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`Cars and DrivingIntroduction    Today everywhere people have cars. Cars become necessary for everyone’s life. Because its make your transportation easy. Companies use adverting to convenience people which car to buy. In this paper, I am going to describe two adverts about cars of a new model of 2018. The one advert about Genesis car and the other car is Honda advert. Both of our new model of 2018. And they both are really interesting to look at them. However, one adds is more successful than others. And tell to my audience which car seems to be very ideal them other and why. For this, I will do some interview with my audience and ask different questions.Describe ad one    The first advertisement is American Honda Accord. the car on advertising is in red color. Which is a new model of 2018 Honda Accord? This advertisement is on two pages. The car is printed on both pages. The red color of the car, sliver the rings of tires and white light look cool. And there is in white color they printed Honda name and logo on right side of advertising. Exact down the logo name is, they with a line with (accord touring 2. OT showed. Car and driving, January 2018. @2018 American Honda Motor Co, Inc.) the background of the ad is nice.  the blue and white poster on black ground and 10 best and car and driver with eras are written on that poster.    The adds are not very formal and the car standing on the earth like dessert type. the background of the ad is nice.  the blue and white poster on black ground and 10 best and car and driver with eras are written on that poster. Behind that posters are clouds. And there color matching with the earth color which seems very nice. Left side on the top of background they write in capital ——–AL NEW —– ACCORD. Describe ad two    The second advertisement is about genesis car. This car advertisement is also in red color. The new model of 2018. The advertisement on two pages. They print the car on one page on the left side and on the other page they have background and logo down on the left side. Car looks so fast and comfortable in this ad. Because its moving and the wheeling look like moving which show the car is fast and the looks shine because the sun ray is coming on cars that is why. The car is moving on high road on the lake which looks nice.     The background of the ad is very nice. there is the lake and behind the lake is mountains which making this add is so nice and these mountains touching the clouds which moving. The clouds in black and white color. the catchiest thing in this is the pharos TWO THINGS WE WON’T BELIEVE IN: LIMITS AND LIMITS this so cool which attract the people to buy it and believe in this company. The other things of add are there is written an introduction on left page about the car. This car is G80 Sport. And the aggressive dark chrome crosshatched front grille, carbon- fiber- trimmed dash, and 19- inch copper accented alloy wheels artfully surrounding a 365- hip twin- turbo engine that will pin you to its copper stitched sports seats. Add in the peace on a mind of our most advanced safety features standard and complimentary service valet, and the only things the G80 Sport doesn’t have its limits. Its designed from the ground up the only way we know. Our way. Genesis.com.Why one is better than the other.    The genesis is best then other best its have the nice feature and better quality than Honda accrued. But its little bit expensive than Honda because it has more and nice features and comfort. The Genesis has 360 horsepower and twin turbo. the Honda has 192 horsepower. And Genesis is for between 30 to 50 age people. And the Honda car is for a student. Between 18 to 40 age people. The genesis is the sports car. We can use it for family and sport. And Honda we just only use a gentle family. And Genesis and have more speed then Honda accord. The maximum speed of genesis is 155MPH. and it sped 60 mph in 0.5 seconds. And the engine is v8. This is the luxury car. Genesis displacement is 3.3L. the Honda displacement is 1.5L.My opinion Personally, I like Genesis. Because of its luxury and family car. We can use it for family and sport depend on which kind driver is driving this car. And it has more horsepower then Honda accord. More displacement. And little bit expansive because have more feature then Honda. But have less mph then Honda accrued because genesis is sports car and every sports car take less mileage than aSurvey  I did two people survey and in surveyed (100%) chose the genesis ad over the Honda Accord.  Work cited https://www.caranddriver.com/genesis/g80https://www.topspeed.com/cars/hyundai/2018-genesis-g80-sport-ar179073.htmlhttp://www.123helpme.com/view.asp?id=119368


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