Can The Lion King has an optimistic

Can you believe The Lion King is based on Hamlet? What you didn’t know? The Lion King and Hamlet have similar storylines. Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, in 1603, is about a prince named Hamlet seeking vengeance on the death of his father. His uncle, Claudius, now has authority over this kingdom but he only gained this tremendous power by killing the king. This shows us that Claudius will even betray family to get an advantage.

The Lion King produced, in 1994, is about a cub named Simba trying to gain the kingdom he once ran away from. His uncle, Scar, blamed him for the death of his father but really Scar’s the perpetrator. Even though Hamlet and The Lion King are closely resembled they do have differences. Hamlet is a tragedy with no hope in or for the future. The quest for revenge that Hamlet takes leads him to death. Hamlet has more of a dark mood whereas The Lion King has an optimistic outcome of the story.

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It’s a family friendly movie where there is a happy ending. I think William Shakespeare had an influence on the plot, characters, and the internal conflict of the protagonist because The Lion King and Hamlet are so similar.


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