Catering (preparing food, providing service staff, decoration of

Catering services provided of vary depending on the event and can include: cooking and delivering food to an outside location; cooking, delivering and serving food; and full-service (preparing food, providing service staff, decoration of event location, preparation and clean-up).

In some cases of full-service catering, the caterer is called an event managing company. When most people refer to a “caterer”, they are referring to an event caterer who serves food with waiting staff at dining tables or sets-ups a self-serve buffet. The food may be prepared on site, made completely at the event, or the caterer may choose to bring prepared food and put the finishing touches on ones it arrives.

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The event caterer are not responsible for preparing the food but often help set up the dining area. This service is typically provided at banquets, convention, and weddings. Any event where all who attend are provided with food and drinks or sometimes only hors d’oeuvres is often called a catered event. Many events require working with an entire theme or color scheme. A catering company or specialist is expected to know how to prepare food and to make it attractive.

As such, certain catering companies have moved towards a full-service business model commonly associated with event planners. They take charge of not only food preparation but also decoration, such as table settings and lighting. The trend is toward satisfying all the clients’ senses with food as a focal point. With the correct atmosphere, professional event caterers with experience can make an event special and memorable. Beautifully prepared food alone can appeal to the senses of taste smell and sight-perhaps even touch, but the decoration and ambiance can play a signigficant part in successfully catered event. The earliest account of major services being catered in the United States is a 1778 ball in Philadelphia catered by Caesar Cranshell to celebrate the departure of British General William Howe. Catering business began to form around 1820, centering in Philadelphia Catering being a respectable and profitable business.

The early catering industry was disproportionately founded by African-Americans. (Chastain,1987)The industry began to professionalize under the reigns of Robert Bogle who is recognized as “the originator of catering.” By 1840, the second generation of Philadelphia black caterers formed, who began to combine their catering businesses with restaurants they owned (Walker, 2009) Common usage of the word “caterer” came about in the 1880s at which point local directories began listing numerous caterers.

White businessmen eventually moved into the industry and by the 1930s, the black businesses had virtually disappeared. (Chastain, 1987)In the 1930s, the Soviet Union, creating more simple menus, began developing state public catering establishments as part of its collectivization policies. A rationing system was implemented during World War II, and people became used to public catering. After the Second World War, (Blowout Philippines,2016) many businessmen embraced catering as an alternative way of staying in business after the war.

By the 1960s, the home-made food was overtaken by eating in public catering establishments.People between 15 and 24 years of age spent as little as 11-17 minutes daily on food preparation and clean-up activities in 2006-2016, according to figures revealed by the American Time Use Survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. (MarketWatch, 2017)Americans work in service professions; thus, business black businesses in food service have been somewhat more acceptable.

Accomplishments in food industry in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were centered in the catering industry and hotel restaurants. There were ventures in catering and food service inn the late eighteenth century in Rhode Island with Emanuel Manna and Mary Baroons, in Philadelphia with Cyrus Bustill, and in New York with Samuel “Black Sam” Fraunces. While these ventures were somewhat profitable, the most notable early success in the food service industry were in the nineteenth century. (Smith, 2006)In the nineteeth century, African American business in catering were not able to survive, but they also made their own quite wealthy. In New York and Rhode Island, the Downing family ran a well-respected catering business. Thomas Downing and later his son George Downing had a catering business and also a restaurant. In the nineteenth-century South, there were fewer business opportunities for African Americans than in the north, and black people who owned food establishments were prohibited from selling alcohol. (Smith,2006)Competition in the catering industry looks tight these days.

Beyond offering super yummy and enticing meals and desserts, what do these businesses have to consider? If you answer “affordability”, yes, that’s one. If you say “classy presentation”, thats another point. But more importantly, food safety is something that all catering business, whether big-time or jjust starting should never take for granted.

(Arayat, 2015)In Marikina City, they have a lot of good catering services like Braderie corporation in Malanday, Chef Mike Caters in San Roque, Kusina Ni Kambal in Sta. Elena and Josiahs Catering in Marikina Heights and one of them is Danny’s Catering Services where established on July 17, 2012 at Malanday Marikina City.They offered full-service food catering and events management.

They offer wide selection of practical and affordable catering packages, equipments rental, party needs, and catering staff services which can easily be customized for corporate and private events. The investigation in guest satisfaction of the Danny’s Cataring Services that will serve as proposed action plan for important factors that influence over all customer perception of the said Catering Service and its food operings, particularly food price/invalue perception.It is the view of the researchers that key determinance of the service quality of the catering service competitiveness should be employed for the porposes of developmental planning and management and with a view to achieving long-term sustainability in Marikina City.


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