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Ch-6 (Staffing)Case Studies and application based questions The workers of ‘Vyam Ltd.

‘, are unable to work on new & hi-tech machines imported by the company to fulfill the increased demand. Therefore, the workers are seeking extra guidance from the supervisor. The supervisor is over burdened with the frequent calls of the workers. Suggest how the supervisor, by increasing the skills & knowledge of workers, can make them handle their work independently? Also state any three benefits that the workers will derive by the decision of the supervisor. Zenith Ltd. is a highly reputed company and many people wanted to join this company. The employees of this organization are very happy & they discussed how they came in contact with this organization.

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Aman said that he was introduced by his present Sales Manager, Mr. John. Benu said that he had applied through the newspaper and was appointed as H.R. manager. Vaibhav said that he was neither related to any of the employees of the organization nor there was any advertisement in the newspaper. Even then he was directly called from IIM Ahmedabad from where he was about to complete his MBA.

The above discussion is indicating an important function of management. Name the function of management. The management function identified in (i) above follows a particular process.State.Identify the source of the process identified in (ii) above Identify the value highlighted by Aman, Venu,&Vaibhav about Zenith Ltd. Nishant the director of a garment company, is planning to manufacture bags for the utilization of waste material from one of his garment units. He has decided that this manufacturing unit will be set up in a rural area of Orissa where people have very few job opportunities and labour is available at very low rates. He had also thought of giving equal opportunities to men & women.

For this he wants four different heads for sales, Accounts, Purchase and Production. He gives an advertisement and shortlists ten candidates per post after conducting different selection tests.Identify & state the next three steps for choosing the best candidate out of the candidates short listed.Identify two values which Nishant wants to communicate to the society by setting up the manufacturing unit. Satnam Ltd. are the manufactures of ‘Gents Designer Suits’ with their own trade mark.

During the year 2013-14 the company employed 30 senior technicians to work on machines imported from America for manufacturing ‘Gents Designer Suits’. The technicians were employed on probation of one year. They were put on their respective jobs after one 7 month’s on the job training. Because of the faulty selection process, the technicians could not perform well. Ten of them left the job on their own and 12 had to be removed by the company during the probation period. Now the company is in the process of selecting new technicians.

Advice the company about any three types of selection tests, describing each in about 20 words, that may be used for selecting the desired technicians. 3 CBSE,OD COMPTT. 2016Ms. Neelam recently completed her post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management.

A few months from now a large steel manufacturing company appointed her as its Human Resource Manager. As of now, the company employs 800 persons ; has an expansion plan in hand which may require another 200 persons for various types of additional requirements. Ms.

Neelam has been given complete charge of the company’s Human Resource Department. What functions is she supposed to perform. Ashish, the Marketing Head, Raman, the Assistant Manager and Jyoti, the Human Resource Manager or ‘Senor Enterprises Ltd.’ decided to leave the company. The Chief Executive Officer of the company called Jyoti the Human Resource Manager and requested her to fill up the vacancies before leaving the organisation. Informing that her subordinate Miss AlkaPandit was very competent and trustworthy, Jyoti suggested that if she could be moved up in the hierarchy, she would do the needful. The Chief Executive Officer agreed for the same.

Miss AlkaPandit contacted ‘Keith Recruiters’ who advertised for the post of marketing head for ‘Senor Enterprises Ltd.’ they were able to recruit a suitable candidate for the company. Raman’s vacancy was filled up by screening the database of unsolicited applications lying in the office. (a) Name the internal / external sources of recruitment used by ‘Senor Enterprises Ltd.’ to fill up the above stated vacancies of Jyoti , Ashish and Raman .

(b) Also state any one merit of each of the above identified source of recruitment. Resolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a publishing company. Its book on Business Studies for class XII is in great demand. As a result, the employees in the marketing department are always racing against time. Theemployees have to work overtime and on holidays to cater to the demand.

Managers in the marketing department are under stress as they have to handle more than two territories. The work stress has led to dissatisfaction among the employees and managers.a) Name and explain the step of staffing process which has not been performed properly.b) State the next two stages immediately following the step identified in part a.A company was manufacturing ‘LED bulbs’ which were in great demand. It was found that thetarget of producing 300 bulbs a day was not met by the employees. On analysis, it was foundthat the workers were not a fault.

Due to electricity failure and shortage of workers, the companywas not able to achieve the set targets and alternative arrangements were needed.To meet the increased demand, the company assessed that approximately 88 additional workerswere required out of which 8 would work as heads of different departments and 10 would workas subordinates under each head. The required qualifications and job specifications were alsoenlisted. It was also decided that necessary relaxation should be given to encourage women, persons from backward and rural areas and persons with special abilities to assume responsible positions in the organisation. All efforts were made to match the ability of the applicants withthe nature of work.(a) Identify the concept of one of the function of management identified when company assessed that approximately 88 additional workers were required out of which 8 would work as heads of different departments and 10 would work as subordinates under each head.(b) Identify the step in the process that function which covers the concept identified in part (a)(c) Explain next three steps.

9. Mohit Gupta is working with ‘Yellow Security Services Ltd.’ He is also recruiting security guards for the company. The company provides security services in Delhi and Noida at short notice to various companies. The guards are recruited on temporary basis.

The guards provided by this company are known for their honesty and punctuality. Mohit Gupta is well known in his village for providing employment to unskilled people. (a) Name the source of recruitment used by ‘Yellow Security Services Ltd.’ (b) State anyone disadvantage of this source of recruitment. (c)What step should be incorporated in selection process by ‘Yellow Security Services Ltd.’ to check the reliability of candidates while selecting guards . (d) Identify any two values communicated to the society in the above stated case10.

Geetu Ltd. is a big organization having various departments in it. In its marketing department number of employees is much more than requirement whereas, in purchase department some of the posts are lying vacant and there is shortage of staff. Advise the HR manager of the company as to what method he should follow to balance the demand of employees in both departments. An accountant is sent to learn the new software for accounting to prepare the books of accounts faster and accurately. He was further sent for orientation to improve his motivational and conceptual skills. (a) Identify and explain the two concepts explained above.

(b) Differentiate these concepts on the basis of suitability, method used and natureTo evaluate the performance of the employees Infosys set, different criteria like timeliness, quality of work carried, customer satisfaction, peer satisfaction, and business potential, were considered. The personal skills of the employees were also evaluated based on their learning and analytical ability, communication skills, decision making, change management, and planning and organizing skills. Each of these criteria was measured on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 signifying above the expected performance level and 5 below the expected performance level).Identify and state the step of the staffing process that the Infosys has followed in the above paraAlso explain the next two steps followed by the above


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