Central also available for about $500 a piece.

Central Communication is a constantly advancing field when you thinkof new technologies being implemented in business. Communication betweenmanagement and subordinates is increasingly becoming more and more difficult asindustries become globalized. Mobile communication has drastically advanced inthe past decade.

The most recent innovation is satellite phone systems such asthe Iridium, which was the topic of the article I researched. With this newtechnology users can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world withoutthe hassle of having to worry about the compatibility of local phone systems.The iridium system has cost roughly five billion dollars. The system is composedof 66 satellites in low earth orbit four hundred and twenty miles above theearth’s surface. Currently, the technology hardware is very expensive. Theactual units fit the profile of what you would expect. It is compact,lightweight, and are capable of a continuous talk time of about two hours.

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Asingle phone unit goes for about $3,000. Service costs about $1.70 a minute pluslong distance charges.

Pagers are also available for about $500 a piece. Thismay seem high for individual use, but for a billion-dollar corporation supplyingsubordinates with this communication device, it may be a reasonable cost.Business


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