Can to lead without authority? For instance,

Can you lead!!! Do you have the ability to lead without authority? For instance, what if you wanted to persuade your boss to inject more relevant business related ideas, or you wanted to convince the president of the company where you work to use more environmentally friendly strategies in dealing with air pollution? How do you effectively lead in a student group presentation where everyone is your classmate? Frank Stronach is a charismatic leader who leads his business empire without authority. He migrates to Canada seeking a better life for himself and simply wants to change his status quo. He has a vision and articulation. He wants to change the status quo for a better world. He takes personal risks and scarifies in order to achieve his goals and visions. He is also a sensitive leader to his employees’ needs and feelings and receptive of others surrounding him. Research shows strong correlations between charismatic leadership and high performance and satisfaction among followers. Leadership is the process of influencing others. It is where a person can be able to get the support and assistance of others in order to achieve a common goal. Frank Stronach posses both a personal vision and a corporate vision. In Frank’s case it started by having an idea to build one the most successful auto parts company and subsequently, followed by owning largest horse racing tracks in the United States. In his interview, Frank Stronach takes pride in a humble way for being influential on others. Leadership is about keeping up with changes. Leaders set up direction by developing a vision of the future; then they line up people by communicating this vision and inspiring them to overcome Barriers. Frank Stronatch is an exemplary who presents leadership in theory and practice. The success of any organization depends on a strong leadership whose vision and skill can create an effective and optimal organizational structure. No one is born leader; it must be earned through hardship, and hard work and displaying certain qualities that sets apart her or him from ordinary people with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities.
How leaders like Frank Stronatch influence followers? It is usually by having a vision and being articulate. Next, it is through words and actions. The leader conveys a new set of values and sets a pattern for followers to emulate. “Research shows impressive correlations between charismatic leadership and high performance and satisfaction among followers. 45 People working for charismatic leaders are motivated to exert extra work effort and, because they like and respect their leader, express greater satisfaction. It also appears that organizations with charismatic CEOs are more profitable. And charismatic professors enjoy higher course evaluations”. Langton, N., Robbins, S. P., & Robbins, S. P. (2007). Organizational behaviour: Concepts, controversies, applications. Toronto: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Frank Stronatch displays empathy, enthusiasm, and self confidence; he has a good speaking and listening skills. In his interviews he shows care about society eating healthy and he wants to contribute to that by investing in grass fed steak ranch in Florida.

Leadership emerges where an individual by influencing other people can make a contribution to an organization. This contribution can be maximised when certain leadership qualities and hard work coincide.


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