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Case Assignment WeekOneMRKT 5000 OnlineCourseAdrianna PerryConsumers Take a Shine to Apple, Inc. Case Summary:Apple is an innovative company in the technology field withproducts such as the Iphone, Ipad, and computers. In the early 1980s the companywas near bankruptcy until the return of Steve Jobs back to the position of CEO.Steve Jobs returning to the corporation helped bring new innovative ideas,strategic planning, and the desire to place more focus on customer relations.

This desire to put customer needs first is what allows Apple to revolutionizethe market with their newest creative products and be successful with them.Apple products are offered in the market at above normal prices compared toother corporations, keeping the prices at a higher tier has allowed customersto perceive Apple products as prestige and therefore increasing the demand toobtain the newest when released in the market. Apple is considered to have thehighest quality products in the market. Key Marketing Issues:·        Marketing environment—the marketing environmenthas several elements including technological, sociocultural, and competitiveforces. These forces allow the customer to become the main focus of thecorporation so that new products meet the expectations of customers. Apple iswell known for taking their customer needs into consideration when creating newproducts.·        Customer Relationship Management(CRM)—Organizations need to use customer information as a guide to strategicmarketing to develop and maintain customer relationships.

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Apple has been givenhigh praise for their superior customer service strategies.·        Market Share—The percentage of the market thatbuys a specific product from the company. Apple gained the market sharepercentage when they took the market share percentage away from theircompetitors.·        Strategic Marketing Management—Consists of theprocess of planning, implementing, and evaluations of the performance of themarketing activities and strategies, whether effectively or efficiently. Thereturn of Steve Jobs to Apple redefined their strategic marketing managementwhen he did a through evaluation of the current strategy and begin research ofthe customer needs to implement a new successful strategic plan.·        Strategic Business Unit—The division, productline, or profit center within the company. Apple offers a various product line includingdesktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and portable music players.

·        Research and Development—Organizations should beaware of new research and be able to develop new products. Apple stays ahead ofthe technology market by continuing to develop new research and products basedon customer input and needs for the market.


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