Canada other music. The word fiddle is a

Canada is the worlds second largest country, after Russia. Canada is the most educated country, over half of the population has college degrees. Canadas lowest recorded temp.

was -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Canada has the most lakes in the world. Canada has the largest coastline.

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 Canada’s Yong street is the longest in the world. After the Pearl Harbor attack Canada declared war on Japan first. Fiddles have been in existence as far back as the Middles Ages but the modern fiddle did not gain popularity until around the 17th century. The violin and the fiddle are the exact same instrument. Some will argue that while a violin is a fiddle, not every fiddle is a violin. Old-fashioned musicians prefer the word ‘fiddle’ instead of ‘violin’ to differentiate their music and their style of playing from other music. The word fiddle is a colloquial term used in traditional or folk music references. The fiddle is called fedil or veidhlín in modern Irish.

The fiddle thrived among rural populations in Ireland due to its low-cost, low maintenance and how easy it is to learn. A mandolin is a stringed musical instrument in the lute family. It’s usually plucked with a plectrum or pick. Mandolins evolved in Italy and first appeared during the 15th century.

Deep-bowled mandolins were produced mainly in Naples, and became popular during the 19th century. Similar string instruments around the world include the traditional Russian balalaika, the Greek bouzouki, the Puerto Rican cuatro, the Brazilian bandolim, and the Arab dambura. The mandolin’s sound is popular in many types of music, including bluegrass, country, folk, rock, ethnic, jazz, and classical.

Ludwig van Beethoven composed music specifically for the mandolin and also enjoyed playing it. Stories put to music. It’s that simple really, although some people try to make it more complicated than that. There are those who think that all country music is folk music, or that pop music can’t be folk. Neither of these groups are right, and a little knowledge about the history of folk music will show you why.


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