CHAP. his work.This is the easiest way to

CHAP. 3: INPUT AND OUTPUTQuestion 1Adam works as a graphic designer in Les’ Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. He portrays Upin ; Ipin’s characters on the computer; illustrate graphics for magazines, t-shirts, commercial products such as greeting cards and commercial displays. Answer the following questions based on Adam’s needs for his job. Discuss FIVE (5) suggestions for any input and output devices.For a graphic designer like Adam,devices are important for him whether it is input or output.there is some suggestions for devices that will help him ease his work:1.

Graphics TabletA graphics tablet is also known as a drawing tablet or a digitalizer. It is an input device and allows users such as graphic designers to draw an image freehandedly and convert it into a digital image. The mouse is a very inaccurate device when drawing an image free handed on screen. The graphics tablet however is a lot more accurate when drawing images on screen and you can even trace over photos on paper to make the image on screen look more realistic and artistic.This will help Adam to illustrate graphics for his work.This is the easiest way to draw and he will not face any trouble with the drawing tools.He also will not waste paper just for drawing.

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MONITOR Adam will need a monitor because it is also an important piece of hardware that is used in a computer system to create and manipulate digital graphics. The monitor is important as it outputs the software interface onto the screen allowing the user to view the image that they are creating and it allows them to edit the image as they can interact with the software. Dual monitors are very useful in the digital graphics field as the desktop can display more surface area allowing them to have multiple images or programs open on screen at a time.PRINTER762031750A printer is an output device that converts an electronic document onto printing paper, photo paper, transparent film, etc. The main modern types of printers are toner based printers, liquid ink jet printers, solid ink printers, inkless printers and dye sublimination printers. Once Adam has finished editing his image, he can print it out onto high resolution paper. This means that he can transfer the digital image to a photographic output. Most graphic designers use high quality printers.

The higher the quality of printer that they use means the better quality the image will look.MOUSE-3048069850A mouse is an input device. The mouse is controlled by the movement of your hand. It will sense two dimensional motions. This motion will move the pointer in the direction you move the mouse.

The mouse usually has two buttons (the left click and the right click button) and a scroll wheel. However it is not uncommon to see a mouse with more features than this. The mouse is a very useful piece of hardware to create and manipulate digital graphics. It is an essential tool. The mouse will allow the user to control the software by giving the user control.

The mouse will allow Adam to use tools such as crop or the brush tool to manipulate the image in the way he wants.SCANNER-7620144780A digital scanner is a device that will optically scan text, handwriting or an object and convert it into a digital image. A modern scanner will typically use a charged coupled device which is also known as a CDD. Older drum scanners use a photomultiplier tube as an image sensor. A scanner is a useful piece of hardware in relation to creating and manipulating digital graphics because it allows the graphic designer to copy images of paper and convert it into a digital image that the graphic designer can then edit. Digital scanners can scan in different modes such as different colour schemes. The resolution of the scanner can impact how the image appears on screen. The higher the resolution the better the quality the image will appear on screen.

Scanner will help Adam to create a better look commercial product such as greeting cards and magazines.Create an illustration to display at FIVE input and output devices needed for a university student. You starts with a diagram of a desktop computer and uses the features of the ms-Word to incorporate any explanation of the functions of the input and output devices. Highlight any TWO tasks to be completed with the input and output devices.3514725170815keyboardkeyboard1691640457203645535278130986155169291015474951974850269049521939253093720181419537642803505201094105115570 -10922020320monitormonitor478790280035-3276602806703464560258445smartphonesmartphone29521151479554290695143510mousemouse57785062865printerprinterPrinter :A printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper, usually to standard size sheets of paperMonitor:The monitor is the most important output devices that displays information in pictorial forms.

A monitor usually comprises the display devices, circuitry, casing and power supply.Mouse: hand-held  HYPERLINK ;; o ;Pointing device; pointing device that detects  HYPERLINK ;https://en.wikipedia.

org/wiki/Two-dimensional_space; o ;Two-dimensional space; two-dimensional motion relative to a surface. This motion is typically translated into the motion of a  HYPERLINK ;https://en.wikipedia.

org/wiki/Pointer_(user_interface); o ;Pointer (user interface); pointer on a  HYPERLINK ;; o ;Computer monitor; display, which allows a smooth control of the  HYPERLINK ;https://en.wikipedia.

org/wiki/Graphical_user_interface; o ;Graphical user interface; graphical user interfaceKeyboard : Keyboard is used as a  HYPERLINK ;; o ;Text entry interface; text entry interface for typing text and numbers into a  HYPERLINK ;; o ;Word processor; word processor,  HYPERLINK ;; o ;Text editor; text editor or any other program.Smartphone :A smartphone is a mobile or cellular phone that runs off a mobile operating system (OS) and functions like a  HYPERLINK ;https://www.; ;; mini computer?. Smartphones also function as portable media players, digital cameras, video cameras and GPS navigational devices.

Task That Can Be Completed By Student University:Assignment : Student can use printer to print their assignments and notes.Keyboard is used to type word in the their assignments.Monitor is used to see the illustrated graphic of student’s presentation.Mouse is used during the the time their assignment or report is conducted.Communication : Smartphone acts as a substitute for laptops in outdoors as laptops have limited battery life compared to smartphones.It can help us to communicate with lecture and friends to ease our work. Learning : combination of monitor,keyboard and mouse can help us to learn.We can access from internet and answer it in our dekstop.Smartphone also another way to study other than in the class.We can access a lot of information in our fingertip.


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