Cardio beginner you should keep your time to

Cardio 101

If you are tired of hanging around in the house and want to start
exercising then don’t do what everyone does, don’t head into the gym and jump
on the treadmill, get bored of it after 10 mins and head home, instead learn
the basics of exercising and start with Cardio first because Cardio not only
gets you in great shape but has other great advantages as well.

Cardio is any exercise that can increase your heart rate, your
rate of respiration and make you sweat.

If you want to know how to start with Cardio exercises as well as
the advantages it holds then keep on reading!


Since we all know that Cardio exercise is the
best and the quickest way to lose weight and burn calories but apart from that
Cardio hold other tremendous benefits that we might not even know about.


Some of the benefits of Cardio Exercise apart
from weight loss include:

Stronger Heart and Lungs

Reduced Stress

Increased Bone Density

Better Sleep

Reduced Risk Of Heart Diseases

Temporary Relief From Depression And Anxiety

More Self-Confidence

More Activeness

Cardiovascular Exercises help you be fit and
keeps you young and active so whatever your age is you can do what you want
yourself without depending on anyone.



Walking, running, jogging, swimming, biking,
skiing, aerobic dancing and rollerblading are all examples of some common
cardiovascular activities. If you have suddenly decided to get in a good shape
then Great job! But don’t get too eager and jump the rope, be patient and start
off slow. You need to ease into these exercises because if you rush yourself in
then you might get yourself a leg ache.

So to start Cardio Exercises keep in mind the
following tips especially if you are new to all this.

1.   Progression

This is the most important part of every
exercise. This means starting out with a light exercise and then slowly and gradually
you increase your time, the intensity and the pace of your workout.

Every adult need 30 mins of Cardio exercise every
day to stay fit and healthy but as a beginner you should keep your time to 5-10
mins for at least a week and then increase it by 5 mins every other week until
you have built up your stamina without feeling fatigued.

So keep in mind, keep the pace most
comfortable to you and give your body enough time to adjust and then move
towards your goals.

2.   Warm-up First

Before any exercise it is essential that you warm
yourself up with some light exercise and this is important because these low
intensity exercises allow greater blood flow and pump up your muscles allowing
them to prepare for exercise. It also allows you to loosen up your stiff joints
and increase your heart rate.

The warm up exercise should be for 5 mins max
or until you break a light sweat and then head to Cardio exercise.

Some common exercises for warm up include
Jumping jacks and stretching.


Once you are done warming up you can head
onto some of the most common Cardio Exercises.

§  Walking

This is the
most common Cardio exercise. It has a low impact and you can do it for hours as
it is of low intensity as well. So plug in your headphones and enjoy your

§  Running/Jogging

This is a
classic form of exercise and most useful when trying to get into shape. You can
do it on the road, or treadmill if you want to stay indoors. It also helps
reduce hip size.

§  Sprinting

This is most
suitable to intermediates rather than beginners and you can run as fast as you





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