CE1.10 processes to achieve isolation; forward translation,

CE1.10 The type of converter used is an IC, MAX610. This converter reduces the component count, size and weight resulting in a minimised overall cost and simplified design. The 220 V or 440 V AC power supplied is necessary for the motors, while the 5 V DC power supply is required for the electronic components.

 CE1.11 The microcontroller I used in this design is a 16F877 PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) microcontroller designed by Microchip Technology. It is a 40-pin microcontroller and it is found at the mid-range of the upper end of the PIC family.

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Each pin of the microcontroller is assigned to a number of functions, sometimes two and sometimes three. CE1.12 The conveyor unit consists mainly of the conveyor motor, the motor relay and the motor relay driver.

 The two squirrel cage induction motors (in-feed and out-feed motors) are driven by a high-voltage high-current Darlington transistor array, i.e., the ULN2003A driver.  CE1.13 The microcontroller controls the IR emitter (LED) causing the LED to flash at 36 MHz. The IR detector used in this design is the Sharp GP1U52X infrared detector.

It uses a pin photo diode that has its peak sensitivity in the near infrared range. The built-in filter blocks visible light to reduce or eliminate false operation caused by other light source.  CE1.14 The type of level sensor I used in this design is an MPX4250D Case 867 pressure sensor, a member of the MPX4250D series piezoresistive transducers. It uses the pressure generated by the weight of the bottle to determine whether or not the bottle is properly filled.  CE1.15 Operation of the equipment is made easier by the use of an LCD.

The LCD used in this design is the Hitachi LM044L 20 column by 4 line module. It requires 5 V to operate. I also included switches for starting and selecting the type of beverage during level checking process from the display. This makes the system flexible and versatile.  CE1.16 isolated bottles go through the filling process again. I used four main processes to achieve isolation; forward translation, grabbing, reverse translation, and release. These processes are achieved using four motors, one for each process.

Each motor is driven by the same ULN2003A used by the conveyor motor.  CE1.17 I programmed the microcontroller in Great Cow Graphical (GCG) BASIC.

  The latter is a BASIC compiler for PIC and AVR microcontrollers and can be used to program most 8 bit PIC microcontrollers. Proteus design suit is a professional printed circuit board (PCB) design software used principally to designing, simulating electronic designs and printing the designs on circuit boards.


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