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Spend Less, See More: Restore Your Foggin Windows Today! Foggy windows and condensation are a common yet frustrating problem experienced by home owners.

Many people believe that moisture in windows is an indicator of a broken window seal and the only solution is for that window to replaced. While this is beneficial and profitable for the window industry it is simply untrue. Let our company be your “window” of opportunity to save your windows before staining from the moisture becomes so invasive that it etches and eventually destroys your windows.Canadian Window Restoration The solution is not as expensive as it sounds.

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We offer an inexpensive and permanent solution to your foggy windows. The process we employ inexpensively and efficiently removes moisture and then restores the window’s insulated R-Value. Our process is not only cheaper (receive a free quote link) then replacing your windows it is less disruptive. All restorations are done with windows in place.

No structural changes or adjustments are needed which means that our technicians leave no mess behind.In addition, our process is environmentally friendly. Old windows hauled off to the landfill can take decades to begin the decomposition process. Read more about our process.

Why Do Windows Become Foggy? Older windows are victims of solar pumping. The sun ray’s heat up the air space between two panes of glass which causes the windows to become pressurized. It is this pressure which forces air through the window seal.

Once the exterior temperature drops, moisture rich air is drawn back in through the seal into the airspace.It is this moisture which should be absorbed by descant material of the windows. However, solar pumping over a number of years can cause wear and tear to the windows and their ability to absorb moisture and the seal. The temperature within thermal window panes can easily reach 170 degrees and at that temperature seal failure is 10 times more likely. Read more about solar pumping.

Refer a Friend Rebate – We understand that our greatest marketing tool is word of mouth.We encourage our customers to refer us to others and reward them for their loyalty. For every client a previous customer refers to our company, they will receive 10% of what our company earns on the new order in the form of a cash rebate. About Our Company We not only service the greater X area but we live there too. We are fully invested in our community and strive to give the best customer service around. Our values of hard work, quality customer service, and a terrific process are clearly demonstrated in our satisfied customers.We offer 24/7 customer service, respectful certified installation technicians, and a 20 year warranty – all for a the fraction of the cost of replacement windows.

Read more about our residential and commercial services. A Fix Does Exist! Let Us Restore Your Foggy Windows. Don’t miss your window of opportunity. SAVE your windows today!. Canadian Window Restoration 20 Year warranty Free Estimate and No Obligation Quote Cheaper The Replacement Windows Refer a Friend Rebate Program Certified Installation Technicians No Mess Installation 20 year Warranty Earth Friendly Alternative to Replacing Windows

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