The back the foreign ideas and ideologies.

The 1911 Revolution was an epochal event in Chinese history. It brought an end to more than two thousand years of imperial dynasties and the monopolistic Manchu's rule. A republic was set up in China under the leadership of Yuan Shikai. It also marked China's separation from the past.

The Chinese began to turn away from the Confucianism and became more exposed to western influence. The creation of a western-style republic speeded up and extended westernization and modernization in all areas of Chinese city life and culture. Thousands of young people went abroad to study and brought back the foreign ideas and ideologies. Because of the writings of the intellectuals and the establishment of schools and universities, Chinese literacy increased. Also, China international status had increased after 1911. It seemed that China had changed a lot after 1911.

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However, many things still the same as before 1911. According to Immanuel Hsu,' the founding of the republic had not brought peace, order, and unity. Instead, the early republican years were characterized by moral degradation, monarchist movement, warlordism, and intensified foreign imperialism.' The republic set in 1911 was just only in name. Yuan controlled most of the power and tried to change it back to dictatorial rule.

The instability of the republic also provided a chance for the rise of the military leaders and caused political decentralization. The warlords usually ruled like a dictator and exploited the people. People's livelihood didn't improve after the 1911 Revolution. Moreover, foreign imperialism was not removed.

And Japanese Imperialism even intensified in the warlord period. Therefore, China was not fundamentally changed in the decade after 1911 Revolution.After 1911 Revolution, a republic was set up in China.

This put to an en to more than two thousand years' dynastic cycle. China was no longer belonged to any'Mandate of …

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