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However there are some rules that restrict the freedom of the female population to large extent and it is important that women of the society come forward and openly oppose these laws, thereby do not accepting the legislation. This is an initiative which the women community needs to take on its own, so that equality and justice prevails in the society equally for men and women. As referred above about the law on female circumcision, which had increased to a high level in Kurdistan during the war, originally had no place in the history of the region.

After the war, it was difficult to measure an accurate data about honor killings and female circumcision. However, according to a Germany based NGO, WADI, over 60% of the Kurdish women who were interviewed had undergone circumcision. On further questioning these women, it was strange to find that they themselves insisted that the practice was authorized by Islam and therefore it would be illegal on their part to question the authority of the religion.

On the other hand, a bunch of respected and senior Sunni Clerics also damned the practice, also some broad minded clerics in Suleimaniyah region of Kurdistan, had given their acceptance in 2001 to proclaim a fatwa in opposition to female circumcision. These steps taken by the local organizations helped a lot against the battle for Equality and justice for the Iraqi women. For a case in point, the Shiite Turkmen director of the Institute of Human Rights in Kirkuk, articulated the subsequent apprehension in a current discussion, “There are no laws.

It is true that the new constitution guarantees the rights of citizens, but this constitution is based on western models. Iraq is an Islamic country. This constitution will plant the seeds of rebellion between the different ethnic groups. Also they are using the example of women’s rights to impose western ideas on us. How can the Iraqi man be a prisoner of the women! Islam has guaranteed many rights for women. They are planting the seeds of conflict between men and women (personal interview, March 25 2004). Central and southern iraq The state of affairs for an average woman in Baghdad and various other regions is still frightful.

There is fear of rape, kidnap or violence if women leave their homes in any case. This is mainly due to the influence of many radical Islamic groups who have limited the freedom of women by a large amount in Central and Southern Iraq who can prove to a supplementary tool for the uprising of the Iraqi community in many myriad ways. However, after the Saddam Husain regime was ousted in 2003, there are a number of liberal women supporting organizations coming up in the region. To note, this is occurring without the proper aid of security of women in the region.

In the Southern region of Iraq, the safety measures and society state of affairs has been under more control. However, the most important difficulty in front of women in the south since the fall of the Saddam regime has been that of the radical groups that are proving to be huge obstacles in liberating women. “Many Shiite women have also internalized and accepted such interpretations of Islam. In any case, whether due to conviction or practicality, extremely rarely will one see a woman out of the Hijab in these regions, and those who dare uncover their heads are shunned or even have rocks thrown at them”. (Annie Ciezadlo, 2003)

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