generation, to reach up the goals so that teachers can achieve the international standard system. The person who is going to adopt this profession, training process is must for him in this system. Refresher courses for teachers of English language are motivational factors towards active teaching. The educators, who are innovator, invite them for new approaches and spontaneously in classroom activities that shed light in the environment to promote interest, motivation, and interaction. The super quality of these courses for teachers of English language are modeling in academic performance that develops a teacher’s professionalism and leadership qualities, prepare them for future challenges, motivate educators for higher performance, help professionals for progressive activities and help them how to organize workshops, seminars, and conferences, catalyst and memorization of the mind map. All these patterns interlink with the refresher courses for teachers of English language. The teachers have to be actively aware and involve in all those activities that create interest for students. In another word, the method is a cluster of teaching implementation inserts in a classroom situation. Without teacher’s preparation or training, there cannot be the improvement in teaching. Having good knowledge teacher delivers useful knowledge. He is God’s greatest gift to the learner. Teaching is a very humanistic profession, is the utmost feeling of understanding and teacher is applying the teaching’s skills in the classroom that is one really concerned about subject matters. The enriched with latest version teacher has characteristics to the students with his/her actions and as a result of this, the students will be more confidently to understanding the world around them. There is so much more that is required in political agility, classroom management skill, excellent organization, multi-tasking skills, ability to communicate on a variety of level in a timely and efficient manners, willingness to sacrifice a great deal of free time. These courses are the major industry of modern activities, make sure that the teachers are well prepared in their project to attain the best result. Teachers also want to succeed and improve in their subject. It is essential to provide them with positive environment, for dynamic and effective lesson, use reasonable strategies. The mega plan of these courses for teachers of English language is to develop thinking skills with reflective practitioners that provide enchain the quality of education, develop motivational factors by constructivism which are engaging the professionals for the implementation of activities awesome.

Many researchers have concentrated that refresher courses for teachers of English language are better in futuristic academic success. Pakistan is a developing. The situation is totally different. There is lack of facilities and do not provide at door step. Due to not proper station near professional houses where they can easily get profound knowledge according to latest scope , version and seek new activities while providing them opportunities, teachers of English language constantly face many problems. That is the huge phenomenon of this modern age.

1.1.2. Research Questions
RQ.1. Why are refresher courses necessary for professionals of English language?
RQ.2. Do refresher courses improve English language teachers’ ability?
RQ.3.Refresher courses consist of authentic activities how?
1.1.3. Aims and Objectives
. To examine the importance of refresher courses for teachers of English language
To develop the values of refresher courses for teachers of English language
To observe the skills of useful materials
To identify the new version of technology and apply it with fair manner
1.1.4. Hypothesis
Refresher courses for teachers of English language regenerate the positive thinking and reproduce the active teaching method
This research concentrates only on (female) teachers at secondary level schools and colleges in Gujranwala , Sheikhupura ,Lahore , Kotla Arab Khan.

This is complete teaching process about knowledge of professional life. This model is presenting profound experience according to the needed and teachers state of mind play vital role by teaching energetic involvement require at each level. This is the process of teaching key for teachers of English language success. The importance of teaching method teacher’s connection with students and applications of the material at different level require keen observation, plan and thought behind the process. Because teacher is moderator help students, guide them through various materials how to use and apply all situational base instructions teacher presents so that they can achieve successful goal. This model also presents with deep comprehension way how to engage and manage the student’s academic process for the betterment of outcomes, is good exemplary model for English language educators, provides opportunity and performance at higher level. This model is better to connect the teachers and students, gives more informative knowledge and foundation by the Experiential Taxonomy. My teaching their learning from Queen’s University Belfast. Roles of teachers and learners in experiential taxonomy (adapted from Johnston,1984).



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