1. secure only if large scale organization based

1. Industrial revolution and technological developments have contributed a great deal in adding to the importance of public administration. The individual feels helpless in the wake of large scale factory production, resulting in the concentration of means of production in few wealthy hands and causing numerous hazards to life and health of over-crowded cities where such factories exist.

Thus, the ordinary individual can feel secure only if large scale organization based on sound principles of administration caters to his interests. 2. Emergence of concept of planning for the socio-economic amelioration of the lot of the common man has also led to the development of skilful and elaborate administration. Formulation and execution of plans widens the sphere of public administration as on the one hand direct management of public enterprises is entrusted to top administrators, on the other hand activities of private citizens within the frame-work of the plan are regulated and controlled by them 3. Modern era is generally described as ‘era of total war’. It necessitates the mobilization of entire manpower and the resources of the country.

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Responsibility for this is entrusted to the public administrators. Many spheres of public activity which formerly rested with the private individuals now come under the purview of public administration. 4. With the inception of welfare-states the concept of police states or ‘Laissez faire’ state has suffered an eclipse. The welfare states look after the individuals in all walks of life. They serve as their guardians, teacher and nurses.

This inevitably means more of administration. White rightly remarks “There was a time when people expected nothing but oppression from the public authorities. Later they expected them to be let along.”


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