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center23002457459410012100center818008745855A00256315 941009200A00256315 center700007484110YEAR 2SUBMISSION:27TH NOV 18 9410010000YEAR 2SUBMISSION:27TH NOV 18 center300003207385THE FUTURE OF FOODHIGHER CERTIFICATE CULINARY ART9410036300THE FUTURE OF FOODHIGHER CERTIFICATE CULINARY ARTTABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION……………………………………………………..1CLIMATE………………………………………………………………..2AVAILABILITY/CONVIENCE…………………………………….3Recycling……………………………………………………………….4The future of food IntroductionIn this I have been the task to talk about the future of food, to analyse the current issues surrounding and involving the future of food and to identify future influences in food supply.

First you have you ask what the future of the food is and ask questions such as in a couple of years from now will there be many innovations to the industry or will food be looked at in a different light in a couple of year from now. Also what negative and positive impacts for the future of food such as successful When I think of food I think of its rawest form which is ingredients, there are such a vast amount of different ingredients around the world ranging from herbs and spices to fruits there are also a lot of foods that not many people have heard of such as pawpaw fruit (poor mans banana)which is a wild growing bush/tree, it originates from north America. Pawpaw although having a very short fresh stage which when ripen fall off the tree and start to ferment their nutritional value are higher than a banana they are filled with natural amino acid and also high in fibre and vitamin C which is good to stop the harm of free radicals. Why is this relevant? This food is one of many with high nutrition content yet if you asked the common person what pawpaw is, they will have never heard of it, I believe sooner or later all of these untapped food potential sources will be more widely available in years to come because weather we believe it or not a lot of food sources will eventually come to an extinction this is why it is so important to research and discover these never foods. A couple of examples of foods that may be extinct sooner than we think are chocolate, maple syrup and fish.Climate:As we know the temperature is slowly starting to heat up in places around the world by about 0.02 degrees since 1959, this mostly due to the carbon emissions in the atmosphere mostly caused by petrol and diesel motor vehicles.

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This is causing so many problems in the present and for the future such as smog levels are going up the water level is rising with the ice caps melting this has a direct effect on the food industry because all these gases being released into the air are damaging crops, take this excerpt from ”Midwest farmers will be increasingly challenged by warmer, wetter and more humid conditions from climate change, which also will lead to greater incidence of crop disease and more pests and will diminish the quality of stored grains”. Over 80 percent of the worlds crops are fed by rainfall this means with the climate becoming so unpredictable and this make agricultural countries such as Mexico will notice this change.Chocolate: when you think of chocolate you think of a number of things bars, sweets etc. but the raw form of chocolate is the cocoa plant, it is commonly located and grown in tropical regions Such as western Africa.

The cocoa plant needs a particularly warm climate to grow and with the way the climate is changing due to the rise in greenhouse gases such as co2 and methane which are causing damage to the atmosphere therefore making the temperatures of our planet to change. The cocoa plant will likely be gone a lot sooner than expected due to the increasing number of fungal diseases effecting many plants in central America and around the world, a study carried out by Michael Moyers he said ”the spread of witch’s broom, frosty pod, and other wonderfully named fungal disease have essentially destroyed cacao trees in Central America, their original natural habitat. Scientists are worried that these fungal diseases could jump to other parts of the world and wreak similar havoc on the beloved chocolate-producing plant”( author Michael moyer , it is thought that by as close as 2050 the plant will be extinct.

An alternative source to this in the future is a fruit called jackfruit which is commonly grown in south Asia.Fish: fishing has always been a primary source of food for years but there is a growing problem called over fishing this is mostly due to the fact that a lot of fishers that supply the fish to mongers, villages ect., Often at times these fishers catch huge quantities of fish at various locations all over the world and the consumer market not being high enough to meet the amount being caught for distribution because of this the fish population is drastically decreasing and the fish cannot reproduce quick enough this has led to a number of species of fish already extinct and as many as 90 species endangered. for many people such a pescatarian fish is main source of protein. As close a 2048 fish as we know it could be an extinct species all together, fortunately there are precautions set in place to help prevent the mass decline in our aquatic wildlife resources such as stopping the worldwide trawling industry and setting up worldwide catch shares as a management system for a couple of years while the fish stock replenish themselves so the natural environment can be restored, the other alternative is to start searching for different types of foods with similar if not the same nutrition value.

there is also the factor of greenhouse emissions as the ocean absorbs most of the greenhouse energy (heat) in the atmosphere this means that the ocean is slowly heating up causing many fish to migrate to cooler waters this will also be a problem as when fish migrate to before their time it may have effects on reproduction in the fish wish will also speed up the declineAvailability:The availability of certain fresh ingredients and meats are in slow decline due to the mass production for years draining our natural resources, by as soon as 2050 the population will have increased by 2 billion and the way things are right now the world cannot feed humanity so manufacturers are trying to maximise their yield and substituting the quality of quantity for the moment. As we know food in the past 10 years has started to be experimented on, these foods are known as genetically modified organisms it is mostly crops found in agriculture such as farmed crops, there are many reasons for gm foods to be modified, and scientists have been injecting different DNA into crops for many reasons as well as to learn how to grow a greater yield in crops and animals alike. There have been many recorded tests on animals to enhance their genetics but so far none have been authorised to sell to the public in the EU, this will surely change in the future with more foods being researched and modified to ensure preservation of a sustainable food sourcesConvenience/cost.Over the years the world has become more fast paced and involved in convenience foods, people have become more custom to having these quick and convenient foods that require no preparation but since the world has become very involved in processed foods the obesity level especially in larger population density areas such as in America as of 2018 over 35 percent of the population are obese and this is on a slow but steady incline, however currently there are a variety of people and organisations that are implementing plans in effort to confront this issue in many ways such as helping to educate people more on the subject, teaching about health and nutritional values in schools a promoting healthier eating. The cost of living now is at an all-time high and unless something is done will only get worse as the population grows and time goes on, if things keep going the way they are the price of food will sky rocket immensely because supply will not reach demand.

Excluding the food crises there is also the whole trend side of food there are so many restaurants producing such unique dishes, I feel in the near future there will be a lot of experimentation with foods and people will start using newer ingredients that they have never heard of or gm food.Recycling:the industry around food from hospitality to culinary are working together to improve the disposal of waste all around the world, it has been a big problem for years that waste hs been disposed of in landfill left to rot or even being incinerated this is a very poor way of disposing our raw materials instead of recycling them for other uses such as repurposing plastics and using the food waste for compost this is shown by the FDI group stating in part ” Packaging is essential in bringing many food and drinks to our tables. It helps reduce food waste and protects quality and freshness,” this was stated by Linda Stuart a Training director of prepared consumer foods, food drink Ireland (FDI).

Although landfills are not yet obsolete we are taking the right steps in ensuring a future with zero waste disposal, especially with the population increasing at the rate it is landfills although bad will still play an important role and need to be maintained and improved on in order to be efficient even in relation too the carbon emissions that it causes. Manufacture:The manufacture and distribution of food will be improved as far as the efficiency but the quality of food may decline


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