Changing as you would have to change

Changing the way you communicate with different audiences happen everyday.

Talking to a group of young children compared to a group of adults would be different as you would have to change your vocabulary and the tone and pace of the information you are giving. In the workplace you would speak differently to a new apprentice as they have no knowledge of the job and will need to be told the information in an appropriate way, compared to someone who has been in the for 25 years or more. To communicate effectively to different audiences is crucial and is used in every job.

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If someone is hard of hearing then you may need to speak loudly and clearly, this way they can understand the information and not get confused. It may also be useful to produce leaflets or posters which can be placed around the workplace to help those who are new and won’t get lost. Talking formally and informally is also important. You may be friends with your colleagues in work and can talk to them in a informal manner. This is different to being in court in front of a judge as this happens a lot in my workplace.

You need to ensure that you speak to them with respect and clearly give them the information they require. Another way to communicate is in a written format. When you are in meetings it is easier to have a powerpoint or notes which can hold the information for you while you speak. This way the audience can make notes and take time to understand the information.

Again, written information can help those who may have a disability and can not understand the information in a verbal way. Explain the importance of using the following correctly in business communicationsGrammerThe aim of using grammar in your work ensure that the sentences you are saying/writing makes sense. Using grammar incorrectly can make the information you are saying misunderstood and can be taken the wrong way.

Ensuring that you have used it correctly you can read it out loud therefore you can hear how it would be read. It enhances accuracy within business communications and all information should be correct if you use the correct grammar. Sentence structure It is important to vary your sentence structure as this can create effect in your writing.

Having the same length of sentences can make your information boring and people can just read through it without taking notice. By using different lengths will keep the reader interested and understand the information.PunctuationThe misuse of punctuation can change the whole meaning to a sentence.

Not using a question mark can make it seem like you aren’t asking a question which may lead to not getting an answer. An explanation mark can make it seem like you are shouting or angry about a situation, when you are actually using it out of context. Without full stops or commas, the sentence would not make sense as you are not breaking up the information or giving the reader time to breath. It is useful to understand the use of punctuation within business communications as this will ensure that all information which is being brought forward is correct and everyone understands it.SpellingThis is important as spelling a word wrong can confuse the audience and they may not understand the information they have been given.

It is useful to use words which you are comfortable with and can spell. If you aren’t then it would be useful to ask for help or use spell check. This way all information can be read clearly and effectively.

Spelling a word wrong can also lead to consequences as it may be in a sentence which is important, but if it is spelt wrong then no action would be taken. This leading to consequences for you and the business. ConventionsConventions ensure that the writing is easier to understand and make them feel comfortable. It means that the reader can fluently read the information without having to think and figure out what is being said. Having correct grammar, spelling and punctuation is important in a business environment as it shows professionalism. The use of conventions have to be adjusted depending on the audience and the reason you are communicating with them. Explain the importance of using appropriate body language and tone of voice when communicating verballyIt is important when you are talking to someone that you should think about not only your choice of words, but your body language and tone of voice. When you are talking to someone you should come across as approachable and you are interested in what they are saying.

Eye contact is paramount when you are talking to someone as it shows that you are listening to them and are acknowledging what they are saying. If you are looking away or doing something else then this can come across as you are not interested and the individual may stop talking to you. Also if you have your arms closed this can seem like you are angry and people may not want to approach you with a problem. The tone of voice is also important as this can show how you are feeling and you can emphasise words for effect. Speaking loudly may come across as you being aggressive which may scare some people or cause conflict. Some may feel intimidated by you and may wish to not work with you or make a complaint.

However, if you are a quiet talker then you may come across as shy and people may feel comfortable trying to speak to you. It is also useful to have a clear and cheerful tone as this will ensure that the information you are giving is correct and others feel comfortable being around you.


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