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Captain Phillips directed by PaulGreengrass—debatably contemporary cinema’s master of actualism and he proves itone more time with this amazing real story based drama, action and full ofthrilling movie.

Captain Phillips is master piece of Paul Greengrass & screen play by BillyRay describes the abduction by Somalian pirates of the logistic supplyship MV Maersk Alabama during April 2009. The movie opens inCaptain Richard Phillips’s (Tom Hanks) home in Vermont, rushing out for hisnext commercial voyage, from & to Shalala and Kenya respectively, telling hiswife (Catherine Keener) how his work has changed of lately. ‘Times are tough, the shipping business isthat much more competitive, you need to be strong out there.

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‘  This dialogue shows the very cruel reality ofthe film, but it helps to display the usual job role of Phillips, a domesticallygrounded working individual rather than a conventionally strong character.When film proceeds to Somalia, the real cause of the issue is presentedlike why and how under what circumstances this event took place, the socio-politicalsituation comes further into focus. We see the average young Somali lifestyleand living standards. By occupation, fishermen on high tides of hard times, nowforced to practice piracy by the orders of local assailant who pushes them tohijack biggest logistic supply ship or get ready for bitter result. The film doesn’ttones down about the reality that the four Somalian pirates who attackthe Alabama arebrutal, desperate young men’ but, unlike much news coverage, it makes us awarewho they are, and what’s behind their contempt for the powerful nations thatthey’re nevertheless mesmerized by.

 These fishermen don’t seem to be happy aboutthese big commercial cargo ships sailing their coasts accusing them forerupting their fishing business. This is also a story about universalizationand its discontents. One can see how beautifully Greengrass shows the two sidesof the coin.It’s also a film about the gravity of the moment and the detailof that particular tick.

In Paul’s most of the films we notice that every singlemove has its own outcomes, and every move must be showcased professionally,when happened what and why? Captain Philips also narrates the contemporary seabusiness, threats as well as security precautions by Law enforcements agencies.In this film Phillips is a person of protocols, policies and dedicated toincorporate all these in his fellow crew members but this act of his don’t seemedto be appreciated by his new crew (there’s a telling scene early on in which hesoftly reminds them not to exceed their 15-minute coffee break). Later in thefilm Philip portrays himself as true professional who is keeps his fearstogether in hard times of being dictated by pirates as well by creatingdifferent road blocks for the uninvited guests cleverly. The pirates too emerge as professionals, In spite of the factthese hijackers are very new to this hijacking business where, there is no setcriteria and rule of law to do what in what situation since they were deceivedby Philip’s scheme at first attempt but they return more organized whichresults in young pirate leader Muse stands before Philips proclaiming himselfas the new captain but can’t resist taunting Phillips, whom he named “Irish.”Once the ship is completely taken over by pirates, we experiencesudden & different happenings here and there but all of this is showcasedbeautifully. Paul seems very precise about making us confident that this movieis a reconstruction of known events in a known order.

His actualism is nothingbut fascinating. The film’s most brilliant stroke, arguably, comes at the end,the rescuing SEALs gets over with the situation by the best dialogue of themovie “EXECUTE” when all three pirates are killed simultaneously  by Bainbridge’s Crew. Followed by Tom Hanks blindfolded,sits shaking, covered in blood, for the moment a shattered man.

The reason behind Captain Philips being my one of the favorite isbecauseof Greengrass’s realistic approach towards displaying two contrast sidesof picture from two completely diversified dimensions and emotionalunderstanding of characters for each other being in that situation. His work focuseson presenting the reality with audience completely engaged by keeping his workrelatively close to the actualevents and that’s the beauty which amazes throughout. 


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