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Service industry is the industry which provides different kinds of services to different individuals or a group of individuals for something in return which is most likely to be the monetary rewards. These service industries are also working with some kind of interest of earning profit .

Definition of service industry :
An industry made up of companies that primarily earn revenue through providing intangible products and services. Service industry companies are involved in retail, transport, distribution, food services, as well as other service-dominated businesses. Also called service sector, tertiary sector of industry.

History of service industry
Service industry, an industry in that piece of the economy that makes benefits instead of unmistakable items. Financial specialists isolate all monetary action into two general classes, goods and services . Goods-producing industries are agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and construction; each of them creates some kind of tangible object. Service industries include everything else: banking, communications, wholesale and retail trade, all professional services such as engineering, computer software development, and medicine, non-profit economic activity, all consumer services, and all government services, including defence and administration of justice.
The extent of the world economy dedicated to administrations developed consistently amid the twentieth century. In the United States, for instance, the administration division represented the greater part the total national output (GDP) in 1929, 66% of every 1978, and more than seventy five percent in 1993. In the mid 21st century, benefit ventures represented more than three-fifths of the worldwide GDP and utilized more than 33% of the work constrain around the world.
The least complex clarification for the development of administration ventures is that merchandise generation has turned out to be progressively motorized. Since machines enable a littler workforce to create more substantial merchandise, the administration elements of appropriation, administration, back, and deals turn out to be moderately more imperative. Development in the administration part likewise comes about because of an expansive incrementing government work. Some of the services which was provided were teaching , working professionals skills to the companies and trainees ,banking and other financial services , healthcare etc . Then and now , it can be considered that service industries are equally important as the manufacturing industries .There are some of the things that cannot be derived out of a tangible product sometimes a man has to rely on another man to get the benefit which is derived out of an intangible efforts of another man .
Some of the service industries include people and some services can be manual while some can be mechanised or automated ,therefore based upon all this service industries can be classified into two broad categories and there are as below :
1. Classification based on the service of tangible action : this classification type includes all the tangible services which involves people or product directly .
– Services for people : services like healthcare , banking facility , insurance facility , services provided by the saloons , restaurants etc. constitute the tangible service category which can be fetched by people.
– Services for goods : for example , goods from Chennai has to be transported to Bangalore this kind of service(here , transportation ) constitutes tangible service category which is for goods by the people . it can also include services like repair and maintenance , insurance for bikes , cars etc .
2. classification based on intangibility service : in this type of classification , it includes all those services which cannot be tangibly quantified .
– services directed at people’s mind : Services sold through influencing the creativity of humans are classified on the basis of intangibility.
– Services directed at intangible assets – Banking, legal services, and insurance services are some of the services most difficult to price and quantify.
3. Other classification :
The most general type of classification is the list of the following services :
• Business services: (BOLD THE SIDE HEADINGS) It is the most popular and growing business services in the country. Business services include services which are related to the business like financing , shipping , customer relationship management etc .The best example can be information technology popularly known as IT .
• Communication services : These services include telecommunication services which are provided by the telecom providers like Airtel , Jio , Vodafone etc . Other than this it may include services provided by specialised individuals or an organization such as BPO , customer services etc.
• Transport services : These are the services which are provided for transportation of goods or people from one place to another by transport providers . VRL is one of the best example for transport services .
• Health services : These are the services which are provided for the betterment of the patients by health organizations which include doctors , nurses , compounders etc.
• Educational services : These are the services which are provided by teachers , lecturers etc to help build knowledge among people and children . These services may not come from schools or colleges but also from tutorials , computer classes etc.
• Environmental services : These are the services which helps to keep our environment clean and healthy .These services generally are voluntary and these may include disposal of sewages , segregation of garbage , noise abatement services etc .
• Distribution services : These services are those which include commission agents services , wholesale services , retail servicing etc which would help the manufacturers to reach the customer for selling their product or service .
• Construction and engineering services : These are the services which would help the customers in building their houses , complexes or any other sort of building by specialized agents called as civil engineers or builders or any other related person .
• Recreational , cultural and sports services : Recreational services and cultural services are the boom of our country . These may include the movies , dance performances , clubs , etc while the sports services may include developing an individual for various games .
• Tourism and travel related services : These are the services which are provided by the travel agencies to provide different kinds of services like booking a flight ticket , train ticket , organizing tours etc .
• Other services not included elsewhere : The services which are not included in any of the above mentioned services constitute this .

• Intangibility (BOLD THE SIDE HEADINGS) : As discussed like earlier , service industry provides services unlike the manufacturing industry which manufactures products . In other words , the services cannot be seen , felt , heard before it is bought .
• Inseperability : The service which is been asked for is always inseperable from the consumer or/and from his goods. The consumers will have a lot of expectation about the service and depending upon the service given to the customers , they decide whether to use the same service again or not .
• Non-transferable : Unlike the products you cannot transfer a service which is why it is one of basic characteristic .
• Variability : Products differ from services in a way that the manufactured products have automated processes and quality assurances that gives a consistent standard product. But how good or bad a service is can vary from many factors, like who is the person who provides it, where is it provided, and when is it provided, and also how it is provided. Therefore the more your business relies on humans to provide services (instead of automation), the more prone you are to variability. (3)

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In India , service sectors play a dominant role and is considered to one of the most important sectors today . India in engaged in providing several services all over the country as well as outside the country namely financing , servicing , transportation and communication , hotel and restaurant , social and personal services etc .
Service sectors in India have not only contributed for economic development in the country but has also improved relations with other countries by bringing in more capital investments in the form of FDI’s , advanced technologies and significantly large number of employment opportunities . According to IBEF(India Brand Equity Foundation ) service sector in India is the key factor which has driven India towards success and in improving the economic growth rate of the country .

The services sector is the key driver of India’s economic growth. The sector is estimated to contribute around 54.0 per cent of India’s Gross Value Added in 2017-18 and employed 28.6 per cent of the total population. India’s net services exports during reached US$ 57.60 billion April-December 2017.


The major development which happened over a past few years has led us to being taken the investments as the answer for the service sector to grow. The investments started to flow through India as FDI’s and today it is gone beyond that . MODIFY THE SENTENCE
Some of the developments and major investments by companies in the services sector in the recent past are as follows:
• Private Equity (PE) investments in the hospitality industry represented nearly three-fold to US$ 119 million in 2017 from US$ 43.58 million in 2016. Hotel deals, including mergers and acquisitions, are expected to pick up further in 2018 as many premium hotel properties are up for sale.
• American fast food chain McDonalds is reopening 84 of its closed restaurants, increasing the total number of operational restaurants across north and east India to 169.
• National Skill Development Corporation has signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council (THSC) and Airbnb to impart hospitality skills training to hospitality micro-entrepreneurs in India.
• The domestic and foreign logistic companies are optimistic about prospects in the logistics sector in India, and are actively making investments plans to improve earnings and streamline operations.

Any industry or a field will have both advantages as well as disadvantages. In the same manner, service industry also few merits and demerits and they are as below:

• The growth of these industries can help in the economic development of the country.
• Establishment of these industries help in expanding employment opportunity in their own country .
• It removes monopoly in the market .
• It derives that satisfaction which cannot be derived by manufacturing industries.
• Greater number of substitutes for consumers are available when these industries are more in number .
• Service industries are more reliable than the manufacturing industries because in service industries there is person to person contact whereas in manufacturing industry it is person to product contact .
• These industries contribute to the development of domestic industries to a greater extent .
• It does not result in the exploitation of natural resources to a greater extent like the manufacturing industries .
• The work becomes slow as it is mostly manually handled .
• The satisfaction derived is less when compared to manufacturing industries .
• No availability of skilled employees and staff.
• The customer may not know the service quality but the customer will know whether to purchase or not to make a purchase in case of manufacturing industry.
• Uncertainty and risk is more in service based industries.
• Hiring of skilled employees is expensive .
• Service depends on company to company .

Some of the factors affecting service industries are :
1. Technology : BOLD ALL SIDE HEADINGS Like the manufacturing industries , service industry also uses technology from other countries to improve the quality of the service provided and to attract customers . For eg : schools and colleges adopting smart teaching methods by use of projectors in classrooms which is been acquired by foreign countries .
2. Climate : Service industries related to tourism , hotels etc get maximum customers during a particular season which also is regarded as one of the leading factors influencing the service industries.
3. Customer loyalty : Customer loyalty represents the likelihood that a customer will return, and will recommend the establishment to others. Customer loyalty lies close to a more financial outcome: Returning customers spend more than customers who only visit once.
4. Skilled employees : The factors like employees and skilled employees make the service industry to do better and look better .The quality of that company depends on the service provided by the employees and the cost of hiring these employees is expensive these days.
5.Local competitors : Companies which are already existing in the market is also considered as one of the main factor to influence the service industry i.e as a new service entrant company which has to compete with other.
6. Customer satisfaction : This is the key factor which influences on establishing a strong foundation with the customers if they are satisfied with the service provided by that company or that service company will fall down .
7. Cognitive abilities : Another indicator of better customer satisfaction is an employee’s cognitive ability. Employees with a higher cognitive ability (often measured in IQ) tend to provide better customer service. People with greater cognitive abilities will learn faster, absorb more information and generalize knowledge more effectively.

8. Government :When the government changes, the policies change and these policies for eg : a recent tax policy ,GST has an immense affect in all the streams of business .
Thus , government can also be an important factor influencing service industry .

These are some of the important factors which affect the service industry . Some of the above mentioned factors affect directly and some of them indirectly , however all of the above mentioned factors have adverse effect on the working of service industry . Researchers point to a number of factors that have accounted for the surge in service business start ups over the last few decades. Many of these factors reflect fundamental changes in societal structure and character. As, initial investment can change essentially from one business to another. While some administration organizations, such as accounting, house painting, tyke mind, grass care, housekeeping, and mentoring, would all be able to be propelled with a humble venture by people with unique aptitudes or learning in those zones, other administration organizations require a far more prominent speculation of cash. Lawyers, specialists, and different experts who influence their living by giving their administrations to customers to make substantial in advance consumptions (educational cost), while business visionaries intrigued by propelling administration organizations that require broad interests in offices as well as gear (inns, Laundromats, auto rental offices, nursing care offices, therapeutic workplaces, and so on.) need to make huge in advance uses of their own, though in various services .
Every customer has an ideal expectation of the service they want to receive when they go to a restaurant or store. Service quality measures how well a service is delivered, compared to customer expectations. Businesses that meet or exceed expectations are considered to have high service quality. For example , when we go to a fast food restaurant for dinner, where you can reasonably expect to receive your food within ten minutes of ordering. After you get your drink and find a table, your order is called, minutes earlier than you had expected! You would probably consider this to be high service quality. There are five dimensions that customers consider when assessing service quality.


Philip Kotler (1997) defined service as “an action or an activity which can be offered by a party to another party, which is basically intangible and can not affect any ownership. Service may be related to tangible product or intangible service “.(6)

According to Business dictionary service quality is defined as “An assessment of how well a delivered service conforms to the client’s expectations. Service business operators often assess the service quality provided to their customers in order to improve their service, to quickly identify problems, and to better assess client satisfaction.

The determinants of service quality focuses on bringing several factors which directly or indirectly influences service quality to their customers. The recognition of a service company can be done by analysing the service quality given by that company to the customers . Some of the direct determinants of service quality are :tangibility , knowing your customer , access etc . and some of the indirect determinants of service quality are : communication , courtesy , knowledge etc .
In this way , the following determinants affect the quality of a service and help the customers determine how good the service is or how bad the service is .

Access : As per the above definition , service quality needs to be accessed by the consumer voluntarily or non-voluntarily in order to perceive that particular service satisfaction.
Communication : Here, communication is the exchange of information and when the information is communicated between the end users and the service providers . If the communication is properly conveyed the service will be higher than usual.
Competence : With the skilled staff members the service organization’s quality can be purely determined . Here , competence is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently which can be related to the delivering of appropriate service delivery with quality .
Courtesy : Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence is also considered to be one of the strong determinant of service quality because it is by the courtesy and knowledge which decides the service quality is successful or not .
Credibility : credibility and conduct emerge as the highest loading first order determinants . It includes the significance of rectifying the errors while keeping customers informed and employing branch staff that are responsive and civilized in their conduct .
Reliability : The information which is provided by the service organization to the end users based on which they have the decision to take the service or reject the service . The customers believe that all the information provided by the organization is true and hence they rely on it . The chain of this reliability forms as one of the determinant of service quality .
Responsiveness : Here , responsiveness can be defined as it is the willingness to help customers and provide prompt service . Not all service provider organizations will help customers and provide prompt service but the one’s which provide will definitely be recognised with their service quality .
Security : It is the liberty from doubts or danger risks. In other words , security as the name suggests it is securing of information to avoid leakage of any confidential information to other competitors .
Tangibility : It includes appearance of :
– physical facilities
– equipment
– communication materials which can be seen and felt by the customers .
Understanding/knowing the customer: Today , understanding and knowing the customer becomes very important for every service organization because it is how they get a chance to attract customers and to prove it to them how unique they are in their own way .

Service Industries and Economic Performance tends to three inquiries that have troubled financial analysts for over 10 years: regardless of whether benefit situated economies can sustain high rates of yield development; whether they can create vast quantities of good jobs; and whether they can contend adequately in worldwide markets.
However, the proportion of the world economy devoted to services grew steadily during the 20th century. In the United States, for example, the service sector accounted for more than half the gross domestic product (GDP) in 1929, two-thirds in 1978, and more than three-quarters in 1993. In the early 21st century, service industries accounted for more than three-fifths of the global GDP and employed more than one-third of the labour force worldwide. In the same manner , it is projected that India also outstands in front of the world with the consistent improvement in quality and use of advanced technologies .


A recent picture of Deepak Nursing Home
SOURCE? Source: primary data collected by visiting the hospital
Deepak Nursing Home was initially just a clinic which started in the year 2000 and today it has grown to the extent of a big hospital serving over 80 patients every single day . It was founded by Shri Deepak , to help the very needy and poor patients in and outside Bengaluru . Deepak Nursing Home provides help in Bengaluru and innate territories of other regions of Karnataka . The establishments’ central goal is to make an empowering and feasible condition among provincial and ancestral networks by setting up a premise of job and a flawless social insurance framework. About 50-60 full-time proficient staff are authorized at various unique areas all through Bengaluru locale; of which ladies trade off 35% of the aggregate staff, their work helps right around several recipients

The Deepak Nursing Home’s vision is a world that is free of distress, disease, deprivation and exploitation. The hospital focuses mainly on the woman and the child development and their cure : they are the vehicles through which the future can be determined and changed.
To approach to that vision, Deepak Nursing Home set the follow goals to itself:
1. Promote practices for safe motherhood and child survival
2. Offer an access to health and pre-school education services
3. Ensure sustainable livelihood for underprivileged communities
4. Provide disaster relief and rehabilitation services.
About 5 years ago the two young doctors named Dr. Shankar and Mrs . Shankar who also is a doctor who had just finished their MBBS had started a clinic by the name “Deepak Clinic” which was exclusively opened to help the patients having different diseases especially for the needy and the poor . Later ,the clinic was turned into a hospital with 4storey building with 20 to 40 staff members and having 25-40 beds . this hospital has the privilege of serving over 10000 plus patients till date . The first initiative was a small 2 bedded maternal and child care clinic to provide curative and preventive services for the industrial workers living around 30 villages comprising about 4000 population surrounding the industrial belt of Peenya. An Emergency Transport Facility was established when the clinic got converted into a hospital. This service assisted government in delivering maternal and child care services in and around Peenya.
Today , the hospital has also started a foundation in the name of the hospital i.e “Deepak Foundation ” which not only provides charities but also it is into spreading of awareness about health and hygiene in rural and semi urban areas where there is necessity of constructing toilets. The foundation gradually made a foray into sectors like livelihood promoting by setting up first women’s dairy cooperative societies and women’s self-help groups and rehabilitation, preschool education, HIV prevention and adolescent health.




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The motive is simply the values or moral values which the organization has adopted to provide better and honest services to its customers . Deepak hospital is said to be inspired by Sir .Ramaiah (late ) founder of Ramaiah Memorial Hospital . However , there are few motives by which the hospital stands by and abide to .
These motives are simply the compelling reasons which justify the existence of a firm . It is possible from an empirically angle to map more than one overriding motive which explain the existence of any firm . The following are those motives :

SOURCE? Source: Secondary data collected from its website

The below organizational chart of “Deepak Nursing Home” depicts various departments and their respective heads . Every hospital has its own organizational chart and their respective departments . In the same manner , at Deepak hospital there are various departments like ophthalmology , trauma emergency , paediatrics etc as seen in the below chart . These departments are under the head called service department . As a hospital , the first and the foremost service they provide will be that of treating patients , conducting surgeries or operations etc in the best possible manner .


1)Ophthalmology – Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine and surgery that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eyeball and orbit. An ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye disease.
Specialist: Ophthalmologist

2) Paediatrics : Paediatrics is the branch of pharmaceutical that includes the medicinal care of babies, kids, and youths. The American Academy of Paediatrics suggests individuals be under paediatric care up to the age of 21.
Specialist : Paediatrician

3)Gynaecology : Gynaecology is the therapeutic work on managing the soundness of the female conceptive frameworks and the bosoms.
Specialist : Gynaecologist

4) Dermatology : It is also the branch of science which deals with skin , nail, hair and its diseases.
Specialist : Dermatologist

5) Medicine/ Pharmaceutical : It is a part of a hospital which supplies medicines to the patients . Here , at Deepak hospital they have their own pharmacy to ease the patients work.
Specialist : Pharmacist


• The organizational structure of Deepak Nursing Home includes Dr. Shankar who is the founder, service support director and also the service department head. Qualification of Dr. Shankar is MD, combined medical services and clinical research. His decisions are final and the head of each department has to report to him the various information of their respective departments and he makes approves of various decisions taken by the hospital on various important matters.
• It has Dr. B. B. Ramesh as chief HR officer who has done MS, diploma, Masters in health administration. He takes care of the human resource management of the hospital. Since the work force held in this hospital is very low, he gives frequent visits to the hospital and doesn’t hold a full time job. He also takes of the recruitment of doctors on the basis of qualification and experience and makes a final decision after intimidating Dr. Shankar.
• It has Dr. Shalini Shankar as the head of finance and marketing who is an ophthalmologist and hence takes a special care of the ophthalmology department. She also takes care of finance section of the hospital by providing the organization of the day to day plan and also working capital as and when necessary. She also co-ordinates with the accountant of the organization to get the accurate information of the finance department.
• Ms. Saraswati is an accountant in the hospital who prepares and examines financial records and makes sure that records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time. She performs overviews of the financial operations of the hospital to help it run efficiently by coordinating with Dr. Shalini who is the finance head.

1.Emergency department
This department is also known as an accident and emergency department, emergency room, emergency ward or casualty department. This department gives medical treatment facility which specializes in emergency medicine. Patients who visit the hospital without prior appointment either by their own means or by ambulance are given acute care. Due to the unplanned nature of patient attendance, this department of Deepak Nursing Home provides initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and requires immediate action. This department in this hospital operates 24 hours a day.
Deepak Nursing Home has 8 beds in the emergency room and has a negative-pressure isolation room to prevent cross-contamination of illnesses.

2.Medicine department

The general medicine department of Deepak Nursing Home deals with the prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of various diseases. It serves as the first point of contact whenever a patient visits the hospital. A general physician conducts a physical examination of the patient and then recommends necessary tests and diagnostic procedures. The results of these tests, the general physical examination and symptoms are then correlated to arrive at a final diagnosis. Depending on the final diagnosis, the general physician gives the necessary treatment (usually medication) to the patient or refers to a specialty department for further treatment.
The department of general medicine provides treatment for the following:
o All types of fevers
o Infections affecting different organs of the body
o All metabolic diseases and endocrine diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, obesity.
o Blood pressure
o Stomach aches, infections like vomiting, diarrhoea and jaundice
o Infectious diseases
o Respiratory diseases like asthma, allergies, lung infection, cough, sinusitis, pneumonia & TB
o Disease of the joints and limbs, backache
o Problems like headache, muscular weakness, epilepsy.

3.Ophthalmology department

This department of Deepak Nursing Home provides a comprehensive eye care for adults and children. The strengths of the department are its commitment to personalized care and service-oriented team. Specialty eye care is provided, at prices that are within the reach of everyone.
Surgical procedures of the department :
o Day care as well as night stays facilities.
o Medi claim insurance coverage
o Fixed surgical package rates
o General ward semi-private and single room cabin facilities.
Operation theatre
o There is a sterilization unit equipped with ETO.
o Ophthalmology department of Deepak Nursing Home is also equipped with high end microscope and other support infrastructure.
Cataract surgery
o Implantation of a foldable Intraocular Lens.
o Manual small incision cataract surgery.
Optical services available at Deepak Nursing Home:
o Accurate dispensing of spectacle power
o Optically correct spectacle frames
o Specialized spectacles for computerized work
o Progressive lenses for children
o Disposable contact lenses and accessories.

4.Paediatrics department
This department of Deepak Nursing Home has 15 beds covering new born to 18 years. Key services of this department include:
o Neonatal and nursery services
o Preventive medicines and immunizations
o Child development
o Emergency care paediatrics.

5.Gynaecology department
Deepak Nursing Home is equipped enough to care of women under one roof. It provides comprehensive care in pregnancy, gynaecology, infertility, gynoecia oncology and conduct advanced surgeries.
The special services available at Deepak Nursing Home under this department includes
o Paediatric gynaecology
o Adolescent gynaecology
o Infertility clinics with our infertility specialist.
o Menopausal clinics in collaboration with orthopaedicians and physicians
o Gynaec oncology services by our gynaec oncologist.
o Advanced surgeries offered
o Chemotherapy

6.Dermatology department
This department at Deepak Nursing Home provides treatment for everything from common acne, laser hair removal, skin allergies to more complex problems such as skin cancers, the and experience.


It is not one department which has made Deepak Nursing Home stand one among top competitors today , it is because of each and every department and its functioning system every hospital ‘s service process is carried out smoothly . Managing all these departments becomes a big task for the administration however with the help of skilled and professionals the hospital is being to achieve its mission .


Service department is the whole and soul of the organization. The service provided by Deepak Nursing Home is that of medical and healthcare facilities. In simple words it is a “hospital”.

“Hospital” is a health care institution providing patient treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment.1 The best-known type of hospital is the general hospital, which typically has an emergency department to treat urgent health problems ranging from fire and accident victims to a heart attack. A district hospital typically is the major health care facility in its region, with large numbers of beds for intensive care and additional beds for patients who need long-term care.The working of the organization starts with this department . Depending upon the work of the organization other departments are formed and structured . Like every other department it also has its own structure . The below is the organization structure which is headed by Dr.Govind who is the service support director . He is also the service department head .
He serves the following functions :
• Promotes the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
• Provide direction for support services departments.
• Coordinate and supervise accreditation surveys as it pertains to support service units.
• Serves as an active member of the Safety committee and other committees as designated by Administration.
• He ensures smooth functioning of the other departments here – medicine department , emergency department , ophthalmology department , paediatrics department and dermatology department .
• Maintain effective working relationships with all including administration, employees, providers, patients, and the suppliers .
• He seeks permission from the administration to imply any new changes in the service department .
• Dr. Govind also responsible for the appointment of staff members under these departments however , with the consultation of the Hr department .



This department is also known as casualty department .The first emergency ward was created in the mid nineteenth century by the United States . Today, all hospitals have their own emergency ward in its own division in its own particular area of the ground floor , with its own particular committed passageway. As patients can display whenever and with any protestation, a key piece of the activity of this department is the prioritization of cases in light of clinical need. This procedure is called triage.

Triage is typically the initial stage every patient goes through, and comprises of a concise evaluation, including an arrangement of indispensable signs, and other detailed problems like chest torment, stomach torment, trouble breathing, and so on.. Most hospitals have a specific region for this treatment to happen, and may have staff committed to performing only a triage part. In many divisions, this part is satisfied by a triage nurture, albeit subject to preparing levels in the nation and region, other social insurance experts may play out the triage arranging, including paramedics or doctors. Triage is ordinarily led up close and personal when the patient presents, or a type of triage might be led by means of radio with a rescue vehicle group; in this strategy, the paramedics will call the healing center’s triage focus with a short refresh around an approaching patient, who will then be triaged to the suitable level of care.

Most patients will be at first evaluated at triage and after that go to another region of the division, or another region of the healing center, with their holding up time dictated by their clinical need. In any case, a few patients may finish their treatment at the triage organize, for example if the condition is extremely minor and can be dealt with rapidly, if just counsel is required, or if the crisis office is certainly not an appropriate purpose of nurture the patient. Alternately, patients with obviously genuine conditions, for example, heart failure, will sidestep triage thronged through and move straight to the suitable piece of the division.

The emergency department at Deepak Nursing Home includes trauma centre as well . here , trauma centre is a centre in a hospital which is fully equipped to provide immediate care for patients suffering from motor vehicle accidents , falls , discharge wounds which can be broadly classified into a group known as traumatic injuries .


The second most important department at Deepak Nursing Home is the medicine department . The general medicine department of Deepak Nursing Home deals with the prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of various diseases. It serves as the first point of contact whenever a patient visits the hospital. A general physician conducts a physical examination of the patient and then recommends necessary tests and diagnostic procedures. The results of these tests, the general physical examination and symptoms are then correlated to arrive at a final diagnosis. Depending on the final diagnosis, the general physician gives the necessary treatment (usually medication) to the patient or refers to a specialty department for further treatment.
The department of general medicine provides treatment for the following:
o All types of fevers
o Infections affecting different organs of the body
o All metabolic diseases and endocrine diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, obesity.
o Blood pressure
o Stomach aches, infections like vomiting, diarrhoea and jaundice
o Infectious diseases
o Respiratory diseases like asthma, allergies, lung infection, cough, sinusitis, pneumonia & TB
o Disease of the joints and limbs, backache
o Problems like headache, muscular weakness, epilepsy.

At Deepak Nursing Home the medicine department represent one-fourth or a greater amount of the scholastic medicinal venture: this department accounts for roughly one-fourth of the patient care and clinical revenue of academic medical centers, and their staff play out an unbalanced offer of educating and research, representing up to 45% of National Institutes of Health (NIH) – supported research in some medical schools. Second, the office’s capacity to satisfy its part and propel its central gal relies upon its structure and capacity. At last, exercises gained from looking at the structure and capacity of bureaus of pharmaceutical may manage different offices and schools of drug themselves in enhancing their structure and capacity.(10)

This department also includes general physicians who are also known as internal medicine specialists’ .These physicians’ deal in prevention and cure of adult diseases and its diagnosis. The following are the physicians at Deepak Nursing Home:
• Dr.Mangala S.Murthy
• Dr.Sudhakar Reddy
These physicians perform several tests and procedures in case of any serious disease and even can suggest the patient to undergo a blood test when he/she is suffering due to bacteria and viruses. The blood sample and in some cases urine samples are taken and tested with the help of microscope and the report is prepared. All of this testing processes are conducted in a well-equipped laboratory

Source: primary data collected
Along with the role of physicians in the medicine department another part which plays a vital role is the Pharmacy. It is a technique maintaining and distribution of drugs(medicines) based on the prescription given by the doctors . Like every hospital , Deepak Nursing Home also has its own Pharmacy to avoid the patients going in search of medicines elsewhere.
The following are the pictorial representation of Pharmaceutical unit at Deepak Nursing Home . The pharmacy is headed by Mr.Suresh Acharya who has done his Bachelor in Pharmacy .

Source: primary data collected


Gynaecology is the department of hospital which mainly deals in curing health issues related to female reproductive organs . Deepak Nursing Home is equipped enough to care of women under one roof. It provides comprehensive care in pregnancy, gynaecology, infertility, gynoecia oncology and conduct advanced surgeries.
The special services available at Deepak Nursing Home under this department includes
o Paediatric gynaecology : It is the branch of gynaecology which deals with the problems in reproductive organs of the infants or girl children.
o Adolescent gynaecology : It is a branch of gynaecology which deals in problems of reproductive organs of young girls such as irregular menstrual cycle , breast cancer etc.
o Infertility clinics with our infertility specialist.
o Menopausal clinics in collaboration with orthopaedicians and physicians – which is usually for 45 years plus women .
o Gynaec oncology services by our gynaec oncologist.
o Advanced surgeries offered
o Chemotherapy – for patients suffering from cancer .


A dilating vaginal speculum, a tool for examining the vagina, in a model of the female reproductive system
System Female reproductive system

Subdivisions Oncology, Maternal medicine, Maternal-fetal medicine
Significant diseases Gynaecological cancers, infertility, dysmenorrhea

Significant tests Laparoscopy

Specialist Gynaecologist

Source : Secondary data collected from internet
Ophthalmology is a division of drugs managing the prognosis, remedy and prevention of illnesses of the eye and visual device.
The eye, its surrounding structures and the visual machine can be tormented by some of medical conditions. Ophthalmology includes diagnosis and remedy of such situations, together with microsurgery.
Eye health services have become increasingly vital as the UK populace ages. An ageing populace way there is more and more incidences of age-related sicknesses of the attention, inclusive of age-related macular degeneration. These eye sicknesses may be efficaciously handled if stuck early, and can be managed correctly with present treatments and medicines.
Cataracts are the primary purpose of impaired vision global, and in England and Wales it’s far anticipated that round 2.5 million humans elderly 65 or older have a few degree of visual impairment caused by cataracts. Cataract surgical procedure is the second maximum not unusual operation finished within the NHS in England – over 300,000 approaches are done every year.

A partial list of the most common diseases diagnosed and treated by Ophthalmologists include:
• Cataract
• Glaucoma
• Macular degeneration
• Diabetic retinopathy
• Dry eyes
• Strabismus (misalignment/deviation of eyes)
• Proptosis (bulged eyes)
• Excessive tearing (nasolacrimal duct obstruction)
• Aventis
• Eye tumors
• Refractive surgery

Ophthalmology service at Deepak Nursing Home
The branch of ophthalmology at Deepak Nursing Home is devoted to imparting state of the art clinical and surgical care in all components of adult and paediatric ophthalmology. It provides patient oriented management of ophthalmic issues by using integrating and leveraging their mixed expertise. The center performs develop surgical techniques which include maximum modern surgical and reconstructive techniques. They have a crew of enormously experienced surgeons which might be supported by using most advanced clinical gadget and techniques. At Deepak Nursing Home Hospital, ophthalmology is the department of medication which deals with the illnesses and surgical procedure of the visual pathways, together with the eye, Brain and areas surrounding the eye along with the lacrimal machine and eyelids. Surgeons at Deepak Nursing Home are Dr.Sachin Shekar, MS, DO, Dr Somalingesh, MBBS, DNB and Dr. Shalini.
Eye examination
Subsequent methods of diagnosis performed in a eye examination by Deepak Nursing Home.
• Visual acuity check by optometrist
• Refraction done by optometrist
• Intraocular pressure calculated by optometrist and ophthalmologist
• Slit lamp examination done by both optometrist and ophthalmologist
• Retina test

Ophthalmic surgery
Eye surgery, also known as ocular surgery, is surgery performed on the eye or its adnexa by an ophthalmologist. The eye is a fragile organ, and requires extreme care before, during, and after a surgical procedure. An expert eye surgeon, Dr Shalini is responsible for selecting the appropriate surgical procedure for the patient, and for taking the necessary safety precautions.
Exclusive surgeries related to ophthalmology at Deepak Nursing Home
• Key hole Cataract surgery with foldable multifocal IOL
• Glaucoma surgery
• Ophthalmoplasty and DCR
• Other major and minor intra-ocular & extra -ocular surgeries
• Paediatric ophthalmology
• Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic
• Uvea clinic Neuro-ophthalmology
• Trauma care

Paediatrics is the division of medicine that involves the medical concern of infants, children, and adolescents. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends people be under paediatric care up to the age of 21. A medical doctor who specializes in this area is known as a paediatrician, or paediatrician
The equipments used for paediatric service at Deepak Nursing Home
• Resuscitation cart containing readily accessible, easily identifiable, necessary weight- or length-appropriate emergency drugs and resuscitation equipment with easily readable lists of paediatric drug dosages.
• Defibrillator designed for paediatric use with paddles for infants and children and easily readable chart indicating joule dosages
• Scales and stadiometer for infants and older children
• Thermometers and blood pressure measuring device with a complete selection of cuffs appropriate for the full spectrum of paediatric patients
• Cardiorespiratory monitors
• Pulse oximeters
• Papoose board for immobilization of infants and toddlers
• Backboard for cardiopulmonary resuscitation
• Portable lamps for emergency bedside procedures
• Motor-driven nebulizers and electric suction machines if no suction wall units are available
• Twenty-four hour access to an electrocardiograph machine
• Intravenous, phlebotomy, and lumbar puncture trays appropriate for children
• Wheelchairs, crutches, slings, and splints for all paediatric age groups
Basic diagnostic services that are available on a 24 hour basis are:
• Routine x-ray imaging for thoracic, belly, cranium, and orthopedic research; computed tomography is suited
• Clinical laboratories providing hematology, blood chemistry, and blood fuel research from small extent blood samples, and basic microbiology and blood banking offerings to be had with prompt reaction instances; the potential to carry out toxicologic and drug levels is desirable
• Pharmacy offerings supplying age- and length-appropriate drug management and dosing
• Access to references for drug interplay and drug dosing
• Availability of the subsequent offerings on an as-wanted basis: toddler life; social work; and respiratory, physical, occupational, and speech cures

Personnel for paediatric requirements at Deepak Nursing Home
For the purpose of paediatric unit Deepak Nursing Home has 3 part time doctors who are exclusively for children specialists. They observe the physical and psychosocial behavioural changing needs of children and the nurses and physicians are trained in paediatric life-support techniques. All will know the locations of carts and equipment for cardiopulmonary revival.

Types of treatments provided by Deepak Nursing Home for a wide variety of illnesses and medical needs under paediatric unit who require hospital care. Such medical needs include.
• Infectious illnesses of the blood, skin, lungs, and kidneys
• Respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia and croup
• Problems with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and asthma
• Common paediatric illnesses such as influenza and dehydration
• Recovery from injuries or surgeries
• Care of newborns

Paediatrician at Deepak Nursing Home are:
Dr. Suvishanand and Dr. Shrilaxmi who work 54 hours a week seeing approximately 30 to 35 patients a week and might also vary depending on certain situations. Their day begins with seeing patients in the hospital, they might have new babies to see in the new born nursery or might have to see sick patients admitted to the hospital. After making rounds in the hospital, paediatricians usually begin seeing patients in their office at about 9 a.m. or 9 30 a.m. these appointments will likely include many well-child visits, where kids come in for a check up and sick visits with kids that have sore throats, colds, asthma and the like. After a break for lunch, the day continues until 4 or 5 p.m. after which they ask their assistants to look after the admitted patients. They carry on their work at office after 5 p.m doing administrative work such as filling out forms and doing other paper work.

The main goal of dermatology department of Deepak Nursing Home has been to provide tertiary skin care to its patients. It has been providing care to people not only from nearby patients but also does camping for free check-ups in rural area as part of social responsibility. Dermatology department was set up to provide exclusive service for a wide range of skin disorders and the facility is equipped with latest microdermabrasion, and other derma testing machines which are approved technologies.
Skin treatments such as photo therapy, cryotherapy, laser surgery, and allergic testing are routine. Combined with other specialties available at Deepak Nursing Home, advanced treatments such as cranio-maxillofacial surgery, micro surgery and reconstructive surgery are handled successfully by the immensely talented team of the department. The department is equipped with the best dermatologists who are well experienced in the field of dermatology.

Dermatologists use more than a few scientific and cosmetic surgical processes. Many dermatological situations may be dealt with medicinal drug and non-invasive therapy, but a few require surgical intervention or more invasive treatment. Dermatological procedures can take region in an outpatient setting, such as a medical doctor’s office, or for the duration of a hospitalization.
• Biopsies: Skin biopsies are in the main executed to diagnose or rule out positive skin conditions. There are three generally-finished sorts of pores and skin biopsy. Shave biopsies do away with small sections of the top layer of skin, punch biopsies put off a small round phase together with deeper layers, and excision biopsies take away whole areas of abnormal-searching pores and skin.

• Chemical peels: A chemical answer is applied to the pores and skin. It reasons a layer of pores and skin to peel off, leaving a layer of regenerated skin beneath this is normally smoother. Dermatologists use this manner to treat solar-damaged pores and skin and some types of pimples. It can also address proceedings of a more beauty nature, which include age spots and features beneath the eyes.

• Cosmetic injections: Wrinkles, scarring, and lost facial fullness can be quickly decreased with injections. A dermatologist can inject botulinum toxin remedy, or fillers together with collagen and fat, for the duration of an workplace go to. Results of this remedy generally tend to final for some months, and injections need to be repeated periodically. Some humans can expand antibodies to Botox that make repeat remedies useless.

• Cryotherapy: This is a quick and common shape of remedy for lots benign pores and skin conditions, inclusive of warts. Skin lesions are frozen to destroy the affected skin cells, often the use of liquid nitrogen.

• Dermabrasion: Using a excessive-speed rotating brush, a dermatologist gets rid of the pinnacle layer of pores and skin, surgically eroding scar tissue, first-class wrinkles, tattoos, and doubtlessly precancerous pores and skin patches.

• Excisions of lesions: Skin lesions are excised for numerous motives. They are eliminated to prevent disorder from spreading, for beauty motives, to prevent repeat contamination, to alleviate symptoms, and for prognosis. Depending on the scale of the lesion, local or general anaesthetic can be used to numb the region earlier than elimination.

• Hair elimination and recuperation: Hair loss may be dealt with hair transplantation or surgery to the scalp. Unwanted frame hair can be eliminated with laser hair epilation, or electrolysis that destroys hair follicles.

• Laser surgery: Dermatologists can use a unique mild beam to treat a diffusion of skin complaints. These consist of tumours, warts, moles, tattoos, birthmarks, scars, wrinkles, and unwanted hair.

• Mohs surgical treatment: This is a selected form of surgery for pores and skin cancer. Layers of skin are eliminated and tested under a microscope to cast off cancerous cells. Successive layers are eliminated until the general practitioner can discover no extra most cancers cells. Mohs surgery is only accomplished by way of Mohs surgeons and requires extra medical schooling.

• Psoralen blended with ultraviolet A (PUVA): Psoralen is a drug that makes the skin more sensitive to radiation treatment. PUVA is used to treat excessive pores and skin illnesses, along with psoriasis, dermatitis, and vitiligo.

• Skin grafts and flaps: Dermatologists can repair missing skin the use of skin from somewhere else on the body. Skin may be grafted from a unfastened piece of tissue without its personal blood deliver, or a pores and skin flap may be comprised of pores and skin tissue near the region of pores and skin loss.

• Tumescent liposuction: Dermatologists use a process called tumescent liposuction to put off extra fats from the body. Large volumes of neighbourhood anaesthetic are injected into the fatty tissue, that is then sucked from the frame. Tumescent liposuction is not a remedy for weight problems however a cosmetic system for frame contouring. Dermatologists also can use lasers to selectively burst fats cells and help take away tumescent fluid.

• Vein remedy: Superficial leg veins are small, dilated floor veins. They are also called spider veins and are frequently removed for beauty reasons. Sclerotherapy is usually the preferred treatment for spider veins. Dermatologists insert both foam and an answer into the vein. This irritates the liner, inflicting it to shut. The vein then becomes much less distinct or disappears absolutely.

Even though if all of these treatments are not available at the hospital they outsource the services with the other hospitals in the city which provides these treatments.


The service department at Deepak nursing home is devoted to give the best treatments and medications that fulfill the needs of the customers. They also give the best quality service and the staff is very friendly which attracts maximum number of customers in the location.
The review of the customers tells that they’re very happy with services provided which is best at its quality and at the affordable prices. This makes them in being a loyal customer to the hospital.



Human Resource(HR) is utilized to depict both the general population who work for an organization or association and the office in charge of overseeing assets identified with representatives. The term HR first began in the 1960s when the estimation of work relations started to collect consideration and when ideas, for example, inspiration, authoritative conduct, and determination evaluations started to come to fruition.
Human resource in an organization may include the following activities :

• Training and development
• Recruitment
• Payment of salary, bonus etc
• Labour and employee relations
• Organization development

The resources that dwells in the information , abilities , and inspiration of individuals . HR is a fundamental asset as it enhances with age and encounters which no other asset can do . It is in this way viewed as the scariest and most vital profitable asset that makes the biggest and longest enduring favourable position for an association .

As organizations , rearrange to increase competitive edge , human asset assumes a key part in helping organizations manage a quick changing focused condition and the more prominent interest for quality workers . HR – the two principals and instructors assume a vital part in school . State government and Central government are utilizing training to increase focused edge .

The characteristics of HRM : BOLD ALL THE SIDE HEADINGS
• Human oriented : Its main objective is to bring the people and the resources together so that the work can be performed smoothly . Any organization should have people(human resource) to continue the day to day business activities .
• Development oriented : HRM lays weight on advancement of worker’s potential , limit ,intrigue and their identity . It causes representatives to get most extreme fulfilment out of their work .
• Base for all activities : HRM forms the base for all the activities . If the right employees are elected for the right job at the right time the work is half done.
• Continuous process : It is a constant process of any organization be it an industry or a hospital . It is a flowing process because the human resource are its strength and they go on existing in the organization unless the organization is liquidated .
• Management oriented : The hr department works in an advisory capacity to different departments in the association . It exists to help and prompt the line and working directors to do their staff work all the more adequately .

SOURCE? Source:Primary data collected by the interview of HR department head
Talented people are at the heart of Deepak Nursing Home hospital and they have a vital role to play. Deepak Nursing Home’s recruitment strategy processes and procedures are paramount to provide excellent patient care.
They seek to recruit the highest quality candidates who possess the essential skills and attributes to their current and future business needs.
• A person looking forward to work in this hospital has to submit an application and receives an email confirming receipt.
• A recruitment team member will review the information provided in the application and sees to that if the skills, abilities and experience match with the requirements for the position.
• The recruitment team member will then share the recommendations with the hiring manager to review and consider.
Based on the review, the recruitment team member will contact the candidate for the pre-screen interview. BOLD ALL THE SIDE HEADINGS
? Pre-screening process
A telephone interview takes place for about 20 to 30 minutes which will be conducted by the recruitment advisors. In this conversation, the candidate provides Deepak Nursing Home hospital with the information about his skills, abilities and experience that align with the position. Through this process, the interviewer filters those candidates who are felt to possess the best qualifications, skills and responses for the position being filled.

? Testing
As part of the qualifying process, for some positions testing component may be required associated with the position. This will be conducted team by the recruitment.

? Scheduling in-person interviews
The recruitment group will use the notes taken all through the pre-screening interviews to compare applicants’ ability, abilities and enjoy with the position. In addition, responses to the pre-screening questions will deliver an indication of the candidate’s enthusiasm for the location. The assessment process after pre-screening interviews will create a list of candidates appropriate for a face-to-face interview. This list is based totally on a short list of candidates who are felt to be best qualified for the placement.

? The interview process
The recruitment team will provide the candidate with all the necessary information such as if the interview will be on site, or a telephone interview or on skype, when is it going be held and what time so on. All these information will be given to the candidate in advance. This interview takes place for 30 to 90 minutes.

? On-site interviews
For interviews at Deepak nursing domestic, a map with directions could be furnished in advance, attention to be paid to the date, time, and vicinity of the interview within the instructions. The candidate has to make sure that he arrives on time for the interview. Deepak Nursing Home is scent-loose surroundings. Any scented products which include hairspray, fragrance, or frame lotion to be evaded from using.

? Telephone interviews
If he candidate have been scheduled for a cell phone interview, recruitment crew will offer him with the date and time of the interview. A land line is preferred for a Smartphone interview so cell phone has to be avoided if possible. It should be made sure he is in a quiet area with none outdoor distractions.

? Skype interviews
If the candidate has been scheduled for a skype interview, recruitment team will provide him with the date and time of the interview. The candidate must ensure the skype ID is been provided in advance. On the date of the interview, he must ensure that there is a strong internet connection and the room is well-lit and free from any disturbances.

? Selection
All candidates who conduct an in-individual, cell phone or Skype interview can be contacted by way of a member of the recruitment group with the outcomes and final results. If the candidate has been to be decided on as a successful candidate, he will be given the position, subject to satisfactory references. if the candidate is unsuccessful, the recruitment group member will offer some explanation of the choice. In situations like this, the maximum not unusual purpose is because every other candidate had a higher match with the position being crammed.

? Offer of employment
If the candidate is successful, a recruitment team member will contact him with an offer of employment at Deepak Nursing Home. After the discussion of the details of the offer with the recruitment advisor, a formal offer letter will be given to review and accept. The offer letter will have the details concerning benefits and personal information to complete and think about. If the candidate has any questions to ask regarding the job, recruitment team will clarify all the doubts of the candidate.

? Reference checks
The recruitment advisor will provide the successful candidate with a reference release form in which the successful candidate provides the names of two to three previous or current supervisory references and their contact information, as well as the signature which gives Deepak Nursing Home permission to contact those individuals. The offer of employment is subject to successful reference checks.
Finally once all the processes are successfully carried on, along with the offer letter and new hiring package, the member of the recruitment team will work with the successful candidate to arrange the pre-placement action items to ensure the successful candidate starts it right on his first day.
Employee benefits
? Paid time off
Paid Time off is earned and may be taken as it is gathered after satisfactorily completing the Introductory Period of employment (90 days).
Benefited positions accrue depart time, primarily based on the hours laboured each pay length. The accrual proven here is primarily based on 80 hours of laboured time according to pay period.
PTO days: ???
1st year: 26 days
2 to 5 years: 31 days
6 to 9 years: 37 days
10 years or more: 43 days

? Other leave
Seven supplementary days are accrued each year for Sick Time (one day of PTO must be used first). This is designed to recompense employees for personal illness or disability. Employees are eligible to receive pay for other types of leave, including Family Medical Leave, grief Leave, Jury (Court) Duty, Family emergency Leave, Personal Leave, and Pregnancy Related Leave.

? Health insurance
Health insurance is provided to all benefited employees.

? Competitive wages
Deepak Nursing Home pay ranges are comparable to the pay received by similarly situated employees in similar healthcare organizations. Compensation for every position is determined by several factors, including job analysis and evaluation, the essential functions, duties and responsibilities of the job, and salary survey data on pay practices of other employers.

Deepak Nursing Home has around 40 employees including doctors and staff. All of these employees are recruited based on their educational and eligibility criteria .The organization structure at Deepak Nursing Home is as below:

• It helps in viably overseeing and using individuals .
• They set execution evaluation norms and furthermore give remuneration to capabilities in a doctor’s facility.
• He contracts and terminates representatives in the healing center(hospital).
• They appreciate talking about issues relating about personal health and welfare of workers.
• The chief Hr manager develops the skill sets of employees and train them to require the fulfilments of Deepak Nursing Home .
• The manager helps the employees to improve their relation with the patients to strengthen is name in the society .
• The manager also gives advices to the administration as to how they can improve the performance of the hospital by comparing itself with the highest ranking hospitals to ensure that they would reach their level in the upcoming days .

These executives are not called on a 24 hour basis .The executives assist the HR manager as and when required . For example : at Deepak hospital once in every three years the hospital calls for job openings . During this time , the hospital believes that it is the peak time when executives help is required to assist in matters relating to the hospital .

Both of these organizational members play a very important role in upbringing the hospital .


Human resource planning and management becomes more important for big hospitals like Deepak Nursing Home to integrate itself with business planning , which will increase the usefulness of the planning process . Reporting on performance will serve to educate future plans and highlight areas requiring attention .Periodic reporting will allow course corrections on a timely basis where warranted . Deepak Nursing Home also feels that human resource planning should be a function at all levels of the organization .


Any normal assignments that need to do with funds are managed by the financial administration division. This would incorporate such things as keeping uses inside spending plan, arranging contracts with providers and tradesmen, making sure that cash is accessible to meet costs which would incorporate finance and keeping aside a possibility support for each one of those easily overlooked details that manifest and should be paid. Financial administration is additionally associated with arranging the financial plan close by the top managerial staff so all vital hardware, supplies and work force can be acquired to keep tasks running easily. It is an immense obligation regarding any huge office.
Meaning of finance
Finance is one of the major elements , which activates the overall growth of the economy . The part of the organization that manages money and other matters which involves money . Like every business , there will be a head of the finance department usually known as the finance manager who will be in charge of the inflows and outflows of the funds in the organization .
Meaning of financial management
Financial management is the continuous process of arranging assets to run the organization , estimation of total budget for the year and maintaining sufficient working capital to meet the day to day expenses .

Before looking at the organization structure let us understand what are the differences between financer and accountant in regard to a hospital .

This branch is only concerned in allocating resources to run a hospital. It refers to systematically recording every business transactions to determine financial position of the hospital.
Finance is not a part of accounting ie. An accountant cannot look into the sources of funds required for a hospital. Accounting is a part of finance.
Here , the financer takes the report prepared by an accountant to take decisions about the hospital. Here , the accountant delivers the required financial information

The organization structure of finance department at Deepak Nursing Home is as below :

The above organization structure consists of finance head i.e. Dr. Shalini Shankar and the accountant by name Ms.Saraswathi . These two have helped the hospital to maintain a good financial position which has helped the hospital to earn a reputed name in the society . Any organization to be recognized publicly it has to have a good earning capacity and this is achieved if the objectives of the hospital is followed .
At Deepak Nursing Home the cost incurred by the respective departments are put under those heads while preparing the reports . The cost of department wise information is recorded for example, the costs relating to finance department can be those of :
– Accounts receivable
– Payroll
– Dietetics
– Security charges
– Bank charges
– Auditing fees etc

Such other costs are incurred and is paid by the finance head , Dr.Shalini Shankar . Apart from this , she has various roles and responsibilities which are as below :
• Ensuring that all the daily transactions related to Deepak Nursing Home is being made properly recorded .
• Signing the cheques for payments towards the suppliers of laboratory equipment , machines and systems etc .
• Since the hospital is looking forward to increase the bed capacity the finance head helps in estimation of the funds for the expansion .
• Managing the bank account of the hospital with the records maintained by the accountant .
• Review of financial reports, as well as compliance with tax and legal regulations as they relate to finance and accounting.
• She also helps in developing long- and short-term objectives to carry an organization through each accounting cycle in alignment with established policies and strategic plans.

The accountant also plays an important role at Deepak Nursing Home . Though the accountant works along with the finance head the work of Ms.Saraswathi will is quite different than that of Dr.Shalini Shankar .
As a matter of fact , an accountant has a major role in the preparation of financial statements which has to be prepared with lot of expertise . Therefore , the financial head in consultation with the HR manager has appointed the accountant at this hospital .

The following are some of the major roles performed by the accountant at the hospital :
• Balancing persistent records and taking instalments for administrations rendered,
• Investigating bills and claims for precise data,
• Entering information into the organization’s database,
• Dealing with approaching and active email and physical mail,
• Keeping up and ensuring worker payrolls,
• Keeping up all staff and patient records in the organization’s database,
• Getting ready charging reports and different archives to give to state or government organizations as required,
• Distinguishing and settling issues and errors in date sections, and
• Widely associating with patients, doctors, approach agents, and other individuals as important to gather instalments.


As the hospital has made an effort of recognizing itself in the eyes of the society with its best service quality given to the patients , in the same way the hospital also has to grow rich and create more wealth to achieve bigger name . This can done only if the costs are minimized and are used effectively , also making optimum utilization of other resources .



A marketing branch promotes your enterprise and drives sales of its services or products. It affords the necessary research to pick out your target clients and other audiences. Depending at the agency’s hierarchical employer, a advertising director, supervisor or vice chairman of marketing might be at the helm. In some agencies, a vice president of income and marketing oversees both the advertising and sales departments with a sturdy supervisor main every branch. It’s essential to hold a robust advertising branch intact regardless of the economic system so that you stay visible and hold sales strong.

The critical elements of a hospital marketing plan are:
• Target marketing
• Competition analysis
• SWOT analysis
• Smart goals
• Strategies and tactics
• Marketing budgets
• Marketing system

Why does a hospital need marketing department?
• Hospital marketing is a way of advertising which provide far above the ground quality medical care to the consumer or society while fulfilling patient and families needs.
• From the hospital viewpoint, through study of the target market, hospitals can understand the future needs of consumers and create good management strategy for higher prosperity.
• From the customers’ point of view, it provides readily available and vital information to consumers so as to avoid doctor shopping which may delay treatment, worse medical condition and increase medical expenditure.
• The changing landscape of healthcare reform has also changed marketing strategy of hospitals which has necessitated a whole new department called marketing department in the institution.
• The national government is changing the way it holds medical facilities responsible when it comes to patient care, as well as how it pays the institution for the continued care. This requires a good marketing plan in order to provide patients the best service which will be possible by having a marketing department.
• Marketing is also excessively becoming concerned in patient interactions and processes to help get better the patient experience and bring a non-clinical viewpoint to patient care and services.

Marketing department at Deepak Nursing Home

Dr. Shankar is a founder of the hospital who is also a head of all the departments. As a head of marketing department he approves the plans and day to day activities submitted by the marketing manager Mr.Ganesh Garg.
Mr.Garg determines the marketability of a new service and looks for new markets and constantly brainstorms ideas to expand the market or reach targeted number of patients.
Mr. Satish co-ordinates and follows up the activities planned by Mr. Garg and sees to that the objective of the plans are met.
Deepak Nursing Home advertises its services by the following ways:
• Word of mouth marketing
Word of mouth is a free advertising triggered by customer experience and something that goes beyond what is expected.
One of the way by which their services get marketed is word of mouth, Dr. Shankar has a good reputation in providing his services sincerely and at affordable prices through which he has earned an increasing number of patients.
• Distribution of pamphlets
Deepak Nursing Home distributes its pamphlets which tell about the services and facilities available in the hospital. They distribute within 30 km radius in and around its located area. This is one of their ways of advertising and they believe that this method fetches up to 20% of its patients. Distribution is done every 3 weeks once to attract maximum customers.
• Collaboration with other doctors
Doctors at Deepak Nursing Home arrange to collaborate with other doctors across the state. This helps them in making their hospital known to various other doctors of likeminded, who also give ideas on advertising their hospital services which aids in innovation of the services of the hospital; this in turn attracts new patients. Thus this is considered another way of marketing their service.
• Free camps
Another method of marketing of Deepak Nursing Home’s services is putting up of campaigns for free checkups, this way people are introduced to the hospital and at the same time they also educate people about the services they provide and that how their service is different from the other local hospitals. Campaigning is done once in a year.
Free camps are put up across Bangalore city limits which helps in attracting large number of customers.
• Visits to schools and other institutions
Doctors at Deepak Nursing Home visit various schools across the city and other institutions like colleges; factories etc in order provide their services at minimum price. This helps people in getting to know about Deepak Nursing Home and their facilities. Thus popularizing the hospital in and outside the location of the hospital .


To conclude even though , Deepak Nursing Home is not mainly into advertising as they feel that the customers should be fetched by the service quality provided and not by the marketing they have done . However , this hospital is trying to use a unique strategy to stand out among its competitors in the foreseen future .



It is a strategic planning technique usually undertaken by the companies . It is an organized arranging strategy used to assess the Strengths ,Weaknesses , Opportunities and Challenges associated with an undertaking or in a business wander . A SWOC examination can be done for an item , put , industry or a man . It includes determining the target of the business wander or a project and recognizing the inward and outer elements that are positive and horrible to accomplish that goal .

SWOC analysis includes internal and external factors . Internal factors include the strengths and the weaknesses (internally associated with the organization ) . The external factors include opportunities and challenges presented by the environment external to the organization .

Source : primary data which was created

This is a modern tool for identifying the improvement areas for every organization . It not only helps them to compare with the other organizations but at the same time it sets high standards which is important for any organization to grow and to itself being globally exposed .


• Good location : In and around 10 kms there are no other hospitals which creates a heavy demand for Deepak Nursing Home .

• Qualified doctors : Any patient would visit the same doctor or the hospital if the cure takes place in a short period of time .The reason behind this is that the doctors and staff are highly qualified and professional .

• Strong network : The doctors and the staff members not only have good contacts with the patients but also with the internationally popular doctors which is a big step to make the hospital also very popular .

• Incentives : The staff and other employees are benefitted with various incentives and health insurances . the female workers would get some part of money

• Free check – ups : The hospital provides for free health check –ups once a year or sometimes once in every six months to attract patients. This is a marketing strategy where the patients are also benefitted with free health check ups and the hospital also gets patients in time .

• Discounts : Deepak Nursing Home has a pharmacy inside the hospital . The pharmacy works on this special criteria – one is that if the patient buys the medicine for 10 consecutive times they get discount upto 50 percent on the next bill . The patients name is registered with their phone numbers .

• Health and hygiene : As every hospital takes several measures to keep the hospital hygiene they fail . But Deepak Nursing Home has adopted modern technologies in keeping its hospital clean and has appointed cleaners for each floor .

• Testing laboratories : even though few hospitals are huge they prefer to conduct all the testing’s to be done outside the hospital if they are collaborated with others but Deepak Nursing Home has its own testing labs which eases the work of patients as well as the doctors to get the immediate reports .


• As already mentioned in the above chapter , there are job openings only once in every 3 years which can be affected in two ways : First is that new talents can only be brought in the hospital once in every 3 years and the second way is that when there are cases of emergency and they have to recruit doctors or other staff members the hospital will have to entirely revamp their recruitment and selection process. HOW DOES IT AFFECT THE EMPLOYEE STRENGTH ELABOARATE
• The big hospitals are competitive for Deepak Nursing Home in terms of their marketing strategies(there are no effective strategies) .
• There are no other branches of this hospital because of which they lose the new customers
• No proper marketing tools are undertaken to popularize the hospital .
• When there is a situation of communicable diseases passing on each individual there is a room for higher demand than usual days and in such situations limited numbers of beds acts a weakness of the organization where it fails to accommodate or serve higher than its capacity .( This once happened where there was dengue spreading drastically few years back .

• As there are involvement of global doctors the hospital is exposed to the global world in a way that the Indian doctors can take few suggestions as to how to overcome and take preventive steps . They also can be taught the use of modern euipments such as stunts for heart patients etc .
• The pharmacy was the latest addition due to which there is prediction in the increase of profit of the company .

• All employees have a freedom of expressing their ideas and have opportunity of getting promoted . for eg : Dr. Govind who is the service department head was initially not any departmental head . As and when he tried to bring the best quality in his service the hospital administration started taking ideas from him and today he is the service department head . HOW DOES THIS HELP WRITE THAT ALSO

• Retaining the potential customers can be their best opportunity to stay in the market despite of its heavy competition .

• As this hospital has a good location where in and around 10kms there are no big hospitals customer demand can be easily created.

• To increase the efficient working of hospital members by adopting to latest technologies . The use of modern equipment like bio-chemistry analyser which is used to measure various components, such as sugar, cholesterol, protein, enzyme, etc and the very recent cataract surgery which is done without using any injection , any stitches and without any patches . WHICH LATEST TECHNOLOGY MENTION

• Shared savings and significant incentive potential for physicians .

• Reduction in cost and improved quality standards can attract more customers.

• Community benefits as a result of better co-ordination of care .


• Ensuring adherence and accountability is very challenging with the qualified staff these days .

• Every competitor comes up with new strategies to sustain in the market while big competitors are there which is a common most challenge which every hospital like Deepak Nursing Home faces .

• Price wars with the competitors .

• Adoption of new policies by government such as tax policy ( GST).By paying proper taxes to the government the hospital is adhering to the rules and regulations , when such rules and regulations are followed the hospital can maintain proper record of the cash inflows and outflows by which fair profit of the hospital can be determined . HOW DOES THIS AFFECT THE HOSPITAL

• The hospital is exposed to many other threats like strikes etc due to the economic changes in the economy .

• High cost of importing latest technologies and also other utility facilities like power , transportation etc.


This analysis is often made to improve the performance of any organization and mainly to know where that organization stands among its competitors . The users of the SWOC analysis need to ask and answer questions that generate meaningful information for each category ( strengths, weaknesses , opportunities and threats ) to make the analysis useful and find their competitive advantage .

It is also found out that when a organization knows its competitors and what are the oppurtunities they have , that is when the organization can grow and expand . Today , almost all the businesses use SWOC analysis to find out where they stand and what they have to improve in the near future .


• Emergency department operates on 24 hour camera surveillance with doctors and nurses.
• The emergency department at Deepak Nursing Home includes trauma centre as well which serves people suffering from motor vehicle accidents, falls , discharge wounds which can be broadly classified into a group known as traumatic injuries .
• The medicine department represent one-fourth or a greater amount of the revenue generated from the hospital.
• The medicine department includes pharmacy and general physicians as the main component.
• There are specialized laboratories to carry out tests such as blood tests, urine tests , diabetic check etc .
• Paediatric gynaecology is something which is not available everywhere whereas the service is available at Deepak Nursing Home. The doctors of ophthalmology are Dr. Sachin, Dr.somalingesh and Dr. Shalini, it was found that these doctors also carry out a lot of administrative work which hinders in paying more attention to carry on the specialized job.
• The paediatric service provided by the hospital is at its best, they have many nurses particularly for this department who help the doctors generously in carrying out their treatments.
• Dermatology department offers a lot of treatments, but there is shortage of few types of equipment which they outsource to other hospitals when the particular equipment isn’t found for a particular treatment.

• The administrative work can be decentralized by appointing new staff for the same purpose so that it helps the doctors in performing their specialized work more efficiently.
• Paediatric services could be more efficient by equipping the department with latest devices for children exclusively.
• As there is a shortage of various equipment in the dermatology department, the services and treatments could be more efficient and cost effective if the equipments are made available in-house.

• 3/4TH of the employees are skilled .
• The company believes that the employees are their biggest asset .
• The hospital provides insurance for all the employees .
• The hospital also provides safety for the female workers who work during night shifts .
• The work environment is very such that every person in the hospital feels like their home .
• Seven supplementary days are accrued each year for Sick Time.

• The hospital can include any of the experienced doctors in the management team as and when necessary to improve the performance of the hospital.
• Working hours of the employees can be reduced with introduction of two or more shifts .
• As there are women workers and there are affected by their family commitments, men workers can replace them during the night shifts .
• Opening of another branch of this hospital can be done to treat patients who are in outskirts .



• The company has a good liquidity position as per the information provided by the finance department head.
• The company carries auditing and physical verification of assets once in a year.
• The salary and wages of the employees are fixed other than the doctors.
• The whole building is covered under fire insurance also, there is insurance being covered for the medicines which are available inside Deepak Nursing Home.
• Some of the charges incurred in the hospital are as follows :
? Accounts receivable
? Payroll
? Dietetics
? Security charges
? Bank charges
? Auditing fees etc.
• Every year there is comparison done in the performance of the hospital in terms of monetary values and decisions are made based on the reports to improve the performance and efficiency.


• Cost minimizations should be done wherever there are excess costs incurred.
• Making list of alternatives should be done to avoid the high cost of a product at the time of high demand for that product.
• The hospital can form a sound financial plan to gain more market share in the society .
• Another person who is well specialised in finance sector can be appointed at the hospital to ease the work and to provide with latest updates relating to the finance sector of a hospital .


• Dr. Shankar is the head of marketing department, who makes all the important decisions relating to marketing of the hospital, marketing manager Ganesh Garag co-ordinates the activities of the department with dr. Shankar
• The marketing of the hospital is not very strong as their marketing plan is limited only to pamphlets.
• Their main target customers are the people located in the area around their hospital.
• They have a very low profile advertising plan.

• Dr. Shankar who is the head of the entire hospital can decentralize marketing decisions to the staff in the marketing department and focus more on his specialized job this helps in better improvisation of the whole institution.
• The marketing plan of the organization can be changed to broader terms and expand the plan from pamphlets to other latest ways of marketing.
• They can have their online website and advertise their services on social websites like facebook, instagram etc in order to expand their customers.
• Instead of targeting only on the local customers mainly, they can also prioritize targeting on the other locations in Bangalore, this way not only will the customers expand but also their range of services and the whole hospital.
• They can adopt rigorous advertising plans as the range of services they are providing can be catered to various kinds of diseases and also to wide number of people.


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