Canada contributing manpower and equipment for military

Canada has always been an advocate for the right of people and freedom. They provided financial support to many people, opened its doors to many people escaping persecution and sacrificed with the blood of its soldier. During 1989s to the early 2000s, Canada has responded effectively in a high degree to international security issues by contributing manpower and equipment for military operations that created peace during issues such as the Balkan Wars, Gulf Wars, and Afghanistan. In the Balkan War, the Canadian troops occupied and kept peace in the ethically based war of Yugoslavia, entering the country to create peace at 1991-1992. Many people were persecuted due to their ethnic and religious background because of the long tensions and distrust between these groups, which lead to violence. The violence led to large amounts of people being killed in a short time due to ethnic cleansing. This made it very hard for Canadian troops to create peace without causing more killings, but they contributed in creating peace by protecting minority ethnicities from dangerous majority groups, giving humanitarian needs, and contributed to UN’s naval blockade to avoid more weapons getting into the region.

Canada played a major role in the gulf war in 1991 as it sent troop to Kuwait- in an American led UN mission to liberate it against the invasion by Iraqis under Saddam Hussein. More than 4000 Canadians served, with 2 700 being troops sent alongside soldiers from 35 other countries including the US, Britain, and largest military powered countries came to stop killings and defend Kuwait. Canada had contributed greatly to this war where they first sent 3 warships in August 1990, and CF-18 warplanes on October 1990 to take controls of the skies.

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Canada helped during Operation Desert Storm, by participating in the air campaign (Jan. 16 – 17, 1991), and also the infantry and armoured ground offensive that started on February 24th. Canadian troops also contributed by staying after the war when Iraq accepted defeat on March 3rd, monitoring the border until the second Gulf war which happened 12 years later. Due to Canada’s will to bring and maintain peace during and after the Gulf War, Canada proves that they are a country which advocates peace throughout the world and are a reliable country to count on responding to international security issues.

Lastly, Canada involved in Afghanistan to liberate it after the terrorist ground-the Taliban took advantage of its instability. At first, started to contribute by sending ships to defend people in the waters that were dangerous, but started expanding and contributing more to create and stabilize peace by taking more crucial roles. Their first more important contributions consisted of sending Aurora patrol aircraft and Hercules and Polaris transport planes for marine surveillance, transporting supplies, personnel and evacuation casualties, and soon they brought more vehicles such as the Canadian helicopter to help with transportation. It was at  December 2001 when Canada decided to bring their first troops, the elite Joint Task Force (JTF2) to keep the peace, and then eventually regular soldiers in January 2002 who fought alongside our closest allies, the US and Britain. These 700 soldiers mainly were stationed in Kabul, keeping peace in certain areas and helping restore Afghans government under ISAF mission for them. Canada had also helped this country become able to fight back the terrorists by helping Afghan restore its army and become a safer country. In conclusion, Canada has been a big contributor to international peace throughout the world.

Not only do they provide manpower to help with international security issues, they prevent future misunderstandings that will lead to violence, and maintain peace in areas until they are able to do that for themselves.


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