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Cape Town, a major city in South Africa that has been known for its ability to be”green” will soon to be approaching a devastating day on which water will no longer be supplied to residents through their taps. As of now, the water supply in Cape Town is very low. In fact, people are saying that “Day Zero,” may occur in April.

This will be the day that water supplied to residents by a pipe system, will no longer function. People will have to travel to specific locations in the city to get water. This is all a result of the city being in a severe drought for the past three years. The city has tried simply to encourage its residents to cut down water usage by explaining “Day Zero” to them, but it seems that people do not care much. People in Cape Town live very different lifestyles.

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There are those that are rich and can even afford to own pools, while at the same time, there are those who are very poor. This shows how it would be difficult for many to receive water from the specific areas, known as “collection points” without a car after “Day Zero.” The city will soon enforce strict water usage limits. It is said that the limit of water usage per person, per day will go down to fifty litres. People of Cape Town are now realizing the tight and scary situation they are in.

The city’s water supply mostly comes from one type of source and is managed by the national government. Dams that rely on precipitation, or rainfall are the city’s main source of water. This has not been reliable because of the major drought. Droughts will not be so uncommon in the future for Cape Town as global warming continues to occur. As of now, they are working to fix “desalination plants” into different areas in the city as well as to try and use groundwater as a resource.

These are very expensive and are not built in a short amount of time, as they are said to take years to build. Only a few years ago, the city had dams filled with water. For many years, Cape Town was recognized for its ability to conserve water and stay environmentally “friendly.

” It had even won awards for its ability to do so.  Yet, the city and national government both should have taken precautions and done something earlier to prevent what is happening now. They have failed to look for different ways to supply water to the people living there, and now people there are paying the consequences. This is important to a citizen of the world because what is happening in Cape Town is a great example of what could happen to many cities, and maybe even different countries in the future. With global climate change and drastic changes in conditions around the world, people should be aware that it could impact them in the near future as well. The way that Cape Town is handling the “Day Zero” situation can serve as an example in the future if any other place in the world is to face a similar situation. As a internationally known and recognized “green” city, it is surprising to see that it is facing such scary circumstances.

People around the world should respond to this situation by helping out in any way possible. Water is precious and people are dependent on it. Without enough of it for all, chaos would occur. As time goes on, citizens of the world must recognize their duty in helping keep the world a liveable and beautiful place. With global warming, it does not seem like there will be a decrease in extreme conditions. Around the world, this could mean no longer having enough water for everyone like what is happening in Cape Town right now.

Using what is happening in this major city of South Africa, people of the world and governments should take precautions to prevent anything similar happening to them in the future.


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