Cell called Sarahah. This app allows you to

Cell phones are an essential part of everyone’s lives, but imagine if the world didn’t have phones? You wouldn’t be able to have your Snapchat streaks, or facetime your friends to get approval on your “ootd”. The good thing is, we don’t have to worry about life without a cell phone because 62.9% of the world population has one.

Having a cell phone brings apps, 2.8 million of them for Android users, and 2.2 million for Apple users. Have you ever thought about how safe these apps are?First, let’s talk about Instagram and Facebook. These two apps are similar in multiple ways. These 2 apps allow you to post pictures and videos to all of your friends. You are also able to chat with people and comment on people’s pictures. Commenting can go both ways, people can comment nice things that can boost your self-esteem, or mean things that hurt you.

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Being able to chat with people can give you a way to communicate with people from far away, but people are also able to make fake accounts and message you, which can lead to cyberbullying. Having apps like this can lead to insomnia because people stay up late on these apps. Clicking on one thing leads to another, and another and so forth. Studies show that an average person spends 40 minutes a day on just Facebook alone. Having apps where you can have a page can also be beneficial because people can start a business page that anyone has access to view.

Having a business is a great way to make money, and with apps like Facebook and Instagram, they give you the perfect way to do it.  Now, there is an app called Sarahah. This app allows you to send people a link to your page, where they can comment anonymously. A benefit of this app is people who are too shy to talk to you can comment nice things to you from there. Seeing nice comments can boost your self-esteem. A disadvantage is that people can send mean things anonymously.

There is also the rare chance that the app takes your name when you send a comment. This has happened before, so people should only comment nice things. One of the most popular apps is Snapchat. Snapchat allows you to send quick pictures are videos that disappear right after you send it… unless people screenshot it. There have been cases of people sending inappropriate pictures thinking that it will disappear right after, but people are able to screenshot it.

Did you know that anyone can add you on Snapchat? There are 150 million people that have Snapchat, and now there is a way to see other people’s location, so at any time you can open “Snap Map” and it will bring you to a map that says where everyone is. This is dangerous because anyone can see where you are. This also gives a way for kidnappers to see where you are too. Snapchat also has benefits too because so many people use it, it gives a way for you to send funny pictures to your friends because of all of the filters the app brings. You can also start “Streaks” with your friends too. A streak is when you snap each other back and forth every day and the number beside their name will go up. Let’s talk about Facetime and Skype.

These 2 apps basically function the same way. You can video call people face to face. These apps are beneficial because you can actually see the person, and some people find that more comfortable. There are also disadvantages to this app as well.

Because these apps have access to your camera, hackers can hack in, and watch through your camera even when your phone is off! I don’t think you would want someone watching your life without you knowing. Next is the calculator app. This is beneficial for when you need to add up the cost of your groceries, or to help with your math homework. There is nothing wrong with the calculator app itself, but what about “calculator plus”? This is an app that looks just like a calculator and works just like one too, but when you punch in the right passcode, it brings you to a bunch of your secret files and pictures that you can’t find anywhere else on your device. The app basically allows you to hide photos that you don’t want anyone else to see. There are many other apps like Calculator Plus too,  Gallery Lock Lite, KeepSafe, KYMS, Vaulty, Photo Vault, and many more.

Some of these apps can be beneficial for hiding passwords, and sensitive information as long as they are used in the right way. A very commonly used app for readers is called the Kobo app. This app allows you to have access to over 5 million books. This app will save you lots of money instead of buying all of your books.

On the Kobo app, you are also able to change the font size. This is beneficial if you have a hard time reading the small font in books. In general, the Kobo app is great for a reader on the go. As you can see, Apps can be beneficial if used in the right way. For example, the calling app is beneficial because it allows you to communicate with family members who don’t live around the corner. There is also disadvantages too because anybody who has a phone can call you and track where you are from your phone number.

Make sure any app you are downloading is safe, and not dangerous in any way. By: Brooklyn


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