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Case Analysis of SYSCO Corporation SYSCO Corporation has made numerous contributions to the field of Human Resources (HR). SYSCO has a little over 40,000 employees and the largest distribution business in the food services industry within the United States. Other companies, such as hospitals and hotels use SYSCO as its main supplier. The HR department of SYSCO has some bragging right as they have obtained excellence in their respective field through award recognition from Optimas. Operating regions under the sphere of SYSCO did start out using their own practices for HR. Because of this pattern a HR practice that is market driven grew to be the foundation of their HR brand.

The aim of this case analysis of SYSCO Corporations will be to evaluate, analyze through connections and make applications by applying to different situations. ANALYSIS: An analysis of SYSCO Corporations market driven HR approach reveals that this type of approach is better equipped to support the corporate end of HR by identifying how operations regionally can proceed with the development of new and innovative forms of services and programs. The market driven approach was new to the department of HR due to its operating units that became mandated. Through this approach supervisors were persuaded to accept and firmly believe in the services of a corporate HR department. The approach has also allowed for the development of VRC within the corporate HR. It is through VRC that employees, managers and supervisors are provided with services.

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VCR is a distinct way of gathering data through technology provided by HR. Further allowing for activities within the HR department, through the data, onto its mangers and supervisors to use, specifically the operating mangers. The data collected can then be used to assess safety, and then go on to develop safety initiatives that increase the likelihood of less on the job injuries.


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