Change or any change can be very hectic

Change and Processes ImplementationIntroductionOn reflecting upon my entire career life, in have spent it in a slow moving and static industry. Sometimes, the industry is marked by legacy processes that relates to business and systems. Since validity and accuracy is significant and so crucial to not only customers but also other end users, implementing new processes or any change can be very hectic and to some extent, it may not happen as quickly enough to keep pace in the market .

Regardless of how minor the change or process is, the industry is extremely jeopardy averse. Furthermore, some companies have employees with great contracts of permanency, with their current employers being the only one of their mature employed lives.As a leader, I have frequently heard stereotyped expressions of which they are like someone running their fingernails down a whiteboard.

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These clichés include “we do this way because it has always been done this way” and “if it is not broke, do not fix it.” It is true at various stages of my carrier I have been constantly braved and will continue to brave that organization as to me clichés are nothing but fear for change and the unknown. If employers and employees could do some brainstorming and planning properly, change can be significant and will be for the better, however, everyone has to be an agent of change, an active participant, and give in to diverse consequences. I will not be silent, I have called and I will always continue to call for risk taking as simply a reward for transactions in any industry. Change is inevitable.

Leadership CapabilitiesLeadership styles are of different range and can be adopted differently in an organization to achieve the set objectives and goals. Each of these styles are suited for a given situation and has disadvantages that prevents them from being the best style of leading all situation. These differing styles can be identified especially in large organizations with long chains of commands.


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