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           Ca’s Xorc Hotel and Restaurant are located in the Mallorca, Spain. To reach there, visitors need an extra effort because Ca’s Xorc Hotel and Restaurant are built on the hill between downtown of Sòller and Déia (casxorc, 2018).

To reach ca’s xorc boutique hotel and restaurant, first the visitors should land in Palma airport (casxorc, 2018), than From the airport they have to drive past to the freeway by direction Palma – Sóller and then from Sóller they have to follow the direction towards Dèia, after 800 meters they will see the sign of Ca’s Xorc Hotel and Restaurant (casxorc, 2018).  This journey approximately takes about 40 – 45 minutes depended on the traffic (casxorc, 2018).          Here is some explanation how to reach Ca’s Xorc boutique hotel and restaurant within direction to Dèia. To make it easier, you can see the illustrator picture below. From the picture below, after the visitors take direction to Dèia they just need to go straight until they see ca’s xorc sign.

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After you see the sight, turn right and go straight to up until you reach the hotel. During your trip, the visitors need to be careful in driving because the condition of the road is narrower, uphill and turn sharp especial when you want to enter the boutique hotel ca’s xorc area the street it’s more narrow only 1 car can pass, turn sharp and the street also not asphalt well.           T            he location of Ca’s Xorc Hotel is quite strategic because it’s located in two towns Sóller and Dèia. This location gives an extra benefit for the visitors; cause they can easily access to the downtown of Sóller and Dèai within than 20 minutes by car and to port the Sòller guest only need last than 20 minuets. This location also a good place to go hiking or cycling. Also, the location presents a good vibe for the visitors especially when they drive up to the mountain and to the beach cause they will amaze with the view. Typically plan around that location is olive trees and lemon trees that also can be seen around ca’s xorc boutique hotel and restaurant. During the journey to the ca’s xorc boutique hotel and restaurant, the visitors can enjoy the combination of nature and a beautiful valley of Sóller from above (ca’s xorc,2017).

         . Size and Structure          Ca’s Xorc Hotel and Restaurant itself is a small boutique Hotel or can say as a summer property cause this hotel only open in summertime between April to November, which managed independently by Klaus C. Plonzke daughter.

Actually, in the past the hotel open every season but because they see that in the wintertime they can’t receive a profit, so they decide to open the hotel only summer.                    For the concept, this hotel offers a private place so the guest can stay relaxed, comfortable and feel that they welcome. For the style, Ca’s Xorc Hotel and Restaurant is more like to a rustic Mediterranean country home, with unique interiors such as the old olive mill machine. To make this hotel more stunning they put a natural material touch such as a natural stonewall for the wall around the building and homemade traditional Mallorca furniture and ceramic.           For the rooms, this hotel has a limited number of rooms, there are only provide 15 rooms with13 rooms located in the main building and 2-cottage room that located next to the main building.

For every 15 rooms they have, they offer an individual decoration with unique furniture and a comfortable equipment (telegraph, 2017) and for the cottage room, they offer an additional facility such as a private garden (Casxorc, 2017). There are four different types of rooms that this hotel offers: standard room, superior room, Deluxe with terrace/ balcony and garden cottages (casxorc, 2017).                                              This hotel also offers variant of facilities such as indoor/ outdoor Restaurants, a garden, outdoor swimming pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, mini bar in the swimming pool area, Spa or massages, meeting room variant outdoor activities like hiking, golf, cycling and etch (casxorc, 2017). Ca’s Xorc Hotel and Restaurant also accept a wedding ceremony and any kind of celebrations (casxorc, 2017). Type Of Customers              From what I have been observing during my internship, the customers that hotel targeting are customers from the middle class to upper class.

It’s proving by the price of the hotel room and the restaurant. For the room the price is around 240,00 euro until 335,00 euro per night. There are several types of peoples with different categories who like to experience staying in Ca’s Xorc Hotel. But the main targeting of this hotel is a traveler, couple and family and most of them are a middle age people around 25 -70years old. And most of the reason            Ca’s Xorc restaurant is a Mediterranean restaurant. The restaurant offers a modern Mediterranean cuisine by using natural products, organic vegetables, and fresh seasonal and local products as the main ingredients. This restaurant is a fine dining restaurant but more relax and modern (cas’xorc, 2017). The restaurant opens twice a day for lunch and dinner.

In this restaurant I more focus work as a runner.  The uniform that we always use is a black t-shirt, black pants and black sneaker.              The chat about is a chart of the food and beverages department.

In food and beverages departments this hotel has the restaurant manager and the assistant manager, the staff and also the operational manager.  ·      Operational Manager: she works in the front and back area, mean she work in all departments explicitly the food and beverage department (if the restaurant needs more people she will help), she also the one who made the schedule for the food and beverage department and for the gardener/ maintenance.·      Restaurant Manager: has a big responsibility for the performance of the restaurant and the staff. When the restaurant open he will be the one who will give the menu, taking the order and cashiering and also help the runner. He contributes to make and approve the schedule for food and beverage department.·      Assistant Manage: the responsibility and duty are same as the restaurant manager.

She will help the restaurant manager and changes the restaurant manager position when the restaurant manager not working in that day.·      Staff: Their are3 people that working in food and beverages department. First is Mrs.

Marga, she always working in the morning shift and she has been working on this hotel about 12thn years. Than Mr. Rodrigo and Ms. Sandra, they are new staff. For Mr. Rodrigo, he working for 1 year and Ms. Sandra working about 8 months in ca’s xorc restaurant. And before there is 2 more internship from Austria but they only work for 3 months because they still underage.

 Work Schedule and holiday planning              For the schedule every department has their own schedule that made by different management. For food and beverages departments the one who make the schedule are the operational manager and proved by the restaurant manager. The schedule is made every 1-week and put in a board at back area. For each week we got 2 day-off and the day-off might changes every week.

About holiday planning, from what I experienced, to get holidays is quite hard expectedly when the hotel is busy. Usually, the operational manager and restaurant manager will accept it, if we are the staff told them 2-4 week before so they can manage to make the schedule and the maximum holiday that they can take is 1 week. Here is some example of my schedule. Most of my internship I always do the night shift because before they also hire 2 more internship that still under ages but after they finish I changes to morning shift. From picture C there is a orange color that mean that we have a wedding.

From the schedule we also can know how many people will check in and check out today and how many room is occupied.  Human Resource Atmosphere and moral among the team          From the observing during my 4 months internship, I could conclude that the staff there not satisfied with their job and it proved by “high turn over”. I could say that because during my internship there is 2 staff that already quitted and there are several departments that planning to quit the job.

From the kitchen department there are 2 chefs that already quitted and 1 chef planning to quit. One of the chefs that already quitted is the hat chef who has been work almost 15thn year; the reason he quit is that he couldn’t stand anymore with the owner. And the other chef that planning to quit he said that he works hard, work extra hour but he didn’t receive a good salary, from this guy also this hotel got an inspection and the chronology is he called the inspector to come to inspect the hotel because he thinks that this hotel does something wrong. These situations happen during the last half months before the hotel close, this situation made the atmosphere in the hotel has become tens.

From the food and beverage department, there are 5 people work in this departments and most of them compline about the salary. The restaurant manager who has been work 15thn year in this hotel also planning to quit his job because he feel tired to work in this hotel and how the hotel is been operated, he said that he has to work extra than he suppose to do event he has to work double job that actually not his responsibility. Most of the staffs not satisfied because they have to work hard with a low salary.

 For me the atmosphere during the service hasn’t consisted because they have a different style of service between the restaurant manager, the 2nd restaurant manager and the operational manager. This type of work that doesn’t have a specific rule make me confuses and not comfortable about my performance, this situation occurs until my second months and after that I try to analysis if I work with this person which type of service they do usually.  For a moral among the team, actually there are several problems that give me a pressure. The problem is that the team that I work with sometimes they are like to “show off”. For example there is my college that I usually work, for being a friend he is very kind and nice but when we start working he behave that he is the boss, he likes to order me to finish most of his work but then he just played with her phone or chat with the kitchen team. The other problem is the “language”, sometime I feet not comfortable because of this, I feel like they talking about me and demanding me.

There is a case that really makes me feel not comfortable and made me don’t want to went there, it’s happened when I need to give the pad order to the kitchen or when I take the food they like to talk with me with Spines that I don’t understand it, when I don’t respond they will start to laugh. And the last problem is they like to “gossip”, for me gossiping isn’t a big problem, it’s a normal but sometimes they don’t know when is the working time or the gossip time. One accident that I caught is when my college that work with me, she is gossiping in the back area with one of the housekeeper when I working alone in the morning shift.  Interpersonal communication  About personal communication during work, I could say that we aren’t compact as a team because of language limitations that often made a miss communication among the team and we don’t have a briefing or a meeting before starring  the service. For outside of work, all the departments and me have a good relationship particularly with the food and beverage department. Actually they have a whatsApp group but unfortunately I didn’t join the group, the member of the group is including all members from all departments but not including the manager and the owner. The reason why they didn’t put me in the group cause they think that I wouldn’t understand what they said.

Besides the staffs I also have a good relationship with the operational management. For all the people that I know from my internship I save thir personal contact so I could keep in touch with the team. We also like to hang out together like go to the market, dinner and visiting their home. We like to exchange culture and learning new thing.

 Tanning and orientation To experience tanning and orientation day in the first day of my internship must feel really excited and good, but unfortunately this opportunity hasn’t happened in this hotel. The first day of my work I didn’t get any orientation, I just work without know what is my task and duty, they just told me to did this and that event the one who helps me and training me on the first day is my other college that also the internship there but she is 1 months come earlier before me. She helps me a lot in the first day but still I didn’t get and know exactly what is my task and duty, the didn’t have an orientation program.  Because this hotel doesn’t have the orientation program, this makes me as the internship surprise because in the school I learn that the teacher will give show us the step, skill and the knowledge about how is the service of this hotel. In reality it’s different; even they have a different style of service for each people that I have to follow. At the first months until my second months I feel stress and confuse because the restaurant manager, the assistant manager and operational manager have their own style of service that I have to follow, if I didn’t follow I will get schooled.

      Suggestion for Improvement ·  Transportation Because this hotel is quite hard to get and to get there the guest need pay extra money for rent the car and also it’s a little bit far from the bus station. I suggest that the hotel proved a shuttle bus for the airport and for a destination to the downtown of sòller and deia and port the sòller.  The hotel can over the airport shuttle bus to the gust by an email 1week before they arrived so. For the shuttle bus to the downtown the gust can call the front office to ask the scheduled time, and the shuttle in the location will be ready every 3 – 4 hour and the last shuttle will be at 9 at the night.  ·  Language This hotel is targeting international travelers that most of them are speaking English. To satisfy the guest it’s better than the staff especially food and beverages departments can speak English as the second or the first language, at least know the basic. Because if there is a staff that can’t speak English than there will be a miss communication a lot between the gust and the waiters/ waitress and it can make the guest not satisfied with the service and gives a bad feedback about the hotel and restaurant.

Maybe the hotel can provide a little course for the employees that can’t speak English and the one who teaches is the manager or someone that in the hotel and restaurant can speak English fluent or the waiter/waitress who can’t speak English they can at least give the others waiters a trust to handle the problem. There is an accident in ca’s xorc restaurant that the guest complains that the food that she orders is not the same, there is a miss communication between the waiters and the guest and the main problem is because the language, they are arguing without know the language and at the last the guest not satisfied.   ·  Orientation  Unfortunately during my internship I didn’t have any orientation day. Because I didn’t have this opportunity during my internship than I have to experience a hard time during my performance. So I suggest that this hotel create an orientation program for new employees. The orientation programs can help the hotel to improve the performance of the employees and orientation also help the employees to more confidence about their self.

Maybe if the hotel can’t provide an orientation day because that at least the hotel can provide a document or file about how is the procedure, the standard and the knowledge about the hotels.    ·  Communication By communication can build a solid teamwork among the team. But unfortunately this hotel they never open about what happened in the hotel, who is the guest, I never know that they are the royal customer or an important person. They never inform us until we ask by our self.

So I suggest that they can be more open and more communicated to each other or they can do a briefing before start the service.  ·  Think more about your staff During my internship I feel that the most of people who work in ca’s xorc hotel and restaurant is lack of motivation, not satisfied with the salary and the work. Because of that I suggest that the manager can be more care and think about the employees. The manager can give them a reward like a trip or a discount voucher so the employees can be more motivated or manager can create employees of the month programs or make a small trip for all employees. Also I suggest to hiring more employees because from what I experience during my internship, there is not much staff work in the food and beverages department.

Because this hotel doesn’t have enough staff make the other staff like to give their work to the intern.  Reflection of logs  ·  LanguageIt’s happened during my first morning shift I work with my senior who couldn’t speak English at that moment I think that how can I work with her without knowing what she said, it’s a nightmare. During the work I try my best to understand her by reading the body language and lucky there is my college that helps me to translate what she said. After my first shift pass, I start to learn Spanish from the Internet and I also ask my other colleagues to teach me, at least I could understand a little bit. Until the last day of my internship I could manage to work with her and performed my best work.  ·  Knowledge about the productDuring my internship until my last day of my internship they never told me to learn about the Menu especially about the wine.

There is one guest asking me about the food that I serve but I couldn’t answer it, for me this situation was unprofessional. After this happened I started to push my self to learn about the menu and the basic wine by taking a picture of the menu and also asking my colleague helped.  ·  The same menu?These situations happen when there was a guest came to have a dinner.  After they ordering drink they asking me, “If the menu is the same every day?” before I answered it I see that the guest expression, the expression Then when I about to said that the menu would be the same every day, I see that the guest feel not satisfied with the menu. Then I said, “I’m so sorry, but our restaurant offer the same menu every day and the only menu that would change is the menu of the day”.  ·  Not as my expectation!That day only 3 people who work in the restaurant but luckily there aren’t many people come.

That day there was a couple from outside hotel come to have dinner. They are a nice couple; he expects that the restaurant is the same as the review. But after they taste and saw it they disappointed.

They said that the food is not worth it with the price, not like what they expected. After I hear that I’ m say sorry to them if they are not happy and enjoy the food, but then the guest said that it’s fine, it’s not your fault.  ·  The food is not comingEvery time the guest finished the starter me as the runner need to take the dirty plate and told the kitchen to continue whit the table. That day was a busy day, and suddenly I got a complained from the guest because they have to wait 20 minutes. When I went to check it, I remember that I forgot to tell the kitchen. Then I go to the guest to said sorry and tell that food will come in 10 minutes. I learn that even you work under pressure you need to be calm and focus.

   ·  Check The StockEvery day during the preparation we always check the stock of the drink in the fridge. That day I don’t check the stock because my other colleague already checks it and said that everything is all right. During the restaurant open, there is one table that ordering 8 cans of Nestea, when I want to prepare it there wasn’t any stock for the Nestea in the fridge. From that I learn that you can trust other people but you still need to check it so you also know.  ·  Open Bottle The first week of my internship there already have a wedding party.

During the time the manager told me to open the bottle wine. But they never teach me how to open the bottle wine before lucky I have done it before in my university during my practice.   ·  Serve the paellaIt was my afternoon shift; usually in the lunch service the hotel would over paella menu and the paella was part of the showmanship, the paella comes in the big pan and the waiters need to share it to guest in the small plate and we as the waitress need to asked again if the guest still want more the paella.

But that time was my first time serving it, what I did after my colleague share the paella I bring it bake to the kitchen with mean that to throw it.  After my senior saw it she scolded me and said that I need to ask the guest first before bringing it back to the kitchen. Lucky the guest didn’t want it anymore. After that happened I learned to always ask something that I’m not sure before I did it.

 ·  I’m LateThe night before I work in the night shift, which I just fished my work at 1 in the morning and the next I have to work on Morning, shift. Suddenly when I was waking up and saw my phone there was a chat from my operational meager that text me “where are you? Are you still sleep?” when I saw the massages I know already know that I’m late. Then I call my operational manager to inform them and say sorry because I just wake up and will be late. The main reason I woke up late was because I forgot to set my alarm.  From this, I learn that never forgot to turn on the alarm. ·  Communication There is a couple that who has a dinner then they told my colleague that they will be back in the minutes but because my colleague not told me then in my mind I think that table was finished and I clean it the table. Suddenly my colleague comes and told me sorry I haven’t told you that the table will come back soon.

Hear that I was shocked and I start to think what should I do, I need to say sorry to them but in the end my colleague said that it wasn’t your fault it was my fault so don’t worried. After hearing that I say sorry and thank you to my colleague and I also told her that next time you should be told me so I didn’t repeat this mistake again.  Conclusion           Personally, I really grateful that I could experience something new during my 4 months internship, I learn a lot, start from the good until the bad side, I also learn how to face the situation and dealing with it. Also, I could experience to know a lot of people and the culture. But unfortunately, I would like to recommend to work in this hotel even the hotel has a good view but not the management and the program.



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