Importance Certainly, the phenomenon of tribal experience

Importance of IT systems and operations while dealing with customers

Leading Internet services providers are aware of the fact that company’s IT systems should control all business operations and information input and output procedures to avoid downfalls and recessions. Efficient work of data center makes the process of merger and acquisition much easier and more beneficial.

In addition, the main success of running information within data center consists in the effectiveness of virtualization, logistics, and documentation. In this respect, great consistency and strong data infrastructure can significantly simplify the process of cooperating with customers. Operational excellence is of primary importance for the leading Internet providers in Saudi Arabia. Company’s philosophy and strategies are narrowed to introducing innovative technologies enabling effective communication between clients and Internet providers. It should also be stressed that a personal approach is also taken into consideration while dealing with mergers and acquisitions.

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Oger Telecom is the brightest example in these terms because this Internet provider delivers communities with unlimited technological possibilities. Such option is possible only due to a well-run data center activity. More importantly, the company implements the concept of full transparency of operations and is more attached to a scientific way of thinking.

In this respect, a technological introduction as well as technical support is put aside from ethical considerations and therefore, people are more concerned with opportunities the company can provide to their clientele. In general, the introduction and development of modern technologies presents more perspectives and wider opportunities for improvement of customer-provider relationships and enhances operational excellence within the organization. Most of Saudi Arabia companies realize the importance of integrating transparent systems for better control and regulation of the main stages of merger and acquisition.

Considering the Concept of ‘Tribal Knowledge’ Within the Context of Merger and Acquisition

In order to understand the scope of a merger and acquisition process, one should look inside the basic procedures and their components. Beside careful documentation and recording, people should also pay close attention to what exactly a certain process entails. In this respect, Andi Mann believes that the main problem of effective merger activities is closely associated with the so-called “tribal knowledge”, namely, information that is held apart from company’s data centers. In other words, the experience and knowledge that is possessed by employees is not always documented and can even be lost when a particular personal leaves an organization.

Certainly, the phenomenon of tribal experience requires IT groups not only to have correspondent experiences, but also realize what system and software carries out certain processes. The problem of rendering information to new employees is really serious because certain situations and experiences will never be conceived by those anymore. Due to the fact that leading Saudi Arabia Internet providers are often concerned with innovations and change, they often ignore this concept of tribal experience that prevents the newcomers from understanding the specifics of business operations within an organization. In order to avoid such tricky situations, a major emphasis should be placed on working out specific strategies and training programs initiating inexperienced employees into the specifics of organizational activities. This can be performed in the form of teaching less experienced and skillful employees by more experienced ones. Such system is acceptable and does not contradict job security issues. In addition, in order to simplify the process of tribal knowledge acquisition, it is necessary to widen information exchanges making them more transparent and available.

The Role of IT in Carrying Out Business Processes: Data Management and Governance

Software and hardware are essential tools for protecting and processing information and handling it effectively within an organization. In this respect, virtualization is one of the most efficient methods enabling the managers involved in merger and acquisition activities to transfer information from one media platform to another. More importantly, it also contributes to greater security of the data stored because there is no necessity for transforming and modifying the information physically. Finally, virtualization process creates a more favorable ground for data management and governance. Virtual data storage is widely spread in Saudi Arabia among companies that utilize Internet services.

Hence, International Airport project has also implemented a virtualization process enabling to effectively manage, control, and protect all private information form any other domestic airport in Saudi Arabia. Such systems as logistics, passenger traffic data, airline billing, and personnel management significantly prosper from the implementation of this approach. In particular, now the company experiences a less amount of errors and a greater level of efficiency in carrying out specific operations. Besides, a new data storage method has significantly cut costs because of the increase in staff productivity and performance. Finally, a strengthened infrastructure and more sophisticated approaches to data management and processing have enabled the company to meet the international standard and increase the quality of services.

Particularly, the company has succeeded in producing statistics concerning mass transportation industry and aviation via the data center. The information obtained can also be used to level up the customer services and create more opportunities for working out more effective strategies of data management and protection.


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