Celebrities Joyita however; she enjoys Cohiba No.

Trending Smoking and Vaping 

The culture of smoking
is being followed since ages. Despite the impartment of many health awareness
programs and knowing that tobacco smoking has several health hazards, people
never failed in spending a good amount in fulfilling their craving and urge of

People usually incline
towards this habit to give an impression of being cool and trendy. But since
human psychology has proved this time and again that people usually follow and
get used to of something which has been promoted and advertised through public
figures/ celebrities. It would be a cherry on top if the celebrities use them
on personal grounds as well.


Cigarette is one such
commodity which has been acquired and used by celebrities personally and that
too extensively. We have seen them trending with cigarettes and cigars all
these years be it for magazine, films or for their personal pleasure.


of the highest paid actresses in early 90’s after her success in Ghost,
Indecent Proposal & Disclosure has been spotted many times while smoking
cigars. According to her she smokes small cigars like Montecristo Joyita however;
she enjoys Cohiba No. 2 or a Montecristo No. 2 as well.


Welch – a cigar smoker, appeared on the cover of Cigar     Aficionado Magazine.




smoked cigars with Rihanna in the music video for “Can’t Remember to Forget You”.    




Carmen Electra        

former Baywatch star that is also a trained dancer, singer, and model and has
been followed by hundreds and thousands of people for her bawdy Playboy shoots
has been found and captured with a cigar in her mouth. Lately she admitted that
when she was first seen with a cigar, it was just because she assumed that
woman looks good holding one, until she tried and eventually started using it. According
to her, she would love to sit in the rocker and smoking a big fat Cuban cigar.

adapted by Celebs

Since smoking has been subsided by
vaping we can thus see that the trend of vaping has been adapted by media
celebs. There is a long list of celebrities who are slackly ranked by fame and
popularity and they vape. Whereas, many famous personalities are ceasing to
smoke and going towards the healthier and convenient alternate as vaping. There
are a number of singers and actors who have adapted vaping.


Lohan is one of the famous celeb who vapes in top of our
list. Use of e-cigarette by this Mean Girl actress became such a big story that
she was featured on EXTRA in 2011 using one.  



Heigl and David
Letterman were found debating the benefits of e-cigs with each other in
2010 and not only this, Katherine vaped on air during her entrance on the Late
Night appearance.  



The 43 years old Leonardo Dicaprio was spotted vaping at
the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.


Sheen from Anger Management loves vaping to such an
extent that he is now a partner in an e-cigarette company named NicoSheen.




The famous and heart
throb of millions Twilight actor Robert
Pattinson has been reportedly captured vaping so that he could quit



Other Hollywood
celebrities who vape include Paris
Hilton and Katy Perry and the list goes on and on. Seems like everybody has
geared-up to either switch for or start vaping for quitting their tobacco
habits or being in the flow of trend.

Believe me or not but
these e-cigarettes has taken up the whole Hollywood and it would not be an over
statement that soon cigarettes will be overwhelmingly outshined by every other
person switching to these innovative, sexy, convenient yet much healthy option
of e-cigarettes and vaporizing.




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