CAN entrepreneur is only happy when the Goal

        CAN MONEY BUY HAPPINESS FOR MALE                               ENTREPRENEURS                                                   ABSTRACTIn  Today’s World there is a big argument thatwhether Money Can  buy happiness forEntrepreneurs?  Or Are Entrepreneurshappier with a limited Money taking other factors into consideration. According to the studypublished by the proceeding of the National Academy of Science says that if anEntrepreneur is willing to spend the Money on something valuable which gets himsome free time to do the work that gives him Happiness then we can say that YesMoney can buy happiness for an Entrepreneur. The true meaning of happiness foran entrepreneurs is that when they spends that money wisely by which they alsogets happiness and the work to whom they have delegated the work gets the moneyby doing his work so the happiness should flow from both the side.THE FREEDOM OF TIME ISBECOMING THE MOST DESIRABLE REASON TO YOUR MONEY  –   DAN SULLIVAN According to the dataof many country different entrepreneur have different thoughts and differentway of living. Just like the data of Hungarian says that most of theentrepreneurs didn’t get affected much by money in their religion. For themmoney was the least factor.

In their religion the winner for increasing theeconomic freedom are the entrepreneur.For me theentrepreneur is only happy when the Goal set by him that he wants to achieve inhis life gets its done by doing it in a passionate way by which he also enjoysit doing. For the happiness of an entrepreneur he shouldn’t be only focusing onthe money factor but should spend his time equally with his family and friends.The happiness by moneyto an entrepreneur is only a one time happiness but the happiness with familyand friends he gets it’s for an life time achievement. He should basically havea balanced life  where he maintains thesame relationship with everyone. The most appropriate way of using money is toinvest in something where the money is being invested also gets the samehappiness just like the person investing . Just like how BILL GATES AND WARRENBUFFET do get happiness when they donate their 99% wealth to the charity.

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Just imagine theamount of happiness they would have got after doing such a helpful and needyact to the help who are really in need of the money. We can clearly say thatthere are some entrepreneurs who do get happiness when they do have money andyes we can’t deny the fact that there are also a majority of people  who do get happiness with a limited money andbig heart to spend their lives with that limited money as well. There are manyexamples of big entrepreneurs who considered money as an important factor intheir journey but as they understood that hard work really plays an importantfactor no matter how much Money u have. Entrepreneurs have faced a lot ofproblems in earning those happiness through the way of hard work and now theyhave success in life. Try Hard Until you dont achieve towards that goal ofyours.                                                                    INTRODUCTION The entrepreneurs doget their happiness by the ways of social factor, spending time with theirfamily and of course money as well.But money being thevery least factor in terms of their religion, caste and the locality. Their is a saying which says ” SUCCESSBREECH HAPPINESS ”  if anentrepreneur is successful in life then success is something which will followhim for his entire life.

Now saying that success will follow you means that itshould not be done by the way of Money but through the way of hard work and theinner feeling that will satisfies him. There is no doubt when someone says thatMoney can buy anything including the happiness but Money is something thatcannot buy an entrepreneur dream that is something which he only can achieve itthrough any ways by which he gets the happiness. Doing or following your dreamsif someone forces you doing that dosen’t indicate a good sign of happiness foran entrepreneur.  An entrepreneur shouldalways keep some time for is personal happiness as well which will remove thewhole days tiredness. Now this could be done by spending the time with yourfamily or doing something that you are really passionate about.The important factorfor an entrepreneur to be happy it depends on absolute and relative factor.

Nowthe biggest Question arises is how he does this to strength his relationshipwill only depend on this personal and social factor.In any part ofanyone’s life whether it is Bill Gates or Ratan Tata have faced many problemsin life so when there sadness in once’s there is also a happiness part as well.Just like that if there is an advantage in something there is disadvantage aswell. According to thearticle on Index on prosperity exposes Egypt Flows which describes that out off110 nation having more than 90% of World’s population says that Money is notonly the keep factor for the happiness but it also depends on health ,education , personal factor , economy and social factor. So according to thedata the most Prosperous Countries are Norway , Denmark , Finland , Australia ,New Zealand and many more the best part of this is that there is one commonthing between these countries and its they are Democratic , Entrepreneoural andhaving strong social fabrics. Nine of the 10 American believe that hard workpays off. So if they have the willingness and the inner feeling that motivatesthem and give them happiness then money is not the right factor. There areentrepreneurs with limited money do know how to spend it wisely by keepingeverything balanced in life know the way of keeping themself happy and thoseentrepreneurs with a lot of Money are totally into their business with no timefor their family and only know how to keep themself busy in work for them the only motive to get happiness isearning money but that happiness won’t satisfy themself completely.

Money is animportant factor to keep them going for their future aspect but the way ofearning that money should give them the inner satisfaction. Money is antemporary factor but the happiness is an permanent factor. If the entrepreneursget the mantra to be happy without the way of Money then they are the mosthappiest person on this planet. Just follow your dreamand it will make you follow u towards success the right way by which you feelhappy and satisfied in life and don’t regret later that due to some factor thatstopped me getting my happiness. Money is something which you might not havetoday but will earn it later on but happiness is something when the time ispassed away then money also wont be able to buy that time.

         METHODOLOGY There are around 75%of people who feel that Money is an important factor in for an entrepreneurbecause they look at the quantitative factor and not the qualitative factor.When this question is asked to an ordinary citizen their mind tense to believethat money is the soul factor for any entrepreneur to succeed. This is becausethe person looks at a smaller aspect of what an entrepreneur requires in orderto succeed and tense to over look other aspect such as social factor and whathe gives up to become an entrepreneur. So looking at what the entrepreneurgives up in order to achieve his goal also known as oppurtunity cost issomething that entrepreneur should focus on so that he gets his prioritystraight. But the true fact that says entrepreneurship is a mix bag of thingsand money being a prominent aspect is not the whole picture. Money despite being aneccessity when in access can turn a person greedy and then turns to overlookthe important things in life such as family and mental well being. Happiness isa subjective matter and may not be persived by all in the same manner for eg :-a person may be happy if he is able to take his business to the extent he wantsit to reach while focusing less on his personal life and in the same situationanother person may sacrifies his business needs in order to focus on hispersonal life. But in today’s era with the increase in the awarness of mentalhealth and its affect on the well being of a person it is really important forentrepreneurs to focus on there personal life as well while not taking forgranted their personal needs.

        CONCLUSION It is really importantfor an entrepreneur in order to succeed to focus on various aspect of himselfbecause only then the respective will actually thrive and obtain its respectiveobjective. As seen from the articles mentioned above it is clear that thegovernment of a country to plays an important role in the life of anentrepreneur. Aspect like democracy, social factor , education factors do play an integral role in anentrepreneurs life in order to achieve the happiness and productivity.

Heshould have a balanced between personal and professional life. 


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